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Thu, Jan. 10th, 2013 03:27 pm
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  • [personal profile] staranise has a brief guide to telling doctors about psychological symptoms. I kind of knew how I talked about depression has changed after years of therapy and when I compare it to how CB talks about it, but this really crystallizes it.
  • I've been having a ton of fun reading [personal profile] 12_12_12's posts on Avatar and Korra.
  • [personal profile] skygiants has been bookblogging her read of Les Miserables, which is really fun to read, especially after seeing the movie.
  • Captain Awkward has a really good post on depression being contagious; i.e. what happens when you're in a long-term relationship with a depressed person. The relationships in the letters are romantic, but I feel it applies to any long-term relationship. (Probably there is even more for when you are a child dealing with a depressed parent.) The comments in particular are great.
  • [personal profile] laceblade is hosting a discussion on potential anime/manga panels for Wiscon. It'd be great to get input from tons of people, even if you aren't interested in Wiscon!

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Wed, Aug. 8th, 2012 10:56 am
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I just saw What's So Bad about a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?, a long article in the NYT Magazine on boys who enjoy presenting femininely, along with a rant by [personal profile] umbo. I'm glad there's more on parenting outside the usual binary gender lines, though I wish there had been more from the kids' points of view, as opposed to multiple parents talking about how much they feared for their son when he first started to femme up. It feels like it is scaremongering even as the piece is trying to explore without bias, or at least that the reader will by default identify with the (presumably binary gendered) parent instead of with the genderqueer kid. Also, "genderqueer" as a term only appears halfway through the piece.

What do you guys think?

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Fri, Jan. 13th, 2012 10:10 am
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  • Yai, Fogcon is already coming up! CB and I should be going, and I might even be staying in the hotel for a bit. Who else is coming?

    I should probably start organizing a dinocorn dinner/lunch, huh....

  • I registered for Wiscon! You can still suggest programming, and [personal profile] laceblade has handily put up an entry for anime and manga programming idea generation and solidification. I feel like lots of people in my dwircle would be awesome at that, and I am all for more anime/manga programming at Wiscon, especially since last year's Ooku panel was so kickass.

  • [personal profile] rachelmanija's Read-a-thon Day Two starts today.

  • I have been terrible at keeping up with DW/LJ, much less other blogs, in the past few years, but stumbled across Moving Beyond a Politics of Solidarity Towards a Practice of Decolonization from [personal profile] delux_vivens.
    We have to be cautious to avoid replicating the state’s assimilationist model of liberal pluralism, whereby Indigenous identities are forced to fit within our existing groups and narratives. The inherent right to traditional lands and to self-determination is expressed collectively and should not be subsumed within the discourse of individual or human rights. Furthermore, it is imperative to understand being Indigenous as not just an identity but a way of life, which is intricately connected to Indigenous people’s relationship to the land and all its inhabitants. Indigenous struggle cannot simply be accommodated within other struggles; it demands solidarity on its own terms.

  • I've also been so out of it that I didn't know this online journal existed, but Social Text's Speculative Life issue looks awesome. There are pieces on ability in Octavia Butler and Janelle Monae's works, two pieces on Native people in SF/F, one on radically defining "queering SF/F," and other things I suspect people would be interested in.

Signal boosting!

Wed, Aug. 31st, 2011 10:08 am
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  • [livejournal.com profile] 50books_poc is looking for a new mod:
    We're looking for people to help out [info]sanguinity in the day-to-day running of the comm. This means keeping an eye out to make sure things don't go pear-shaped in comments, keeping up the FAQ, making sure members' questions are answered, and generally being around. The mod team will be overlooking the LJ comm, and if we end up with a DW version, the DW comm as well.

    We are especially looking for at least one mod who is not in/from the US!

  • [community profile] dark_agenda is running Kaleidoscope, a fandom fanworks exchange specifically for rare fandoms by chromatic creators AND featuring chromatic characters. Nominations run until September 3, 9:00 PM Pacific Time in the US!
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Carl Brandon Society is having a wiki-editing party on Wednesday in SF. ([personal profile] badgerbag says people there may be on chat too, for out-of-the-area folks.)


I am juggling my assorted reading lists and RSS feeds again, because apparently 70-some subscriptions was apparently still too much for me. If I unsubscribed recently and you have locked/filtered content that WON'T appear on my LJ flist, please let me know! Right now my criteria has just been my eyes glazing over, which usually happens when I run into giant blocks of text, a lot of video embeds, or fannish stuff I'm unfamiliar with. This is not a judgment! I am mostly trying to figure out a good system to group various things together so I know what to concentrate on instead of just skipping through everything without ever processing. Hopefully my reading capacity will get larger eventually—I still don't quite have the brain to read books either—but you never know.


New about me post up, with comment, privacy, spoiler, access, and subscription policies. I am sure I forgot something, of course, so feel free to let me know.
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The serious

  • Potluck #1 is up! (Or, uh, was up a long time ago.) Potluck is intended to be about multicultural and intersectional discussions of food, and the first issue is about holidays. I have a post on New Year away in there that I backdated, so people may have missed it?

  • OkCupid's blog has old posts on how your race affects whether or not people message you back: hetero data | same-sex data. I am not a statistician, so I have no idea how well the study is put together (also, it's from OKC data anyway), but I went into it thinking it would be the old "Why do all the [POC group] self-segregate?" and instead it's basically "everyone loves white guys." I wish I were more surprised.

  • वैष्णव जन तो... made me think a lot, particularly the final paragraph, which puts into words many of the things I'm still struggling with (and probably will be forever).

  • Bidding on [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust has started! Help send fans of color to cons they want to go to! (I am particularly invested this year, since I may be hitting them up.) I am offering a knitted colorwork hat and a blog post.

The fun

  • Pretty jewelry and scarves on sale at ChunInda! (Especially the gold-plated earrings...)

  • I really liked the Thom Browne Menswear Fall 2011 collection and how it plays a bit with concepts of masculinity and femininity. (Normal fashion complaints about race and body type and etc.)

  • Went to Stitches West over the weekend with [personal profile] troisroyaumes and [personal profile] ladyjax and managed to leave without too much yarn in tow. But! We also discovered Handknit Heroes, an indie comic about knitting superheroes, with bonus knitting patterns for your own superhero stuff, and The Knit Princess, a knitting web comic.

  • Also, I knew there was the Serve of Self-Actualization or something in Prince of Tennis, but I did not realize there was also the Serve That Killed the Dinosaurs. BWAHAHAHA!


Tue, Jan. 11th, 2011 09:21 pm
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  • [personal profile] glass_icarus is looking for submissions to Potluck (by 1/21)!
    Potluck is intended to be a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food. There are no real limits on theme; however, the focus of the carnival is on thoughts and experiences around food through various topics that you might see around the social justice blogosphere, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights and of course cultural and racial issues. We welcome you to share your recipes as well as your thoughts and experiences, but we ask that you do not submit posts with recipes only.

  • [community profile] chromatic_podfic is holding sign ups through 1/22! Even if you don't want to commit to reading and recording something, do sign up to be a pronunciation/language beta or give authorial permission for any of your eligible fic.

  • [personal profile] oxoniensis is looking for help for Diversity in Porn Battle XI.

  • Also, I realize this is completely late, but I wanted to give a shout out to [community profile] dark_agenda and Chromatic Yuletide 2010 for making my experience of Yuletide as a reader so much more pleasant for the past two years. I suspect the presence of fic with codeswitching and non-English languages is very much thanks to the Dark Agenda push, and oh people, that seriously made my Yuletide.

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Mon, Mar. 29th, 2010 01:31 pm
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Oh! I am sure I missed a ton of A Conspiracy of Kings discussions/posts while I was reading it and avoiding spoilers. So if anyone has one, I would be super grateful if you linked in the comments!


Thu, Feb. 25th, 2010 04:34 pm
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  • [livejournal.com profile] stephiepenguin is hosting the 5th Asian Women Blog Carnival: who i am when i'm (not) with you. I'm still slowly making my way through entries, and maybe some day I will even manage to put something down in words!

  • [profile] helptheproject bidding ends March 1! I'm offering a review of nearly anything.

  • [community profile] con_or_bust bidding has just begun and will go till March 13. It's an auction to send fans of color who want to go to SFF cons (primarily Wiscon, I think?); it was started last year after RaceFail when several fen of color mentioned they would love to go to Wiscon but lacked the funds. It made a huge difference in my own Wiscon experience last year; I met so many awesome people and had so many good discussions. Sadly, I won't be able to make it to Wiscon this year and meet more people =(.

    I'm offering a pair of handknit socks.
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Claymore readers might be interested in this post on women warriors and the male gaze. Spoilers through v. 15. I kind of noodled in the comments, but my brain is too dead to come up with anything coherent.

Passing it on...

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 01:06 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] wintersweet asks:

Should Vertical look into licensing some classic shoujo manga they might have an opportunity to license? @Vertical_Ed on Twitter is looking for yeas or nays (NOT recommendations, mind you) and isn't getting many yeas. I think that's because the shoujo manga fanatics are mostly over here, not on Twitter.

So either post here and I'll send him a link later or go follow Ed and @reply him with a YES on classic shoujo manga!

(Yes, you can pass this on.)

(Go to her post to comment)

Me: OMG Magnificent 49ers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Linkspam, advice

Fri, Aug. 28th, 2009 10:07 am
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  • I haven't had time to read it yet, but the 3rd Asian Women's Carnival is up! The theme is intersections of race and gender.

  • Submit to the 4th carnival here! The theme is "Storytelling, or reclaiming our selves through our words."

  • Found via Racialicious, this post on Asian women, suicide, and depression hits a bit close to home for me.

  • For Bay Area people, David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face is showing at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts this month.

And now for something completely different!

If you have a light box for SAD/mood disorders, what kind/brand do you have, how do you use it, and did you find it helpful?

Link spam!

Wed, Jul. 15th, 2009 01:40 pm
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  • Help send Verb Noire to WorldCon:
    Verb Noire needs to raise some cash to defray the expenses of WorldCon. We thought we could bridge the gap out of pocket, but money is tight and my kid's face is expensive. So, we're hoping book sales, merch sales, and anything else you guys want to suggest can make up the difference. We're already putting together the second book (an anthology of short stories) and I was vaguely contemplating some sort of naming contest, but if that's not what gets you excited then please suggest something. We really want to be there, but finding the money for attendance and such is putting a hurt on ye olde pocketbook.

  • The volunteer theater program [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija works at is in need of help:
    The organization I have volunteered with for fourteen years, The Virginia Avenue Project, is holding an auction. It's a mentoring group for kids in Los Angeles. They do amazing work, which I have personally witnessed.

    100% of the Project kids graduate from high school. 90% of them continue to college. 85% of them are the first in their family to do so.

  • IBARW 4 is from July 27 through August 2 and we are looking for people to spread the word! Especially if you are or know a non-English blogger and/or a non-Western blogger.
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  • I have mostly spent the last two days trying to catch up with the protests currently going on in Iran. With the caveat that I'm still piecing together information and what's signal and what's noise, links I've personally found useful have been:

    I am too uncertain about the current situation to know who to trust re: information for proxies or what the current state on Twitter is, so grain of salt.

    I've been heartened by the number of people who have been saying that this is not about the USian us, but about the Iranians on the ground and demonstrating. I've also been incredibly angry about the people trying to put a spin on it as "Look! They are absorbing the ideas of US democracy!" and the people going on about the social media aspect of it, especially the bloggers. I have no doubt that what's currently going on is different because of how Twitter and YouTube and cell phones and digital cameras have been used to document things, but I am extremely wary of white bloggers using this as a platform to go "Yay new media!" It reminds me too much of how conversations about RaceFail started to be white people talking to other white people about social media. (eta: not just white bloggers, but Western bloggers period)

    But mostly, I hope that the people protesting will be safe, that they will get the government they voted for, and that it makes a difference.

  • [personal profile] shewhohashope has an excellent post (same post, just DW and LJ versions for comment tracking) on [livejournal.com profile] cereta's On rape and men. If you don't read any of it, read at least this:
    When rape culture is being discussed, rape is a product of civilisation itself, not an example of its disruption but a natural result of the principles it is built on.

    [personal profile] coffeeandink also links to some good posts.

Unicorn check in

Mon, May. 11th, 2009 07:19 pm
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I'm not allowing myself to post substantially on RaceFail Part Umptynine until I've turned in this stupid 25-page paper, but in the meantime, there's a call for POC readers of SF (especially non-US and non-UK people) to represent:

Wild unicorn herd check in

I posted my comment this afternoon and was number 50-something, and oh people. There are 200+ comments now. Some are comment threads, but most are just us, raising our hands and saying, "Yes, I'm here too."

ETA: took out non-UK because my reading skills, they are teh suck.

Links and sundry

Tue, May. 5th, 2009 09:13 pm
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  • I'm thinking of scheduling IBARW 4 during July 27 - August 2. I checked a few calendars and do not think I am landing on any major holidays, but please let me know if I am wrong, and I will reschedule. I'll announce on the comm, which is now also on DW ([community profile] ibarw), once I get things sorted out.

  • THIS by us is a student protest going on at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Dance Program. It began with a few students a few students posting anti-racist words and images over the department hall, and it is currently being stonewalled by professors and other people in charge, who keep protesting that the students are too angry, don't have concrete goals, aren't being constructive, are being counter productive, and all those wonderful things we have all heard before. They are asking for people to comment on their blog (linked above) for support, to email the university, and to spread the word.

  • The Avatar movie protest continues, with Viacom pulling down Avatar shirts on Zazzle. Unfortunately for their publicity people, this includes t-shirts from Racebending that protest "Aang Isn't White." (more info)
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  • Submissions for the Asian Woman Blog Carnival are due tomorrow! As usual, I very much want to particpate, but my poor time-management and general overwhelment with school leave me with no content. Uh. Anyone have suggestions? Tell me what to write!

  • [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija is blogging about a lot of the fun stuff we did when I visited. Mostly we watched a lot of stuff, such as Project Runway, Ashes of Time Redux, Red Cliff pt. 1, and Vampire Knight Guilty (spoilers later on in the post). I am only sad I am not down there right now!

  • From SNR: Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Women, and Inmates. I've been tryring to read more about this after Conquest; have not read this entire list yet, although the poster noted that the 2006-2008 vaccine data may not be accurate.

  • I have finally done some actual reading up on Dreamwidth, anad if they can import my Memories and tags, I am totally in. I usually dislike migration and have not set up an alternate site for the LJ in the past because none of the other services seemed sustainable or had the features I liked for LJ, but after a little poking around, Dreamwidth not only seem to have many of the features I like, they improve on many things, and the structure they've set up looks sustainable and user-centric. The only thing I am sad about is that they are not planning a photo gallery feature right now, which means a huge number of my pictures will remain on LJ. Well, that, and I am not sure how their revamped Memories/tags will work (if you can't tell, I am obsessed with information organization), but I am geeky and have already created a Bugzilla account so I can give feedback.

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Wed, Jan. 14th, 2009 11:58 pm
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I have been very bad about posting about race and anti-racism lately, and even worse with following discussions online.

But basically, my response would be what Deepa says. Yes and yes and yes. And that is precisely why I've found so much comfort in immersing myself in Asian mainstream pop culture, even though that pop culture has a lot that could be changed. It is just so good to find something that's focused on POC, to have other narratives and other stories, to have an entirely different default to draw upon.


Tue, Sep. 16th, 2008 10:45 am
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I've mostly been too busy with school to keep up with the news, particularly what's going on financially right now (main reaction: AIIIEEEEEEEEE!). So here, have some links:

  • I got to see [livejournal.com profile] rilina, [livejournal.com profile] laurashapiro, and [livejournal.com profile] cofax7 over the weekend, and I sicced the Korean movie Le Grande Chef on everyone. The movie's based on the same manhwa that the kdrama Gourmet is based on, although Gourmet is much, much better. Also, less cow death! But for $3 at Blockbuster in Taiwan, I feel it provided a great deal of entertainment value. And cow-related trauma.

  • Redefining Depressing as Mere Sadness - I read the title of this, rolled my eyes, and groaned. But the article is actually a debunking of the myth of depression as "mere" sadness, and the practitioner/author is more worried about the undertreatment of clinical depression.

  • The Bipolar Puzzle - Haven't finished reading this, and so far, the POV skews toward "OMG bipolar children are overdrugged and overdiagnosed!" despite the severity of the first case study. It seems to mostly concentrate on pediatric bipolar.
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  1. Aiiiieeee! IBARW3 starts on Monday and I am so not prepared.

  2. N.K. Jemison and Yoon Ha Lee A group of authors published on Helix put together Transcriptase, a site featuring fiction and poetry that appeared on Helix prior to the William Sanders idiocy. Go check it out!

  3. In manga news, 20th Century Boys is finally being scheduled for release! Whoo! For those who don't know, it's a great manga by the mangaka of Monster, only this one covers childhood games, manga geekery, music geekery, giant robots, and the bravery of ordinary people. (my write ups)

  4. On the boo side, vol. 3 and 4 of Bride of the Water God aren't coming out until next year. Argh! I knew I should have read ahead in Taiwan.

  5. I keep forgetting that people reading me don't magically and telepathically extract what I'm reading from my brain. You may all find this nifty, particularly if you're into steampunk:
    I don’t know if I’d even consider the look ‘steampunk’, more of an abstract 19th century cargo cult. It’s partially based on the images I’ve seen of native cultures dominated by industrialized societies. Wearing the clothes of the imperialists, adopting their mannerisms, but retaining an identity in their hair and skin. There’s an odd subjugation yet an ownership of the style in these old photos. Take the trappings of your enemy and wear them in your own way, use them against them.

    The gadget and clothes geek in me absolutely adores steampunk, but I also have issues with it, especially since it's based in a time that wreaked havoc on POC communities, thanks to imperialism, and because the point of view in steampunk is frequently coming from aforementioned imperialist white cultures.

    While I love the imagery of the technology, it's difficult to forget that that very technology was a highly destructive one to both the environment and to POC. And if steampunk is centered on Victorian England, where does that leave everyone else? I want to be in steampunk too, but not if my friends and I are mysterious Oriental girls smoking opium or Indian widows waiting to be rescued by rich British travelers or savages in Africa awaiting civilization by missionaries.

    ETA: I don't mean to just bash steampunk and people who like it; one of the reasons it appeals to me is because there's this enormous potential in the genre to rewrite and reappropriate traditional Western narratives of imperialism and dominance, much like [livejournal.com profile] anachronaut is doing with his costuming. I'm just not convinced that that's what's actually happening most of the time. (OK, and I'm preemptively grumpy that when people think "1800s," they probably aren't thinking about the Opium Wars or the Berlin Conference or Native boarding schools.)


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