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And now I shall look forward to the exhibition programs.
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Well, after watching a lot of Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski commentating on the official NBC broadcast, I kind of miss the lower-key commentators on the online streaming site. (Johnny Weir, can you please stop talking about the ice dancers as peacocks?!) Though I will have to find pics of what Johnny Weir was wearing every night!

Also, based on Yuzuru Hanyu's outfit and one of the ice dancers' outfits (the woman from Azerbaijan?), I have decided multicolored, large sparkly jewels on an outfit always look bad.

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OMG with the new team event, watching all the figure skating is like a sport in and of itself! I have not yet seen the men's free skate or the results: SPOIL ME AND DIE!

(CB just got spoiled by a well-meaning friend, and I have only barely avoided them everywhere! And this is when I'm trying to Google ice dance programs from five years ago!)

(apologies for all name misspellings; I am not risking Googling it right now)

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For women's skating, I am wondering how Kim Yuna will do, since it sounds like she hasn't really been in the competition circle for a while, and I hope Mao Asada does well. I think the last I really watched her was when she was retooling all of her jumps, and it was so painful to see. Also happy to see Akiko Suzuki on the team. Aaand aside from that, I really don't know much re: what's going on.

It's so weird: I feel all the skaters I used to watch when I first started getting into figure skating are now retiring (or have retired), and I can't quite believe the new judging system is ten years old!
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On a more serious note: via [livejournal.com profile] sanguinity, An Indigenous Olympics is a good look at the branding of the Vancouver Olympics and the problematics thereof.

Warning: the following commentary will have way too many exclamation points and allcaps and squee.

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Ha, these are tags I don't use often!

I have been dorkily following figure skating ever since I got Tivo and realized I could program it to record figure skating, so now, I bore everyone by going on (and on and on) about figure skating come this Olympics!

(Also! Taiwan is in the winter Olympics! 1 luger, and I doubt we'll win, but still! TAIWAN! WINTER OLYMPICS! Even if we are still listed as "Chinese Taipei"!)

(Also also, I feel so bad for the poor technicians backstage going, "OMFG how did the OLYMPIC TORCH go WRONG at the ACTUAL CEREMONIES I AM SO SCREWED.")

(We won't go into my long-standing issues with the nationalist to-do that always seems to happen over the Olympics, the terrible quality of the US anchors, the way medals go to countries with enough dollars to pour into their sports programs, and etc.)

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I love the Olympics, despite the fact that I generally despise the nationalism that goes along with them.

On the other hand, it is very frustrating watching them in the US and having the focus be on all the US athletes, all the time. Plus, the announcers ask the stupidest questions!

ANNOUNCER: Keri Walsh, just how good does it feel to have found your wedding ring after it fell off during your game?
KERI WALSH: Oh, so good!
ME: ... DUH.

Also, besides the annoying US-centrism and the annoying faux Chinese commercials, all of which seem to feature dragons, and the horrible pronunciation of Chinese names (seriously, announcers! I know Mandarin is difficult, but it is still painful to listen to, especially for the athletes who aren't exactly new on the scene) and the desire to watch people not from the US, the focus on the US athletes is also just boring.

We all know the US is going to walk out of the Olympics with a ton of medals, right? As such, I am disgruntled and contrary and rooting for everyone else, and it feels like there is very little suspense in the broadcasts.

ETA: spoilers in comments


Sat, Feb. 11th, 2006 07:05 pm
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I swear, I will get around to answering comments. I feel awful, because I adore getting them, but am horrid at answering =(. And I do want to answer.

Warning: the next two weeks may have a surfeit of posts on the Olympics and absolutely no content whatsoever, as I will have fried my brain watching TV every night. Any posts on the Olympics will almost surely contain annoyance on the emphasis on certain athletes (I'm already sick of hearing about Bode Miller and Shaun White, and I only heard of them for the first time yesterday and have no clue as to who they are). I'm not annoyed at the athletes, who I'm sure are cool and look incredibly talented, but at the announcers who feel the need to hype everything up. There will also be much mockery of the commentary, because I hate it. But oh, I love the sports! Free-style ski jumping! Snowboarding! FIGURE SKATING! Everything else! Drama! Upsets! Underdogs coming out of nowhere to win!

And yesterday, I watched the Olympics opening ceremonies! Ergo, another numbered list!

1. Whoever did that intro to Torino and Italy seriously needs an editor. Such awfully overflown prose!

2. Whoever did the intros to the US athletes of note should also be shot.

3. I hate interviews with athletes. I can hardly bear to listen to the ones with Michelle Kwan, and I like her. I think it's because the interviewers sound so fawning.

4. The disco-red dancer people were sort of weird. But I liked the heart! And things on fire are always fun ^_^.

5. I feel extremely sorry for whoever had to dress up as a pine tree. Ditto for the dancers who had cow-spotted dresses and suit jackets. *snork*

6. I want a giant Alps horn thing that's 8 feet long!!!! And I loved the people in lederhosen.

7. When someone says that the signbearers' dresses are supposed to represent the Alps, I don't actually expect to see craggy folds of snow at the bottom of the white dresses, complete with teeny-weeny trees and skiiers. I think that may cross the line from representation to direct portrayal.

8. The giant ski guy composed of tons of people was cool! I kept wondering how fast the people had to run to show him moving!

9. Parade of countries! I love watching them! I love seeing all the people with their cameras taking pictures of the crowds while we watch them on TV, I love how amazed they all look to be standing there. And I love that there are countries from Africa and the Caribbean (single representative from the Bermudas, I am totally cheering for you)! And there was one guy from TAIWAN!!!!! w00t! I also cheer for the forty- and fifty-year-old people doing the luge! And the Mongolians in their giant furry hats! And all the lone representatives of their respective countries! I totally cheer for them.

10. But the best part is always the relay of the torch bearers and the lighting of the Olympic torch. I know now it's all ceremonial and there's programming and whatnot that goes into one person touching the torch to an altar to fireworks running up and lighting the giant torch tower, but I love it anyway. It's always a thrill to see the far away shots of the stadium and the torch blazing there during the two weeks the Olympics are running.

Sports geekery

Fri, Feb. 10th, 2006 09:36 am
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*points to subject* I bet those are two words you never expected to see together on my LJ ;).

But yes.... squigglesquiggleYAYsquee!!!!! OLYMPICS!!!!


1. Evgeny Plushenko will win, or else I will yell at the TV an awful lot.

2. Johnny Weir and Brian Joubert will have horrible costumes.

3. I will yell at the commentators all the time.

4. I will have the same not-very-deep thoughts about nationalism and country pride and competition that I do every time I watch the Olympics.

5. I will either cheer loudly when "Taipei China" enters while yelling at China about the name change, or pout when Taiwan isn't in the Olympics, despite fully realizing that it is a subtropical island and probably doesn't participate much in winter sports at all.

6. I will cheer for the Chinese ice skaters and then feel bad for cheering for China and then feel worse for thinking nationalistically.

7. I will find random sports that I didn't know existed (biathlon?).

8. I will get caught up in totally random sports that I usually care nothing about, just because.

9. I will cheer for all the underdog countries. (Sadly, my brain just collapsed on me and I forgot the word "underdog." I knew it was "under-animal," but kept defaulting to "underduck" for some odd reason. Possibly I was inspired by the dead duck wine bottle holder that my dad has.)

10. I am entirely too fond of numbered lists.

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Sun, Aug. 29th, 2004 05:02 pm
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Apparently Taiwan won not one, but two golds in tae kwon do!! Yay Taiwan!! First gold medals for us ^_^.

I know they raised the made-up Chinese Taipei flag, but I wonder what they did instead of play the national anthem?

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Sat, Aug. 28th, 2004 12:11 am
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Article in this month's Wired on anime, focusing specifically on the upcoming releases of three big directors: Miyazaki Hayao's Howl's Moving Castle, Otomo Katsuhiro (of Akira fame)'s Steamboy, and Oshii Mamoru's Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. I'm actually only really interested in Miyazaki's... never was that fond of Akira or Ghost in the Shell, as both belong to a particularly violent postapocalyptic type of scifi that doesn't really appeal to me. I haven't closely analyzed, but I have the impression not only of a great deal of violence, but a great deal of violence directed toward the female body in particular in some anime that particularly disturbs me -- Kai in Akira (the movie, I haven't read the manga), what I remember of Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion even (though I do like Evangelion), Perfect Blue, and probably some others I don't remember.

It's really interesting looking at how articles on anime have changed through the years -- I had particular fun looking at various newspaper and magazine articles while I was writing my thesis. Everything pretty much up through 1999 was in the vein of: Japanese adults read comic books with weird and violent sex! Japanese adults watch cartoons that are pornographic and violent! Look how strange this is! 1999, which I mainly remember as a turning point because of the popular appeal of Pokemon and the art crowd appeal of Princess Mononoke. Then there were a lot of articles trying to say anime and manga weren't just weird and strange with lots of sex and violence, but there was still a lot of the old "how strange, look at those giant eyes and the strange color hair!" type thing. This one is focused very much on the directors instead of the medium as a whole, maybe because Wired is a fairly geeky magazine that doesn't feel like it needs to explain anime. It was also arguing on how these three major releases may very well (finally) bring anime into the mainstream, although I would posit that it's been moving that way for yeeeeaaaaarrrrsssss (albeit slowly). I think Spirited Away won over a lot of the art crowd types, more so than Princess Mononoke, probably because Princess Mononoke had to do the hard work of breaking ground. Of course, I mainly have this impression because I was actually able to drag my non-anime watching friends to see it and have them like it (it's the purple mouse. No one can resist the purple mouse).

I also found it funny that the article was going on about how Japan's economic power may have waned, but it might be coming into a new power via popular culture. I'm kind of amused, because I got to watch (and participate in) Taiwan going through a Japanese pop culture phase. It's still a fairly big part of the cultural landscape there, but there are no longer ramen stores popping up like weeds. And when I went back about two years ago, it was all about jewelry imported from Korea and K-pop and Korean soap operas. And I know on one hand there are all the arguments about exoticization and fetishism and the like, but it will be interesting to see what happens, if Japanese pop culture does indeed catch on. I sort of figure it will be an interesting contrast to the exoticization/adoption of American culture in Japan (Hawaiian stuff in particular in Okinawa). I guess I would probably feel weirder if it were Taiwan/Chinese pop culture catching on. Actually, I would probably just be happy because it would mean that I could get C-pop CDs and things like that. Living in California often does feel like a mix of Chinese and American culture some times. Not the pop culture things, but foodwise... I find it very, very funny (and extremely convenient) that there are four bubble tea shops just on Castro Street/downtown Mountain View. I speak not of a very large stretch of street! They are all concentrated within a four block radius!

Just read the news: WTF is up with the Paul Hamm thing? Jeez. Poor guy.

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Fri, Aug. 27th, 2004 12:09 am
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Favorite Olympic moments so far:

- Greek lady winning the 400m hurdles and watching the entire stadium cheer
- Felix Sanchez winning the first gold for the Dominican Republic
- Watching the American women's soccer team belt out the national anthem, completely out of tune, because I'm sick of no one singing
- The swimming relay between the Americans and the Australians, split second finish
- the Iraqi soccer team
- Watching the Greek springboard synchronized divers unexpectedly win gold
- Kate Allen coming up from nowhere and winning the triathalon

Paul Hamm winning the all-around would have been up here, except, grrrr, I was spoiled by the NYTimes and it unfortunately wasn't so exciting to watch =(. And, er, I was distracted while watching, so I didn't actually get to see all the excitement.

My dad had an extra camera lying around and gave it to me because mine is acting wonky. I have already filled the 128 mb card up with photos of the rats, videos of the rats, one picture of the boy, and two of the bookstore. I am turning into a rabid rat photographer -_-;;.

I am continuing to feel bad about job-gettage. Read more... )

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Tue, Aug. 24th, 2004 12:04 am
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The Olympics are so on crack. And by Olympics, I mean the entire men's gymnastics competition. To think I used to think men's gymnastics was the more boring cousin to women's gymnastics.

I still *heart* Aleksei Nemov, who was a crush item way back in 1996.

I need to catch up on comments and entries, but am still sort of stressing about upcoming interviews, sigh, sigh.

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Sun, Aug. 15th, 2004 12:41 am
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I fear nothing intelligent will come out of this journal until the Olympics are over.

Watched men's gymnastics today, along with various swimmy things, but missed stuff because I was at work. Silly work.

Buying day was pretty good -- I bought more stuff. And someone sold us their entire set of Sandman, and they were all the original covers, and they were in beautiful condition, and I am a happy happy buyer ^_^. I also came across an order with some older "how to make a relationship work" books, then a wedding planner, then a whole bunch of fairly new books on divorce. Yowch.

The worst part of the day was coming across a small cockroach (about an inch) in one of the boxes I was doing. I was quite restrained. This means that instead of screaming my lungs out and jumping about ten feet into the air and skedaddling, I merely gave an undignified squawk, which caught the attention of pretty much everyone within a ten foot radius, and skittered to the other end of the buying counter. Luckily, my boss dealt with the nasty thing for me, and ew ew ew ew ew just thinking about it is making my skin itch and my toes curl in a particularly unpleasant way.

I am not good with bugs.

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Fri, Aug. 13th, 2004 11:55 pm
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Yay Olympics! Despite the sheer longness, I like watching all the nations enter, and I like cheering for the ones that don't seem like they have great chances to win. And of course, I routinely cheer Taiwan's team, aka Chinese Taipei, and hiss at China for the stupid politics involved. I cheer for the Chinese team though. I cheer for pretty much all the teams. I like cheering.

Today I bought an order with 37 boxes. Felt like running a freaking marathon. And the sad thing was that most of the books were not pretty and were kind of gross and gritty.

Then I went on to the other big orders -- 11 boxes and 14.

That's pretty much all I have to say. But I'm happy because the Olympics are on ^_^.


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