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So apparently, whenever I knead bread in my stand mixer for too long, the motion somehow screws the workbowl in more securely.

In other words, I cannot for the life of me detach the thing.

It's a KitchenAid Artisan. Does anyone have any tips? It's not really urgent, but I'd like to wash it someday...

Weekend report

Sun, Jul. 30th, 2006 08:06 pm
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I managed to snag more peas and romano beans from the pea guy, along with some strawberries, raspberries, more heirlooms, and... pluots! Yay pluots! They still don't have my favorite varieties out yet, but I did get one of the dappled ones. I also ventured out and got a scone and a linzer tart, although the scone is too dry and nowhere near as good as the rhubarb ones at Madison.

I checked at home, and apparently I buy around 6 pounds of peas every week.

I boggle.

After that, I headed off to my local yarn store to take advantage of their swift and to ball my laceweight yarn. The first six hanks of alpaca went quite well. Then I headed on to the 1000 yards of silk/wool blend, cobweb weight.

Um, yes.

Let us just say that it took more time to ball the cobweb than it did to ball the first six hanks.

Let us also say that the cobweb is still in two balls, connected on the outside.

Let us also add that the (very nice) yarn store ladies had to unlock the door to let me out, despite my going there a full four and a half hours before closing time.

Let us also say that argh hate that yarn so much omg tangles tangles tangles woe!


Sat, May. 20th, 2006 12:39 am
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Since my dad is in town, I am being fed fancy food for free. Tonight, we went to Sino, which an immensely trendy Chinese restaurant. I could tell it was trendy because I couldn't hear myself think over the noise and the music, and it had a color theme of black and red and lighting so dim you couldn't really see.

Also, they had black toilets in the bathroom to match the decor. I was immensely amused by this.

There were also eight-foot-tall Chinese characters written on the red wallpaper in the hallway to the bathroom. I tried standing back to read them, but the hall was so narrow that I ended up whacking the back of my head against a wall.

To further comment on the bathroom (I swear, I will get to the food), the faucets were also extremely trendy things that basically looked like rods of metal sticking out of the wall. I assumed they used motion sensors, but after waving my hands around a few times and not getting any water, I figured it must be an extremely well-disguised non-motion-sensor faucet. I twisted. Water indeed came out. Alas, it ended up arcing into the next sink, thereby confirming that a) the faucet used very poor motion sensors and b) I nearly broke the faucet.

After confirming that no one saw me aim a faucet at another sink, I managed to wash my hands and get back to my food.

The menu is an interesting blend of traditional Chinese-American food (Szechuan beans, ma po tofu, even mu shu pork) and fusion (Kobe beef tartare and crab risotto). We ended up getting lobster dumplings, Kobe beef burgers, quail, scallop and prawns, seasonal vegetables and fried noodles.

The lobster dumplings were rather interesting; normal potstickers with a shumai-like shrimp mixture inside, with chunks of lobster. Sadly, the dipping sauce was a little too sweet, and the shrimp taste overwhelmed the lobster taste. Also, while I don't dislike shumai, they aren't my favorite as well. The Kobe beef burgers were teeny little mini burgers (three), which split nicely with me, my mom and my dad. I noticed after eating mine that all of them had different toppings. I inadvertantly took the one with sauteed, wonderfully carmelized onions (muhahaha!), while the others had tomato and cucumber. And while the beef wasn't anything remotely Chinese, the burgers were tasty and juicy and beefy. Mmmmm.

I thought that the food would be fairly fusion-esque after tasting the appetizers, since they didn't really resemble traditional Chinese food at all, but it actually turned out fairly normal! The seasonal greens (bok choi) were delicious and light and crunchy, with a small scattering of chili pepper over it (not as traditional). The quail was served with sticky rice with black mushrooms (the kind that comes steamed in a lotus leaf), which was tasty but a little too sticky, and nearly-pickled cabbage and carrots. But oh, quail! I probably should feel guilty for eating a bird so small, but I wasn't thinking about the teeny drumsticks and wings because the skin was crisp and the meat was dripping with fat, and it was that perfect taste in which it's nearly too salty, but not quite.

The scallops-prawn-and-sugar-snap-pea stirfry was also fairly traditional, only with sugar snap peas instead of snow peas, with the addition of shallotts. The scallops were slightly overcooked and too tough, as were the prawns, but the sugar snap peas were delicious, and I'm not just saying that because I like peas. Then there were fried noodles with tomatoes, bell peppers and beef, which was more sweet and sour and therefore tasted more American, but it was still good, though different.

But mmmm, quail. Tomorrow, fusion-Vietnamese! And the day after, a surprise restaurant in Napa!
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Ahhh, yay for the post-wushu endorphin rush! It is very much helping lift the grey mood of late.

Also... my chair arrived! Whoo! It's all high tech and is adjustable in every possible way and looks like it belongs in a space station, except for the fact that it's spring green and matches my couch! Muhahaha!

I also am about four or five episodes behind on VMars, so spoil me and die. But any link collections to write-ups of the past four or five episodes would be highly welcome and rewarded with eternal gratitude! Alas, I have no other coin.

Sadly, despite the fact that my chair is here, I am still having problems with my desk set-up.

I ordered a desk online for the adjustable keyboard tray, because I am spoiled by my work cubicle set-up. But the keyboard tray wasn't adjustable enough! So I ordered another keyboard tray. It got here. I unscrewed things like mad and ogled at my new keyboard tray (with mouse tray!). I noticed they asked for a drill.

I'm sure it comes to no surprise to anyone that I have no drill. Also, I would like to note that trying really, really hard to use your screwdriver to poke a hole in the desk does not count as drilling.

I raced to Sears after wushu to get myself a drill, ogled at the numerous pieces of heavy machinery there, and briefly contemplated getting a nail gun, a chainsaw, or a giant spinning Wheel of Death (ok, it was probably a woodcutter or something. But... Wheel of Death!). After that, I briefly contemplated precisely how much bodily harm I would inflict on myself with said nail gun, chainsaw, or giant spinning Wheel of Death and promptly reconsidered. I found the drill aisle, ogled more at all the price tags and the many different varieties and brands of drills, and thought about how stupid I probably looked in my short floopy skirt and pink flowery flipflops.

A Sears guy came up to me and asked if I needed help, and I picked up a nice, small, cordless model and asked how much it was. It didn't come with the bits, so I picked up another one. It was affordable and portable and maybe not the very best drill there, but it'd do for getting holes in my desk. I congratulated myself on remembering that the little metal things were called bits and walked out, extremely pleased with myself.

Turns out I got myself a battery-powered rotating screwdriver, complete with about sixty billion different screwdriver bits.

For anyone who is even remotely curious, adding the battery power and the rotation still does not make a screwdriver into a drill, and in fact only results in minute dents in a desk surface.

I am quite sure that my desk is currently mocking me.

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Thu, May. 4th, 2006 12:19 am
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The good: I have a desk! Finally, a computer on a desk!

The bad: I dented the hardwood floor while building the desk. Mom is going to kill me =(.

The good: Desk was successfully built!

The bad: Keyboard tray not as maneuverable as previously expected. Woe. Will try and buy and install new keyboard tray.

The good: I bought a chair! It was horrifically expensive, but it's also horribly comfortable and will match my couch. Also, I have been utterly spoiled by nifty ergonomic things at work, ergo the worrying about the chair and the keyboard tray and etc.

The bad: No time still to organize things.

The good: Desk! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!
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Finally, I get to the scones, which are what had me cooking in the first place!

While I was gathering ingredients last week (in a rather frustrated and haphazard manner), I saw Draeger's Aisle o' Jams and thought, mmmm, jam! I should get strawberry preserves if I'm going to be making scones! (I also tried looking for pumpkin butter, but there was none to be found, which made me sad.) After carefully picking a brand of strawberry preserves, by which I mean being completely overwhelmed by the selection and then randomly picking a jar, I saw lemon curd! Lots of lemon curd!

I have a new appreciation for lemon curd since my forays into afternoon tea. It's just like the filling of a lemon tart! In other words, best thing ever!

But lemon curd is much more expensive than anticipated. So in another fit of insanity, I decided to call up poor [livejournal.com profile] fannishly.

"Uhhh... Angela, could I ask you something and if you answer I will let you eat as many scones as you want?"

"Huh?" said Angela.

"Errr. Could you look up a recipe for lemon curd on FoodNetwork.com and let me know how many lemons it needs?"

"Uhhh... ok," said Angela, probably questioning her roommate's sanity and the sudden need for lemons.

Armed with the knowledge that I needed 4 lemons and some eggs, I went forth to gather even more ingredients.

I had my internal debate on cornmeal, and then exited Draeger's with everything I needed. Except for the coffee filter for clotted cream, but that was a thing in and of itself.

Scones! )

Lemon curd )

In conclusion, I had scones! The first round wasn't that great, but when combined with clotted cream and jam, it was quite good. Well, actually, the clotted cream was a little odd because it is the texture of those cornstarch slurries you make as a kid... really gooky and almost solid at first, but then liquid on the spoon. Very interesting. And my preserves were too sweet, so I ended up using the cherry preserves instead. But it was good. Clotted cream also doesn't lend that much flavor, but it adds a really nifty texture and tones down the sweetness of the jam a bit. And lemon curd is simply wonderful.

And there are more at home! I can have scones in 20 minutes any day! Ok, maybe half an hour, but still.
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1. There was no hot water for a shower yesterday night. It's quite nice that it's not snowing, but on the other hand, standing naked in the tub waiting desperately for the water to heat up while your big toe slowly freezes from testing the water isn't so fun. There was no hot water this morning as well, so I put my hair up (cringing at the non-shampooed-ness of it the whole time) and muddled my way to work, certain that everyone could tell I had not showered. I was seriously debating bringing in shampoo and soap to work to shower at the company gym, but decided not to.

2. I finally scraped together the remains of my motivation and went running again. I may have nearly died a few times on the elliptical, but I made it! Indeed, I made it only to leave the gym and find that it was pouring rain and that I only had a thin sports jacket on. It wasn't snow, this is true, but it was really freaking cold! Thankfully, the hot water worked tonight, or else I would have ... I don't know. Waved my hands around in frustration and yelled at the plumbing? Somehow I doubt that the universe feels very threatened by me...

3. This isn't a Murphyism, but I figured I'd note that I got my "Zombies are the new black" shirt! Thank you for putting together the orders, [livejournal.com profile] katie_m! I put mine on to go running and stood in front of the mirror and squiggled with glee. Ok, I was also squiggling because a bit of my blue sports bra was showing and it matched the trim on my socks, serendipitously! Um. Yes. It was happy!

4. My dress pants are usually the type where there's a metal catch in the front, which hooks easily, along with a button to secure the fastening. Unfortunately, buttons are not very securely sewn on or something, so the buttons inevitably fall off, leaving me to rely on the metal catch.

I had been worrying all day about how tight my pants were (they were a bit uncomfortable). So while I was walking up the stairs to go to a meeting, coworker B. called out to me, asking, "Hey, did you book the meeting? The room's full....?"

This would have been a perfectly normal question, except around "Hey," I suddenly noticed that my pants weren't tight! Joy! thought I, in the brief delusion that I had somehow shed six inches from my waistline over lunch.

Screwy, went my brain about three seconds later, as I realized that my pants were indeed looser, but that they were also starting to slide off.

SCREWY! went my brain, as I realized that for a second time, as B. finished his question and waited for my answer, along with four other coworkers.

"Uhhhh......." I said to B., quickly putting my planner and water down on the steps in front of me and desperately hoping that no one could really see me trying to hitch my pants up from my hips and refasten them through the stair railings.

I think this may be worse than the other time my pants have betrayed me (the sad thing is that there is another time!).
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I may have been a wee bit overambitious yesterday. I bought about a hundred dollars worth of groceries, so my budget hates me right now, but hopefully it will even out because I think I have enough food to feed myself for three weeks. Or... so I hope.

As with most things in my life, this seemingly drastic decision was precipated by some long-term things and some short-term things (if you don't think it was drastic, you should see the kitchen. Although the rats were rather unimpressed and reacted to the clanging and banging and occasional swearing by briefly sticking their noses out of their warm nest, sniffing, and then retreating).

In other, much less pretentious, words, I watch way too much Food Network and ate [livejournal.com profile] coffeeandink's scones ;). Basically, I keep seeing things on Good Eats that I want to eat, except there isn't a Good Eats restaurant, which makes me sad. And then I read about the cooking adventures of [livejournal.com profile] heres_luck, [livejournal.com profile] jonquil, [livejournal.com profile] oursin and assorted other LJ folk and get extremely intimidated.

Then [livejournal.com profile] coffeeandink started cooking, basically with no experience whatsoever, which made me feel slightly less intimidated. Usually when people say they have no experience whatsoever, they actually mean that they've thrown a few things together, have a sufficiently stocked kitchen with whisks and roasting pans and etc., and bake on holidays. So when they say something is easy, I am somewhat doubtful. When [livejournal.com profile] coffeeandink says something is easy, I am pretty sure she means it from my level (aka "I need a what?? How the heck am I supposed to do that anyway? Huh?").

Also, [livejournal.com profile] coffeeandink fed me scones. They were good scones. I miss the scones (and the soup and the eggplant and the yogurt sauce too). Then I went out to afternoon tea on Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] fannishly and had more scones. I decided that scones were really something that I needed everyday in my life, as opposed to only during afternoon tea. Usually when I think something like this, I just go out and buy things. But Mely's cooking prowess had me convinced that I, too, could make scones! Every day! Without driving! (I think I was suffering from delusions caused by too much clotted cream and preserves)

So I have now decided to cook. It was sort of spur of the moment -- I basically decided around 6 in the afternoon on Saturday, due to prior consumption of scones loaded with clotted cream and preserves.

It's probably too early to write this up, given that I've only done it once, but... I feel so accomplished! Well, sort of.

In which I make a giant mess in the kitchen )

And in the next exciting episode of Oyce's LJ, clotted cream gets eaten with scones! Stay tuned for further adventures with 20-clove garlic chicken, polenta, corn meal scones, and lemon curd.
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1. My mouth is still in pain. Unfortunately, the pain is only there in the morning, and I can't take my pain killer until I get in the office, because I have to drive.

2. However, I have decided that I sound like Sean Connery.

3. On the other hand, I'm not sure if sounding like a balding Scotsman is a good thing.

4. I also still can't open my mouth all the way yet.

5. The cookies [livejournal.com profile] rilina gave me sit on the counter, taunting me with their must-be-chewed-by-molars-ness.

6. I bought too many books today at the company book fair thing.

7. I need to stop reading medical symptoms online, because I've almost convinced myself that I have dry socket because I drank a milkshake with a straw on Sunday.

8. I have a coupon for a free cookie that taunts me.

9. There was free pizza at my lunch meeting today, which taunted me.

10. Edible objects need to stop taunting me. It is quite unfair.
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Moments of terror: finding out in the bathroom at work that the zipper on your jeans is broken. Not only is the zipper broken, but these are low-cut, very tight jeans, so there is no good way of disguising the gap, not even by tying a sweater around your waist. Not only is there a very large gap, but today is also the day you chose to wear extremely bright striped underwear which will not look like your jeans, no matter how hard you squint.

So yes, I nearly had a heart attack about five minutes ago, and spent what felt like hours trying to zip up my damn pants.

I seem to be safe now, but I'm going to be staring at my zipper twice a minute and looking vaguely ridiculous.

I hate it when my pants betray me!
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Since [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija wanted to know...

The door to the women's bathroom was replaced at my office a few months after I started working here, mostly to make the floor handicap-regulation compliant. The new door was a nifty automatically opening model; the door would open veeeerrrrry sloooooowly once you pushed it a little.

There was much confusion as people adjusted to the new door. Every time I'd walk by, I'd see someone pushing the door open, then staring as the door opened veeeerrrry slooooowly. You could just see the wheels in their head turning: "Is someone behind the door? Should I go in? Is our bathroom haunted? What to do, what to do??"

Then, of course, just as everyone finally got used to a self-opening door, it stopped working. And then it started again. And then it stopped.

The door is very heavy, so you have to put a good deal of force in it to get it to open if the door has decided not to work, but if it has, all you need to do is tap it a bit. I think if you hung around the door for a long enough time, you'd see people (like me) giving the door a cautious tap, and then staring in confusion as it refused to open. Or they would barge ahead, full tilt, and end up flat on their faces by pushing too hard when the door was already opening.

Cubicle life amuses me. So do doors (I have an apparently life-long history of conflict with doors. I do not get along well with inanimate objects).

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Fri, Nov. 19th, 2004 09:32 pm
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"OMG it's a Tivo remote! I must sniff it and chew on it and pee on it!" Thus spake the rat.

Had to get up at six in the morning yesterday to take the poor rats to the vet -- Fitz-rat has been making this really strange sound in his chest that sounds like a pigeon. I can't quite explain it, but it does. So he's on antibiotics again. While we were there, I saw a little girl with a rat! I've never seen another rat there before. Her rat was a very cute grey hooded rat named Ella, and she was there for surgery. I felt very bad, and I hope she is feeling better. But a fellow rat-person! The girl had a big smile on her face when she saw there were little skittering rats in the carrying case I was holding.


There's been a bit of management reorganization at the office that was strange, but the big thing that half the people keep talking about is the new door to the women's restroom. It's one of those doors that open all the way automatically when you push, for handicapped access. I don't think anyone's quite used to it yet, and it's horribly fun watching people go into the bathroom, push the door, pause, and slowly watch the door open by itself. On the day of the door debut, people would push it open, watch it open, and very cautiously peek around the other side to see if maybe someone was there opening the door veeeery sloooooowly. Oh, the excitement of cubicle life.


I watched a Good Eats episode on sweet potatoes yesterday, in which I learned that yams grown in Africa, which are called "man-yams," can only be grown by men, because of their resemblance to certain anatomy bits. I nearly fell off the couch laughing, because, man-yams! And penis jokes on my favorite food show! Also, I wonder if this explains "manroot" in so many romance novels.


I also still feel rather guilty for hanging up on a telemarketer today. Mostly they go away if I say "no" often and persistently, but this person just would not stop. And we just put our number on the do-not-call registry, too. I guess it hasn't taken hold yet. But the person asked for Mr. or Mrs. Boy, which is a sure sign, and when I said, sorry, they're not here right now, can I take a message please? she asked me who I was. I don't like giving out much personal info, and so I got hedgy. A friend, I said. They were out. Ok, said the telemarketer, what's your name? I hedged more and asked what the call was about. Standard fast-talking offer starts, in which I butt in and say that I'm really just visiting. The telemarketer asks again for some of my time. I say I'm busy. She says just a few minutes. I say I'm not interested. She keeps going. I get very nervous and annoyed and flight-or-fight kicks in, and I hang up and feel guilty. But wow, I haven't had one so bull-doggish for quite some time. Irksome.

LJ title meme )

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Fri, Nov. 12th, 2004 10:28 pm
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Owowowow, this made me laugh so hard I cried. I think the best one is in the comments, on a cat, a hamper, and a rubber band.

*collapses into giggles*

I think I am finally beginning to understand the cult of Friday (otherwise known as "TGIF"). In Taiwan, we went to school Mon.-Fri. with another half day on Saturday. They changed that my senior year so that we only went to school every other Saturday (but took out a few national holidays for it). I think after I graduated (of course), they finally changed it so that people had a five-day week like the rest of the freaking world. But, I got rather used to working on Saturdays.

College, everyone's schedules were completely out of whack, especially later on. I had the occasional free Tuesday, or one class only on Thursday, or etc. At the bookstore, I worked Saturdays and got Sundays and Wednesdays off.

Now, I have normal weekends. And on Fridays, there's this incredibly different atmosphere. Everyone is somehow bouncier, anticipating the weekend, more jokes are made. I sing loudly in the car. It's quite nifty, really.

I've found that I don't actually mind my commute all that much. Well, I hate driving, so it's on the tolerable level, and there are many annoying cars on the road. I think those super-fast cars that like to weave in and out of lanes without a turn signal deserve a special place in traffic jam hell. But I have my bouncy CDs and Assassins in the car, and since it's just me, I sing at the top of my lungs. And somehow, the driver's seat has shower-like acoustics, so I actually sound not-so-bad when I do it. The bad thing, though, is that now I'm in the habit of randomly bursting into song for my favorite bits ("Chaaaaarlie said, 'Hell! If I am guilty than God is as well.' But God was ac-quit-ted and Charlie com-mit-ted until he should haaaaaaaaaaang... still he saaaaaaaang..."). That wouldn't be so bad, except now I do it at the top of my lungs and when other people are still in the car. So far, "other people" have mostly been the boy, who doesn't really mind, but I fear I will start doing it and completely embarrass myself one day.

I'm very good at embarrassing myself. Lately I've begun haphazardly walking into cubicle walls. I don't think anyone has seen me do this yet (thankfully), but still. It's not like the cubicle walls have moved or anything. My feet and brain just somehow manage to miscalculate so that I bounce off them. I used to be very good at opening doors and not coordinating it very well so I would just perfectly get the half-opened door edge right in front of my face and walk smack into it.

Really, how can I be expected to play video games and make those characters walk in a straight line and avoid walls when I can't do that in real life with my own body?

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Fri, Oct. 22nd, 2004 04:53 pm
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Nyargh. I got a new chair at work because some ergonomics person came in and said I should have adjustable armrests. (While she was talking to me, I also realized that my set-up at home is probably just about as ergonomically bad as one can get without resorting to contortion.) So I have my new chair with adjustable armrests, and I was getting really frustrated because it didn't tilt back.

I spent several days playing around with the tension spring on the bottom of the chair, and the chair would just not tilt. It's rather pathetic that all that turning made my hand hurt too.

Today I went online to see if maybe the company who made the chairs had a nice, easy user manual. Apparently I had the tilt lock thing on the entire time, which is, of course, why it was not tilting.

Outwitted by office furniture.


Tue, Oct. 28th, 2003 11:28 pm
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Have finally got Premiere. Installed Premiere. Looked at Premiere for about three seconds and freaked out and ran away.

Also am not sure how to rip my DVD to MPEG or AVI.

I feel I am not meant to be a vidder.

Seriously though. With Photoshop it was easier because I had the boy, who nominally knows how to use Photoshop. So I watched him diddle around and made him do things, and picked up enough of the basics enough so that I could just press random buttons and see what effects they had. Unfortunately, the boy doesn't know Premiere so I can't watch him. And I started reading the help files, but my brain completely zonked out. I don't understand any of the terminology and there's no helpful person sitting next to me pushing buttons and showing me how it's done.



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