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Wed, Sep. 26th, 2012 03:06 pm
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CB and I have been watching Buffy and Angel, with him watching for the first time and me being all, "I want to watch [episode title] with you!" I think he just started this year, and we're already in the beginning of Buffy S7 and just finished Angel S4 yesterday.

It's funny because the prior seasons of Buffy make me feel nostalgic for the characters, who aren't quite as broken as they get later, but the latter seasons make me feel nostalgic for me, since I started watching live and engaging with fandom around S6. It's funny just how many posts I remember from when I was lurking around AtPoBtVS, from the ones connecting everything to Restless to all the spoilery ones I devoured.

I remember various fannish wars and arguments too, but mostly I have a large fuzzy feeling toward fandom right now. It's especially interesting going through memories as someone who just delurked and started to tentatively send out feelers, versus now, when quite a few of my best friends are from the groups of people I met on DW/LJ and I talk about it regularly with CB and we have OTW and I go to cons and etc.

I don't remember very much from my senior year of college since it was mostly being depressed, fighting with people, and being even more depressed, but I remember Buffy and Angel posts and discussions and what vids came out when and I can still tell you how my ideas about antiheroes and angst and manpain has changed just from AtPo.

And it's odd watching and knowing about all the social justice fail in the shows. I think CB gets a bit defensive when I critique at times, but he is newly falling in love with them, whereas I am the Bitter Old Fan ranting about Firefly and Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse and yet still cheers on the idea of a Joss-run SHIELD show.

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Mostly, though, it's hard to believe this was ten years ago.

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Sun, Nov. 28th, 2004 05:08 pm
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And in response to my desperate flailing for kickass female assassin types, [ profile] __angela__ points out the Elektra trailer. Gah! Marial arts! Sais! At least two female fighter types! *big grin* This hankering has not been helped out by watching Morgaine's "She Bangs" Faith and Buffy vid about ten times in the past week, because Buffy and Faith fighting! Mmmm.

Had dim sum with [ profile] fannishly and one of the boy's friends, and I am now very happily full. After having about three days worth of turkey sandwiches, it was nice to have dim sum as a change of pace. Though the turkey/mashed potato/avocado/brie sandwich is also very good. Mmm. Mashed potatoes... You know you have been somewhat overzealous in your sandwich making when the thing doesn't actually fit in your mouth.

More Incredibles links:
[ profile] fannishly has a review with spoilers, with connections to HP as well.
[ profile] arethusa2 connects it with fandom (spoilers) and the double-edged swords of competition and expectation.

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Fri, May. 21st, 2004 08:46 pm
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Silly finale thought, not very spoilery )

Seeing Troy tonight! Anticipating pretty boys and pretty shots. And Sean Bean, mmm.

Also, the boy is moving into the apartment tomorrow! I will be moving later (lease expires in July), but I can crash there for lunch when I'm at work! Niftiness.


Wed, May. 5th, 2004 10:36 pm
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Also: Guy Gavriel Kay has a new book out!!

My general feeling about this is: why didn't anyone tell me?! Not that anyone would have known to ;).

Angel 5x16 Shells

Wed, Mar. 3rd, 2004 10:00 pm
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Sat, Feb. 14th, 2004 11:44 pm
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Still grumpy they cancelled my show. Stupid fricking network of doom. Hate them so much.

Am in general rather non-emotional about Valentine's Day (example: boy is now sitting in front of the TV playing Final Fantasy). Dunno. I mean, it wasn't giant in Taiwan... it was there, but kind of like Christmas. July 7th (lunar calender) is the Valentine's Day there too, which wasn't that big for me either.

You know, you'd think I'd be bitter about Valentine's Day. My first boyfriend broke up with me on it (tee hee, there's irony for you!) and while I wasn't too happy about it then (read, rather devastated), it's not that big of a deal now. Besides, not such a big fan of getting big heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and flowers and whatnot. Boy has gotten me a subscription to the fruit of the month club instead ^_^. Yes, I am a giant dork. But hey, fruit! Every month! Useful and tasty!

So we went to a nice little restaurant and had good food and even better dessert. That's about it. Most of the day was spent at work (blech), for which I was giantly grateful that it was Valentine's Day and a three-day weekend to boot, because tons less people came to sell their books. Only 70 or so today, yay. Came home, was too tired to do anything, so sat and watched Out of Gas and Ariel (seen both before, both still really excellent).

And tomorrow I go look to adopt rats!

But still tired and grumpy, esp. because of work, sigh. Stupid WB not helping at all.

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I got locked out at work and spent five minutes pounding on the door trying to get someone to hear me so they would let me in.

Amazingly, coordinating went remarkably well... Lori thinks a lot of people are away because it's a three-day weekend with Valentine's Day in there to boot. Hopefully this trend continues so tomorrow is not horrid.

The run of good continued when I was going through books we had bought and found a Megan Lindholm (a name Robin Hobb previously wrote under) book! Muhaha. I told the pricer that it was probably worth more than half the cover price, but he said I could just go and take it. So ha. Looked it up online and it's going for about 11 bucks. I got it for $1.25, hee hee.

However, I think I inadvertantly let escape just how much I hate coordinating. I don't know if this is good or bad.

Then I got home and found out Angel was cancelled. I have no more Joss shows now, and really, Alias doesn't quite cut it. Screwy. I should start watching Joan of Arcadia -- been planning on it anyway.

But. But but but! All the arcs! The W&H thing! They're already halfway through the season and now everything is just going to be a mess trying to be tied up! Well, hopefully not. But... Wesley! And no more chance of Lilah coming back after this. No more chance of Connor coming back or anything. ARGH. Strangely, the cancellation of Buffy didn't get me this much -- I kind of expected that S7 would be the last one, and there were still a lot of old Buffy eps I hadn't seen. Plus, Angel was still going to be there. And now Angel's gone, and I've watched it chronologically the whole time, and I feel so much more invested.



Fri, Feb. 13th, 2004 06:11 pm
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They cancelled Angel?!



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