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The packing is not commencing. I've gotten less and less sleep over the past few days. Yesterday night had me tossing and turning for a good two hours and a full five hours of sleep. I feel like this would have been enough two years ago, but it's definitely not now.

Of course, the day I do this and sleep till 9 is the day I have a full day of meetings, starting at 8:30. I ran around and tried to make myself presentable for work, then attempted several times to give my very stubborn rat his antibiotics. I think he's finally figured out when I pick him up, it's not necessarily for a happy scritching.

I left for work with rat scratches on my hands and rat medicine on my pants, then remembered I should probably call the office to let people know I'd be in a little late. Of course, this would be the point at which I discovered I had forgotten to charge my cell phone the night before.

Work consisted of desperate attempts to stay awake via caffeination, a full day of meetings coupled with a metric ton of work. Naturally, days like today never happen on days like yesterday, when I didn't have much to do because everything that should have come in to me was late. So of course, it all came down today, when I had the least amount of time at my desk.

Days like these are also the days everyone decides to consult me about things, coupled with late afternoon meetings, early morning meetings, and meetings with people I don't work well with.

And then I went home with the intent of packing up more of my kitchen and driving it to the condo. But the sky was blue and the sun was (still) out, and I had Happy Mix #5 playing (electric guitars and an irreverent "Lalalalalala"), and I decided I was eating so badly anyway that I really should enjoy it. And that my budget was thoroughly not in hand, but that my mom would be here in two days (free food!) and I'd stop paying rent in about four days.

So I went home, and it was a beautiful summer day even though it was really near evening in April. I took time to really read LJ, then headed down for woodfire, thin-crust pizza (I'll miss being in walking distance of it). Aqua shirt and jeans and pink flip-flops, bright sun and cool wind after weeks of grey rain, all these mean summer, no matter what month it is. And I love summer, I bask in it, I could lie outside on the green grass all day. One of the doors leading outside was oddly locked, but that only meant a longer route by the grass and the fountain and finally being outside after huddling under an umbrella for so long.

Starbucks has brought back the green tea frappucino (best served without melon syrup), and I sucked my whipped cream through my straw as I flipped through Easter-colored spelling flashcards promoting a movie on a spelling bee and learned that "smaragdine" means "of or relating to emeralds; or, having the color of emeralds." I know Starbucks is a large corporation, but I'm glad they have spring green and pale yellow and spelling words everywhere.

I waited about ten minutes for my pizza and listened to restaurant noises, read a little on the curious lives of human cadavers and wondered what the pizza guys thought of my reading material.

I am full, I am sleepy, I have music playing and fat rats, and an extra day of packing hassle is a small price to pay for this.

Nifty things

Thu, Mar. 23rd, 2006 08:14 pm
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1. Life has been busy lately (insanely so, sometimes, given the moving and whatnot), but good.

2. Completely randomly, it makes me happy that my name means "joy." ^_^ (I re-realized this today).

3. And look! I have a happy, alive, bouncy Goku icon, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] rilina!

4. I've started moving things to the condo! Granted, just a little at a time, but enough to assuage the panicky feel of moving and to make me really look forward to it! Large kitchen! Gas range! Enough room so that I can use one room purely for a study (aka BOOKSHELVES OMG YAY)! A large patio with a faucet outside so maybe I can grow tomatoes and herbs! Closet space!

5. Ok, this has to do with the move (I feel like it should be capitalized or something), but it is of enough import that it gets its own number. BOOKSHELVES OMG YAY! I've decided to sell most of mine because they're random and fit the space now, but since I have an entire room, I can get the same bookshelves to maximize wall space! I'm trying to decide if I should buy them or build them, given that all bookshelves I look at are too deep, and it annoys me. I do need some that are deep, esp. for my non-fiction, but I really, really, really want many shelves built specifically for mass markets and manga. I remember seeing schematics for one somewhere, but I lost the link.

6. I saw a rainbow last week! It felt like a minor miracle because it was so perfect, an entire arc, vivid against the gray sky, with a faint inverted rainbow right above itl. I actually saw someone pull over to the side of the road just to take a picture of it. I hate the rain we've been having, but that made it all so worth it.

7. More complaints about the rain, but then... the past few days, when it's been stopping, the clouds retreat just a bit and turn into giant fluffy unreal Platonic clouds. And now that the sun is setting earlier, I tend to go home just as it's setting and lighting everything gold and pink and orange. It looks like Thomas Kinkade, but less sappy ;).

8. I learned a form in wushu yesterday! I guess they're not kata, since wushu is in Chinese (thank god... maybe I'll not completely forget it). But it's all cool and martial art-y! We also learned different stances, including the common horse stance and the monkey stance, which totally amused me and made me giggle on the inside because I'm 12. But! The whole time, I was thinking, looky looky I'm like Goku! /dork

9. Intl. Saiyuki week continues to rock, with people posting wonderful things.

10. I get to play with clay tomorrow! And help paint on Sat (the novelty has not yet worn off), and have lots and lots of seafood that night!

Good day

Sun, Mar. 12th, 2006 02:23 am
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I feel like I've been whinging an awful lot the past week or so, and since I had such a lovely, wonderfully ordinarily happy day today, might as well make another list of things that made me happy today.

I think the best part was that it was so ordinary and everyday, because while I love things to look forward to and plan for, it's a lovely feeling knowing that small things can cause joy and peace and utter contentment with the world and my place in it. It's particularly nice since lately I've felt so tired of being responsible at work and at home and tired of being adult, and it's such a gift to be able to accept it and love it and to just be.

Sorry, I get sappy ;).

Anyhow, things that made me happy today:

1. Getting all the tough spots while painting a wall and watching the tape come off, touching up the corners, and marvelling at how much difference two coats of paint can make (I helped a friend paint).

2. Soft yet chewy bagels with whipped cream cheese, all squishy and delicious.

3. Talking with a non-LJ person about meds in a sane, practical, everyday way, in which it isn't special or different, but just a fact of life.

4. Being able to joke around with people I just met.

5. Small sugar crystals caught in my cappucino foam when I lick the stirrer.

6. Blood red leaves coming out on the cherry trees (though it also makes me a little sad, because I miss the cherry blossoms, but also happy because it's another season and my third year of seeing cherry trees bloom in California).

7. Poppies blooming by the side of the road, giant heads suspended on twisty, furry stalks.

8. Snow on the mountains in the distance.

9. Going down the highway while the road is clear at 1 in the morning, singing and just basking in the feeling of peace and contentment after a good day.

10. The piano parts of Vienna Teng's "Harbor," played very loudly, and all the emotion and excitement in the chords.

11. Hanging around people who are glad to see me.

12. Sunshine and blue skies, despite the snow on the mountains and the really cold air, and giant fluffy clouds around 5 in the afternoon that remind me of fingering weight yarn for baby blankets, all pastel and acrylic, but wonderful and soft all the same.

13. A completed crochet square for my next project, small and lacy and filagreed.

14. Dol sot bibim bap: the sizzling of the rice in the hot stone pot, the vegetables and the egg, stirring in the hot sauce and taking the first piping hot bite.

15. Mint hershey kisses.

16. My friend's apartment, which is lovely and modern and coordinated and has a bright blue wall with white curtains that reminds me of summer skies. And her comfortable loft with all sorts of crafty books.

17. Friends being engaged and starting with wedding planning, and watching the guy tuck the girl in on the sofa, without her waking up to notice.

18. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream on a freezing cold night, numb fingers against the bowl.

19. Hearing from someone that they enjoy working with me.

20. Licks and small, dry rat tongues; fat squishy rats in my lap, little noses stuck through the bars of the cage when I come home late at night, and rats begging to be played with.

21. Watching someone watch Pride and Prejudice (2005 mnovie) for the first time, both of us laughing at the same places, at my favorite lines, at the mutual awwwww-ing over Darcy in the end.

22. Hearing Tom Quinn in my head while watching Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy, Keira Knightley's openness and emotion as Elizabeth (I never thought I'd say that, but I'm glad I like the movie as much as I do).

23. Watching a movie while other people play poker on the side; the sound of people hanging out and having fun and just being.

24. My soft, warm bed and high thread count cotton sheets and silk-filled comforter, squishy down pillows, being toasty warm on a cold night.

And the lovely thing is, there are more things planned for tomorrow and the week ahead as well!
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I walked by a dead rat on the street yesterday, which basically sums up my entire week.

Whinging )

To stop complaining about everything, here is Happy List #5462

1. I have jeans with sparkly things down the sides, and they are cute and sparkly and flare!

2. Finding that I actually really like Have His Carcase so far after reading 2 1/2 Sayers books and failing miserably at liking them.

3. Frog socks! I'm sure it's been on the list before, but they still make me happy.

4. Saiyuki Gaiden reincarnation fic from [livejournal.com profile] edonohana! Actually, it more broke my heart than made me happy. But in a good way.

5. I help paint a house tomorrow! I am strangely intrigued by this, given that I never did much house-fix-it type stuff as a kid.

6. I spilled a little Shanghai on myself this morning when putting it on, so I can still smell the lovely lemongrass-tea-honeysuckle-ness of it now.

7. I finished my first crochet piece of clothing! It is beautiful! I am also too lazy to weave in all the ends, but oh well.

8. I think I shall go to Michael's today to buy yarn for [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and to get myself crochet thread to start a new project! Whoo!

What's made you happy lately?

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Sun, Feb. 19th, 2006 09:51 pm
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I am snuggled up on the couch with toasty warm rats on my lap, and the first loaf of bread I have ever baked sits on the stove, cooling down so I can eat it. I had white bean rosemary soup of [livejournal.com profile] heres_luck fame for dinner, and the beans were velvety and delicious (two phrases that I never thought could describe beans before I cooked). I can see the beautiful, hand dyed, lace weight yarn I bought at the yarn market at Stitches West, and it's beautiful and soft and angora and I will make a lovely lace shawl from it and kill my fingers in the process (ow, the pain of size 0 needles). My hands are recovering from kneading said bread (dill and onion), and even though I swore just a few hours ago to never try and make bread again until I got myself a stand mixer, I'm already reconsidering because it smells so good. I'm in the thick of The King of Attolia, and damn, it's good. And my Tivo is recording ice dancing for me as I type.

Ah, life, you are good.

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Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006 03:59 pm
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Huh, people apparently do read the book posts. This is nice to know -- sometimes I feel like I am just churning them out mindlessly or something.

Anti-Valentine's party was a success! Alas, my invitation mojo is totally shot, so only one person went, but there was 20 clove garlic chicken (actually more like 40 clove), carrot salad and chocolate hazelnut mousse cake. Notes to self: celery and onion are ok with the chicken, but stick to root vegetables from now on.

And I get free sushi for lunch today!

In other notes, there is nothing quite like a fat, lazy rat lying in your lap while you scritch him between the shoulder blades. Fitz-rat is still wheezing, but he's got two antibiotics in his system now, so I'm hoping that will help. Thankfully, he likes the second one so at least I don't have to force feed that one to him.

Also, because people seem to be feeling down and/or sick:

Happy list #6324!

(aka, things that made me happy this week)

1. The successful creation of a chocolate hazelnut mousse cake, complete with handmade crust and ganache topping. However, this doesn't top...

2. Eating said chocolate hazelnut mousse cake with a cup of coffee on the side.

3. The sun sets now just as I make my drive home from work, but it's not yet at the point where I get blinding light in my eyes. Instead, anytime there are clouds in the sky, I'm treated to a spectacular show of pinks and oranges in an overarching blue sky, skeletal tree branches silhouetted against it. I think they look like coral, delicate and filagreed, with marvelous complexity.

4. Similarly, the winter rains mean that the California mountains are covered with newly sprung greenery so that the drive to work features a backdrop of bright green mountains and perfect blue sky. The landscape is beautiful, but what I love most is knowing that things are still growing even in February.

5. The trees here have already decided that it's spring. Pink blossoms against dark branches, color where you least expect it, all these make me happy.

6. Frog socks! Frog socks make everything better!
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I win!!

I came home from hanging out at a coworker's (very fun and relaxing, and got a mix CD to boot), to find that:

1. My Amazon package that I just placed an order for this morning has shipped!!! Fruits Basket! Joy!

2. My lemon curd has set! I can actually spread it onto my scones with a knife!

3. My clotted cream has clotted! It is actually the consistency of soft cream cheese, like the recipe says!

4. [livejournal.com profile] audiography is finally having holiday week! Hey, I like Christmas and Christmas carols. And random indie non-Christmas carols, like the Pogues' "Fairytale of New York."

5. People at work liked the gingerbread and applesauce cake I made! I was pretty sure about the applesauce cake, because it's the first thing I ever baked in California and the first recipe I messed around with, and I love it to bits. But it was nice to know that Try #1 at gingerbread worked.

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Tue, Nov. 22nd, 2005 01:59 pm
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I have been sitting in my cube all morning, smiling a dorky smile and singing off key to myself ("La-la-laaaa, la-la-la-laaaaa, la-la!"), and so, instead of doing something useful, like work, or answering people's comments, I am spamming LJ! Again!

But I've got satsumas at my desk and a meat pasty for lunch, I'm heading for NY tomorrow to see my sister and [livejournal.com profile] coffeeandink and [livejournal.com profile] oracne, yay! And I have 12 more episodes of Scrubs S2 to watch, and already, there have been some lovely Dr. Cox/Jordan moments that make my embarrassed OTP heart go squee!

Unhappy things: must go do more real estate stuff for the mom tonight, which cuts down on packing time. Must fold laundry. LJ email notifications still wonky, so comment tracking is difficult.

Happy things: New York! I've been looking forward to New York for forever! And then my sister and mom (and maybe even dad!) will come for Christmas, and then I will go home for Chinese New Year, and then my friend is getting married! And by that time, I'm sure I'll have other things like WisCon and Fourth of July (LA maybe?) and whatnot to look forward to.

I miss very little about the East Coast, but I miss New York. Just the city itself... Am not a New Yorker, but sometimes I pretend I am in my head (sometimes I pretend I am from Tokyo or HK as well). I'm not familiar enough with SF to pretend to be from there. But I like cities and how they're alive and different and have personalities.

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Wed, Oct. 5th, 2005 12:09 am
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It is so fun just paging through all the unfulfilled Yuletide requests from last year. Fic ideas galore! And I don't even write fic, although the list sorely tempts me. Plus, it's just fun seeing what goes through people's minds.

I had my first good non-stressful day in three weeks. Murphy still seems to be having lots and lots of fun wreaking totaly havoc on my life, but that's ok. I get to see [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija on Friday and [livejournal.com profile] masqthephlsphr and [livejournal.com profile] mamculuna Thurs! Joy! I had to keep reminding myself to just sing along with my mix CDs in the car and not to watch the clock and get irritated by traffic. Plus, Vienna Teng's "Shasta" was playing, and it's one of my favorite driving songs, and I sang very loudly and out of tune and cared not at all. My windshield bounces my voice back to me and makes me sound very good. Well, to me at least. I try not to inflict it on too many passengers ;).

Also, I spent a good two hours at my bi-weekly knitting circle (I have two knitting circles, that's how big of a yarn geek I am) and came out blissfully relaxed from conversation and just the happiness of a straight two hours knitting and crocheting. And I was thinking during the drive home how wonderful it was to have yarn through my fingers and to make it into things and the sheer joy of having things come together because of something my fingers were doing. I always think back to Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series; in the first book, Alvin mentions something about the magic of making things keeping the Unmaker at bay, even if it's little grass baskets, even if everything will eventually be unmade. I doubt I'm doing anything half so noble or grand, but there's something very firmly satisfying about knowing that I am making. Doesn't quite matter what, or how well, just that I am.

On another note, it is very much fall now. I don't quite know what happened in the past two days, but there's a definite bite to the air that wasn't there a week before; everything smells like fall. And my fingers are getting stiff just sitting here and typing this, which means I need to knit myself fingerless gloves ^_^. I wore boots to work for the past two days, and my leather jacket! Fall indeed.

And I'm wearing dress pants again, instead of cute skirts and bitty mules and/or flip-flops. It's funny -- I only really noticed how different my boots made me feel today, when I was striding with determination down the hallway, taking huge steps. When I'm in mules, I sort of walk more femininely (is that even a word?); I can hear them click and slap against my feet, and when I'm in skirts, I can feel them sway around my legs. I love that. And flip-flops make me sort of flap about with big duck feet. Boots apparently make me determined. It's fun!

I know people mock California for not having real seasons, but it does! Well, at least it does at my company campus -- I've already spotted three trees which are in that awkward stage of molting, half green, half red, probably waiting desperately for the day they'll burst metaphorically into flame and stun everyone. And the trees around the cafeteria will soon be turning brilliantly red as well, and the gingkos in the park right across the street by the library will soon be turning bright gold.

Last year I remember one day in which the falling leaves, coin yellow and fan shaped, made a beautiful circle around the tree, borders slowly fading into the green grass. I tried taking a picture with my phone cam, but it couldn't capture the brightness and the contrast. I did what any sensible person would do and shuffled my feet through it, and back again, and then several times around, then kicked up leaves every chance I got just to hear the crinkles and to see them float back down in flurries.

I am very sensible, really.

Happy list #58

Thu, Sep. 1st, 2005 04:46 pm
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Not because I need cheering up (for once), but just because I went to bed last night incredibly happy over sheep. And rats. And got to sing loudly in the car to bouncy music on the way to work.

I am mostly putting on blinders and ignoring Katrina, though thankfully my company has started something where they'll match donations up to a certain amount (yay!), so must write out check to the Red Cross soon. But otherwise, I think the past few weeks have totally emotionally exhausted me. It sounds really horrible and unfeeling, but I can't bring myself to think about this. I don't think I have the energy for it.

Actually, now I am less happy and more in the strangling mode, thanks to work. So... on to the next happy list!

  • Yellow nightgowns with silly-looking sheep on them (um. Yeah. I admit to ownership. They are happy! Plus, sheep.)

  • Matching blue nightgowns with silly-looking rams on them (these are my sister's! I am not the only person with sheep PJs! Plus, we wear them together and then the sheep and the rams can ogle at each other!)
  • BPAL's Shanghai, which first off has an awesome name, and second off, smells like honey lemon green tea, and I adore it.

  • Pretty yarn

  • Stuffed Animals With Capitalized Names

  • Too (2) much fun with numbers (########) in parentheses!

  • The little rubber frog paperweight I found in the office, who is now contentedly grinning in my cube

  • Cubicle culture (maybe not happy, but it amuses me to no end and generates lots of funny stories)

  • My 2004 Cow Calendar. December has a cow on the couch watching TV, captioned "Cowch Potato." I am easily amused

  • Flipping through fashion magazines with friends, complete with much snarky commentary on the return of bubble skirts (why??)

  • Alton Brown's Board of Beans! And the Wheel of Beans! And his "Cutting Board Blues" song!

  • Similarly, AB's stand mixer with flames painted on the sides, like a motorcycle

  • Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] coffee_and_ink's tip, being able to name my iPod "Cthulu."

  • The fact that my Tivo is named "Flamingo"

  • Flamingos with yoyos in Fantasia 2!

  • Dreaming that one of the groups at work awarded me and got me a gigantic Boston cream pie to celebrate. It was gargantuous.

  • Labor Day Sale! Bonus: having my mom here, as she seems to like buying me more expensive things that I would get for myself

  • Finding fellow Miyazaki fans

  • Very hardy plants that have not yet died despite months of neglect!

  • And the big one, today at least.... THREE DAY WEEKENDS! They warrant MAD!CAPSLOCKING!

Er, hopefully these aren't really boring to everyone who is not me...
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  1. On the way to see Vienna Teng, I stared out the car window for what felt like hours. The sun was setting, and the sky was a beautiful gradation of color, from midnight blue to the palest yellow at the horizon, and the hills and trees were backlit so that they were black silhouettes against the gorgeous sky. I forget sometimes how beautiful things can be, how just a certain time of day can make "ordinary" trees look like black lace cut outs against the sky.

    I wish I had more words to describe how lovely and unreal it felt, how marvelous it was looking at the intricate shapes that the leaves and branches made against the sky and thinking how wonderful it was that trees grew like that and made these shapes and structures.

    Moments like these make me realize just how precious life is and how miraculous it is that things like trees and people and mountain exist at all.

    Wow, I am sappy.

  2. Went on a scavenger hunt on Sat. with [livejournal.com profile] yuneicorn, which was quite fun, mostly because we were so late that we decided we'd rather wander about instead of concentrating on winning. Sights seen along the way included people hand-making fortunes cookies, assorted art galleries, a video of quite a few someones blowing a beautiful peacock green glass vase, and seeing a lot of the city that I haven't seen before.

    But the best part was stopping by a little park and swinging on the swing set! I haven't done that in forever ^_^.

  3. Saw a hip-hop performance as well, which included performances from two dance troupes, two singers and a rap group. I wasn't quite as impressed by the singers and the rap group, mostly because I'm not that into R&B or rap, but the dancing was amazing! I wish I could move like that!

    I loved how the women dance hip-hop, because it isn't the overtly sexy dancing that I associate with clubbing. It seemed not aggressive, but energetic, and I liked that. Not that there is something wrong with sexy dancing, because I like that too, but it is good to have options. I really want to learn how to move like that! They just seem to project such presence and confidence with their bodies, and that's so cool!

    It even briefly made me want to wear hip-hop-y clothing, until I quickly realized that I would look absolutely ridiculous ;).

  4. I finally got peas again! The bags of peas in our apartment keeps increasing -- 3 this week, 2 for me, 1 for [livejournal.com profile] fannishly, who I am bombarding with fresh fruits and veggies. And a meat and potato pasty for me for lunch today, and peach pie for later. More heirloom tomatoes as well, joy!

  5. Had a good conversation with my mom yesterday, and am looking forward to her coming here! Hee, the plan right now is to pick her up from the airport on Labor Day and go straight to the mall ;). I blame all my shopping tendencies on her! Plus, I will drag her to the sushi place for fried oyster maki, joy!

  6. Also got to see The Brothers Grimm, which was insane and on crack and very cool. I looooooved the fairy tale visuals! Especially the queen in her tower.

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[livejournal.com profile] oracne, I got the books!! Thank you! Yay Chinese-influenced YA fantasy!

Because work has been crazy busy and will be for the rest of this week, and because personal life stuff is ... not being depressing, per se, but being hard --

Things that make me happy:
  • Coming home and remembering that I still have herb bread and salmon spread from yesterday

  • Fat furry rats!!

  • Packages!

  • Teasing my mom about shopping in NYC

  • Watching my sister get used to her new job (Go sister go!)

  • Planning a one-month-on-meds anniversary party for [livejournal.com profile] fannishly (aka, blatant excuse to treat ourselves to fondue!)

  • Watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which are such lovely movies

  • People at work being themselves and joking about coffee and other cubicle things

  • The bright purple flowers on the spindly tree outside (I keep wanting to pluck one off and stick it in my hair)

  • Having my sense of smell back so I can finally wear my BPAL again! Yay for Embalming Fluid! (ok, that probably sounded absolutely gross to all the non-BPAL-ordering people out there)

  • [livejournal.com profile] fannishly's brother making poor Mervin the Frog into a shark

  • Llamas! Especially petulant emperors-turned-llamas who say "No touchy!"

  • The article on Serenity in this week's EW

  • Knowing my BPAL package will be getting here soon

  • My happy mix CD(s) and dancing and singing in the car and probably looking like a maniac to the person staring at me in their rearview mirror

  • [livejournal.com profile] fannishly's new exercise videos and trying to figure out that insane hip-hop routine (again, looking like an idiot)

  • Enjoying looking like an idiot

  • [livejournal.com profile] audiography

  • Obnoxiously bouncy music with fun beats and great guitar riffs

  • The fact that I have a killer rabbit attached to my lamp (he's working on gnawing through that before slaughtering the rest of us). It's got teeth like arrrrr!

  • Mmmmm pie

  • Stupid puns ^_^

  • Muppets

  • Muppets singing songs with stupid puns, starring Gonzo and Rizzo

  • Green slime and Howl!

Look, I was so good and didn't mention peas at all, because I am quite sure everyone is sick of them!

Oh, also, I found the absolutely coolest thing ever! It does databases! It is customizable! I can do pretty much everything I can possibly think of doing! I have investigated other book database cataloging software, and while others will do things like search the ISBN on Amazon and import the info, which is cool, this one is the most customizable one I've seen. I mean... not only can you edit all the database fields, you can go in and play around with the Form Designer and redesign how you put in the info! *geeks out* And and and! It generates HTML! This means I am thismuchcloser to having database-driven pages, which means I can categorize book write-ups by author and genre and top ten and title and hey, even publisher or price or however I want! Now all I have to do is learn a) how to export to SQL and b) how to use PHP to program said database-driven page.

This makes me so happy.

I am such a geek.

*grins big grin of geekdom*


Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005 02:20 pm
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Sigh. Still sick. Showed up at work for a few hours, and then went home instead of going to the departmental outing. Am grumpy because really wanted to go to said outing. Am also missing free food.

You can tell I'm not feeling well because I'm actually passing up on an opportunity for free food.

And now, memery!

avrelia asks me about historical or traditional fashion and rats )

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And now I cheat and make you guys comment even more! Muahaha!

"List two (or more, I guess) fictional characters from books or TV shows and I'll give you my take on the relationship (whether friendship-family or romantic) between them. And I saw someone else do this at the time and it was fun: feel free to include characters even if you don't think I know the source material, and we can see how much I've picked up through fannish osmosis."

Birthday weekend!

Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005 04:30 pm
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The weekend report:

I had a birthday! It was of the good ^_^.

  1. I got much loot for myself! Joy! And I only overspent on my budget by a wee bit, so good job, me. I was feeling a bit guilty over the shopping spree, though. Oh well. I figure I got a mini cash award thing at work a while back and have been saving for two months, so it's not like it was an unintentional spending spree.

  2. Loot consists of:
    • Two (2) really cute vintage hats. One is this cute forties orange hat that just perches on my head and has a cute side bow, one is a black straw hat with a bow tie in the front. And then I found the most adorable blue velvet vintage hat, but I had already bought two. I adore hats. Vintage hats are even better.

    • One (1) bebe shirt with a pretty red sash, used.

    • One (1) pretty, sparkly, embroidered Indian-esque shirt with floopy sleeves! Yay floopy sleeves!

    • One (2?) pair of funky goth fishnet lace-up fingerless gloves.

    • One (1 = roughly 6 million different needle combinations!) Denise Interchangeable Needle Set, which I am already loving

    • Many (4) books: [livejournal.com profile] matociquala's Scarsdown, the new Firebird edition of McKillip's Moon-Flash (yay, unread McKillip!), Holly Black's Valiant, and The Armless Maiden, ed. Terri Windling, from [livejournal.com profile] yuneicorn, which I have been looking for forever!! So exciting!!

  3. High tea was very tasty. Lo and behold, I actually did have crustless cucumber sandwiches! I would have felt very ladylike, except we all sort of fell upon the hapless sandwiches like a barbarian horde. I feel the Victorians would not have approved of this. K. managed to eat a petit four in 16 (a lot) bites to be ornery. I managed to drop about ten pieces of lettuce in my vanilla tea. For those of you who were wondering, vanilla-tea-flavored salad is very odd.

  4. There was much excitement parking in the Haight. Many brave attempts were made by [livejournal.com profile] fannishly in order to squeeze her very large car into a very small space; alas, we were defeated and had to head off elsewhere. Luckily, we managed to find a fairly nice one later on.

  5. We also endured nearly being baked alive on the way to the tea store.

  6. Much fun was had at the Bookstore of the Hairless Cat (otherwise known as Borderlands), and Ripley the Hairless Cat made some futile attempts to ring me up on the register.

  7. I like numbered lists.

  8. Had dinner with old college friend and marveled at the rate of marriage among other old college friends. Am beginning to feel like Bridget Jones. Will now promptly abandon personal pronouns and abbreviate "very."

  9. Had fun singing at the top of my lungs to old '80s songs and showtunes duets with [livejournal.com profile] fannishly's friend who is camping out on our sofa. Results: Annoyed neighbors (quite likely). Practically deaf [livejournal.com profile] fannishly (very likely). Very frightened rat (accomplished). Poor Fool-rat was snoozing happily on the sofa when R. trotted out the falsetto and jumped a good few inches in the air and went rapidly into fight-or-flight mode. Possibly R. was mistaken for an angry cat on the prowl.


Sat, Jul. 23rd, 2005 01:20 am
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It's only been an hour of my birthday so far and it is already quite good! Yoon gave me a present when she was here, which I was completely not expecting, and it was the hardcover first edition of McKinley's Beauty, signed, and just... squeee!!!!! I can't believe she went through all the trouble to get it signed at Wiscon and lug it back and to remember and I am just so happy because even though I've owned several of the HarperCollins paperback with the beautiful goldish cover which I've read to bits, but the very first version of Beauty I read in the school library was this very hardcover, with the same cover, and it is evoking the nostalgia of camping out in the library and reading it so quickly because I couldn't wait for the book to come from our Scholastic book orders.

And on Thursday I had yummy yummy sushi with my auntie and am so happy and amazed that she remembered about the knitting needle kit even though she couldn't find it. The sushi was really, really good. Really. Mmmm. Fried oyster sushi. I don't care if it's not traditional, it was delicious. It was the crispiness of the fried oysters and the hotness of them fresh from something, coupled with the creaminess of the avocado and rice and vinegar and mmmmmm and the yummy crunchy yellow tobiko.

And today the people at work threw a surprise party (which wasn't that much of a surprise, since they do that for all birthdays, but it was still very, very nice!), and I had very good marbled chocolate cheesecake with the delicious chocolate crust, and oh my gosh, so good. I just finished off the leftovers of the cake, and mmmmm. Creaminess chocolatey cheesecake.

And [livejournal.com profile] cychi called and I have not talked to him for forever because he is currently in Taiwan, and I am just happy and very content sitting around and feeling all indulged and luxurious. I'm just so surprised and so touched that people have done things! Wow.

I have a bowl of cherries sitting around, and a lot of fruit and lemonade in the fridge and white corn, and my rats are fat and cute (must take Fitz-rat to vet on Sunday, note to self, make appointment), and I just watched Little Shop of Horrors, which is about a carnivorous plant and is a musical to boot, and so all is right with the world. I just feel so satisfied and happy and full in all senses.

I spam LJ!

Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005 03:07 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] fannishly keeps not fitting her clothes, so I get all of them! Muhahaha! And since [livejournal.com profile] fannishly has lovely taste, I have lovely clothes!

I am wearing a lovely light white cotton skirt with little pleats that start halfway down, and it swings wonderfully whenever I walk around.

I am also trying very hard not to break out in a goofy grin every time I walk around in the corridor, because I go swish swish swish and oooo so floofy!


But I am swishy!

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Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004 10:57 pm
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Read a piece on the marriages going on in SF right now, and awwwww ^_^. Well, except for the part that they've had to start turning away people because they don't have the capacity =(.

Still loving Firefly. Finally saw Trash, which was hilarious! Plus, naked Mal, always of the good. And I like Inara more when she gets ruffled and angry instead of being a composed Companion.

Still completely adore Simon.


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