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I found some older pictures of Momo and Haru a few weeks ago, most of them from when the rats were a little short of a year old, with the exception the picture of Haru falling out of the wheel, which is much more recent. Hi ratses! You guys are super cute, and I still miss you.

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Can haz cat?

Wed, Jun. 5th, 2013 02:36 pm
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I should probably try and write up Wiscon at some point, but my brain has been pretty unfunctional of late. In more exciting news, we are looking at cats to adopt! CB finally got allergy shots set up, and the clinic recommended getting kittens or young cats to get them used to being bathed every week. We haven't really gone to shelters to looks yet; the first one we went to had a case of ringworm, so all the cats were being quarantined, and it generally seemed like you don't go until you are ready to take a cat home that very day.

I am also completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff available for cats. After moving, I basically would just drive an hour to my old indie pet store to get the rat food and litter that I liked, since most of the stuff in chain pet stores isn't very good. But the cats have aisles and aisles! I am hoping wherever we adopt the cat from will have brand recs and whatnot, because I am too confused.

But yeah, still having a really hard time dealing with the lack of cute furry pettable creatures in my life. Also, I really resent comments from well-meaning but clueless (offline, none of you!) people implying I am taking it too hard or they are just rats or whatnot. And I really, really hate talking about it with people who didn't know or like them, probably due to too many past incidences of having to sell rats as pets.

Anyway! Any advice for cats? I know I have pinged some people already, but I am nervous and am therefore overresearching everything to compensate.
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Because I reread all my old rat entries and realized I had forgotten stuff, and because I don't want to go to sleep yet because I hate that moment of waking up and then remembering that they're gone.

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Sat, May. 18th, 2013 07:55 pm
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Momo was a little ratling who was so scared when I got him that he hid in my shirts in the back of my neck all the time. Haru and Momo were my first shoulder rats, and I loved walking around with them there, even though they would try to climb up my face and left scratches all around my neck. As a ratling, Momo tried to shove himself up my nose and into my ear, and when they escaped, he was even harder to catch than Haru. He was the top rat of the cage until his legs started getting worse, and by the end, Haru was helping to groom him in the spots he couldn't reach. Momo chewed up my iPhone cable and my laptop charger when CB and I were having a hard time due to depression and moving, and I showed CB the picture of the cables after a fight and he laughed. When I gave him an ethernet cord to chew on later, he refused to touch it, probably because it wasn't forbidden. He was terrified of CB's tile floors.

I think losing Haru hit him hard, and he probably had had the tumor or infection in his jaw already. He tried to fight it up until the end, CB says because he was trying to hang on for me. I'm glad he's not in pain anymore, and I hope he and Haru are hanging around again, and that Momo can now reassert his status as top rat since he is not sick anymore.

I'm not really sure what to do for myself. I haven't not had rats since I got Fitz-rat and Fool-rat back in 2004, and disassembling just the travel cage was awful. As previously mentioned, we're probably going to look into getting a cat, but right now, life feels very empty without my ratses around, and I miss them a lot.

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Wed, May. 15th, 2013 03:14 pm
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Haru's death is hitting particularly hard, probably due to my having expected him to outlive Momo, my worries about Momo being by himself, and the fact that I'm not getting rats after these guys. (At least for now. If CB and I ever have a space big enough for a rat room + cats...) I'm especially worried about Momo, who's never been this alone before. Hang in there, Momo! Please don't give up?

I got a big bucket and a smaller basket yesterday so I can bring him around with me in the apartment, but I'm not sure how much he likes it so far. He's pretty irritated with me already because I keep trying to clean him (hind leg paralysis means he can't groom as well as usual), but on the other hand, maybe having a warm hand in there is good for him? (CB wants to label the basket "Momo's RV.")

It's been especially helpful having CB at hand; I always feel really lonely mourning the rats because usually I'm the only one who has interacted with them significantly. CB hasn't really been able to play with them due to allergies, but he's put them in drawings and random notes to me and has seen or heard about various rat adventures, and he misses Haru a lot too.

Too bad there aren't people bent on breeding super-long-lived rats.


Mon, May. 13th, 2013 03:59 pm
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I thought Haru would be my last rat, since he'd been doing just fine, but Saturday night, he was having trouble breathing and his legs wouldn't really hold him up. I took him in to the vet yesterday, and he spent the night there with oxygen, but he was still having trouble breathing today, and he hadn't eaten and wasn't very active.

I got to hold him and scritch him for a while before deciding to let him go, and hold him through all the vet examinations yesterday, so I hope that helped a little.

He was a fun, cheerful rat. When I first got him and Momo, he was the one who would run around exploring while Momo hid behind my neck, and he immediately latched on to Ed-rat when they met. He also figured out how to escape the cage, and the only way I could get him out of the various nooks and crannies he hid in was to bring out Ed-rat. He was super fond of piling things on top of the igloo and the food bowl, which I exploited for my entertainment by dismantling his piles and watching him go about assembling them again. He loved having a blanket over the rat cage and always managed to pull pieces of it in, so much so that a queen-sized blanket was gradually reduced to a one-foot square by the time he was done with it.

I hope he is making giant piles of stuff and having fun chasing Ed-rat around now.


Tue, Apr. 9th, 2013 09:25 am
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I haven't posted about the rats for a while... Most of it is because Momo's hind legs continue to deteriorate, which makes me sad. He's still getting around pretty well, but mostly via his front legs, with some flailing with his hind legs, and I need to weigh him again to make sure he's eating. I took him to the vet because he has a fatty lump on his chest (probably just fatty tissue) and possible lumpiness elsewhere, and my old vet said he looked fine while the new vet said he was overweight. Now, of course, I feel guilty about feeding them too much, though old vet mostly did not care about rat weights, so I will try to not feel too guilty.

Other than that, they are in the lazy guy rat stage of life. Also! CB's allergies are now much reduced. After two air filters and assiduous cleaning, what helped the most was putting a blanket over the cage. This was great for the winter, since my apartment gets pretty cold, though I'm trying to think of what to do now that it's getting warmer. Also, Haru has greatly enjoyed the new addition and spends tons of time pulling bits of blanket through the cage to chew off and line the igloo with. He managed to pare down a queen-size blanket to something roughly 1' x 1'!

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Rat pictures!

Thu, Dec. 13th, 2012 11:57 am
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I have been really terrible about rat updates, particularly for Haru and Momo. I think some of it is because CB thinks they are adorable too, so I get most of my "OMG LOOK AT THE RATSES!" out in person, which has not been the case for all my other rats.

Also, now that I have a new phone, I can take much better pictures. (You can tell when I get the new phone in the pictures below...) Alas, the whole using a camera, uploading the pictures to my computer, then uploading to the internet takes a few steps too many.

Anyway, Momo and Haru turn two some time this month! Yay!

That said, Momo's hind legs continue to decline =(. He doesn't seem to be in much pain, and I don't think he's losing any more weight. Just in case, I have been feeding him Ensure every so often. It smells disgusting, but he seems to like it. This is especially good, since he absolutely hates his medicine. Rats: teeny little front arms, and yet powerful enough to make syringe feeding difficult. >_<;;

Haru is rather delighting in all this, since he is now top rat of the cage.

And sadly, CB continues to be incredibly allergic to the rats, so he spent this week staying at his brother's place. Our romance: fated to terrible separation, two lovers torn apart by allergies! He must choose his health, while she must nurse her beloved pet!

... my life, not really romance novel fodder. Thankfully!

Anyway, have some blurry rat pictures!

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Wed, Jul. 25th, 2012 02:58 pm
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Look what I got as part of my bday present!

Gentlemen Rats by CB

(text to come when I have the original instead of a crappy phone photo to work from)

He says it is just a draft but I do not care because they are fat and squishy and so cute!!

Further rat tales

Thu, Apr. 26th, 2012 01:04 pm
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I think the rats are now used to the new place and their new play area now. This is good, as it means they have now resumed their prior litter training. Actually, I am fairly certain they never forgot and Momo would just poop wherever because he was annoyed at the change of scenery.

Haru's exploratory adventures continue! I accidentally left the cage door open one night, which I discovered when I saw Haru running across the living room. Thankfully, they are big and fat enough now that they are fairly easy to chase down.

After I scooped up Haru, I noticed that contrary to my expectations, Momo was not lounging about in the cage and ignoring the opportunities of an opened cage door.

In fact, he was a few feet away from the cage, but when I tried to grab him, he completely freaked out. He tries to avoid me normally, but this time he was just running around in sheer panic. Sadly, he eventually dashed back to the cage, except I don't think he quite realized the door was closed. So he kept bouncing around the cage door in the hopes of making it back and leaving behind the terrifying, terrifying open space of the bedroom, and my getting closer to open the door just freaked him out more.

My current theory is that he took advantage of the open door but then was so frightened that he couldn't venture out in those few feet to make it back to safety. Poor the Momo.

Random things

Mon, Mar. 19th, 2012 03:04 pm
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  • I have moved! Okay, so I am still moving a ton of things over slowly, but I have spent a week in the new place. I think once I get the commute down, it will save me an hour a day and probably a lot more in terms of frustration.

  • I have not talked about the ratses much lately! Here, have a Flickr set! The quality is pretty awful, since they're all from my phone, but I think they adequately illustrate how large the rats are now. Also, OMG. See the end for evidence of how evil Momo is.

  • So far, they have demonstrated great fondness in being able to walk all over me (literally). As in, apparently once I fell asleep while playing with them, and when CB turned around to look, Momo was perched on top of my head, lording it over me. They're also still my only rats who have been shoulder rats, except now, they don't fit quite as well as they used to when they were wee ratlings. Also, sometimes they try to climb up my face. Ouch, rats! Stop!

  • Alas, the tragedy is that although CB thinks they are adorable and awesome, he is also incredibly allergic to them. Also, I think he has rat-sat them twice, and they seem to have been pretty traumatized both times. Now they jump any time he approaches, and if he makes any sort of loud noise, they bolt for the blankets. (They do this with most loud noises, but they definitely react more to his.) Apparently when he was rat-sitting, he tried to get them to come out of the cage to play. Haru, who is slightly more adventurous in terms of exploration, would slowly edge closer to the door, then put his paw down on the floor, only to discover... tile! I guess they do not like tile much, because Haru would freak out every single time and never quite ventured out of the cage.

  • I think they are also quite traumatized by the move and were super happy to play in the old rat blankets again. That said, Haru has been exploring my entire (still unfurnished) bedroom with great delight, while Momo refuses to leave the blankets.

Personal update

Fri, Aug. 5th, 2011 08:05 pm
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Came down with my fourth cold of the year or so, which has unfortunately triggered my asthma. So to distract myself from not being able to breathe, have a rat update!

I took the ratses in to get neutered about three weeks ago; they got back kind of groggy but mostly ok. I've had two sets of non-neutered rats and Ed and Al were neutered before I got them, so this is the first time I've really got to see it in action. It's funny... they were fighting a bit right after the surgery, but most of the bad tussling has died down now, so it's mainly rat alpha posturing.

(Speaking of which, check this out! My favorite part is when she pokes them around 1:30, and when Rat #3 wanders in near the end.)

Dear my rats: why you no make me YouTube famous?

Other than that, their fur has gotten a lot softer, and, more importantly, they have stopped peeing on everything so much! Also, it took a while for them to settle down after surgery, but they are definitely a lot friendlier and lazier than they were before. I think they would have gotten to that point eventually after rat adolescence, but it's kind of nice to not deal with the bickering now.

In fact, both Momo and Haru will now stay still in my lap for half an hour or so as long as I am scritching them. They are so greedy that they keep poking their noses in for more scritches, and they decided my one hand scritching both their heads wasn't enough, so I had to devote one hand per rat. They are so sweet! They are almost up at Ren levels of sweetness, I suspect a lot because I got them so young.

They're still a bit shy around strangers, but they're not as jumpy as Ed and Al were, and they are seriously fond of sitting on shoulders. Or sometimes on top of my head.

Hopefully pics to come soon! CB just got a flash for his DSLR and has been experimenting on the rats.

Still here...

Mon, Jul. 18th, 2011 01:41 pm
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Am still alive! This is mostly a placeholder post to say that I have been mostly offline lately. It's been almost three months of stressful personal stuff, which is almost over...

Haven't even had energy to organize my own birthday party on the weekend, grah. I think what I really want to do is sleep for a week and play Picross/Griddlers until my brains fall out. And play with rats.

In other news, the rats are getting neutered today, largely to keep them from constantly scratching each other bloody.

Other than that, I am behind on everything.

Oh, the ratses...

Sun, May. 1st, 2011 01:15 pm
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The ratses—I feel odd calling them "ratlings" now that they are extremely full-sized—have generally been doing well, and they are as large as my other full-grown rats have been, despite only being four or so months old. They have such fat squishy tummies! So good for kissing!

Haru I think has been a bit depressed since Ed died; he was much less active than Momo for a month and would just sit in corners and mope during play time. I was especially worried when it seemed like he was gaining weight slower than Momo or possibly losing weight. He seems okay now; I gave him a little bed that still smelled a bit of Ed, which confused him, but also made him much more amenable to grooming by me. Maybe the combination of the smell + grooming was what he needed? Anyway, he is much more affectionate now.

Unfortunately, I came home last night from craft circle to find litter scattered everywhere and two rats being uncharacteristically quiet. When I took them out to play, they both crouched in corners and didn't interact, and eventually, I found a ton of bloody scrapes on both of them. GIANT RAT FIGHT ARGH. Momo's belly had a particularly large cut, so much so that I could see the layer right underneath the skin, and I freaked and dragged him to the vet. So now he has bits of fur shaved off and looks rather pathetic. Thankfully, it was fixed with surgical adhesive. But then... I came home to find that Haru had a similarly large cut on HIS belly and ARGH. It was midnight, and I was tired, and it seemed like the injuries weren't too bad. So the poor guy had his treated with hydrogen peroxide.

He seems to be doing ok, and it looks like it's scabbing over without infection, thank goodness. But when I took him and Momo out to play this afternoon, they both scuttled about and avoided each other for hours, hunching down and acting nervous and generally afraid. Amusingly, they would alternately run to me for comfort or protection or something while the other one cowered in a corner somewhere. They have since progressed to wary sniffing at each other, and are now sleeping on top of each other in the usual rat pile.

Oh ratses...

(Also, now thinking more seriously of getting them neutered. I've had other boy rats who did fine not neutered, but this is the worst aftermath of a rat fight I've seen. Please to not be clawing your brother's belly open, the ratses!)

(Also also, the vet yesterday kept going "He's HUGE!" re: Momo. Eh. He is? But he seems happy and well-fed! And they keep acting like I am starving them, what! Also x 3 I was very pleased when the vet commented on how well-behaved Momo was, as he spent the entire stay either on my shoulder, in my arms, or unhappy but at least quiet while I held him down and the vet applied the surgical adhesive. I am all, "Oh good! I hope I am doing something right in raising them!")


Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2011 12:53 pm
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Ed died some time last night; I checked on him this morning to give him his medicine only to find him already gone. I am hoping he didn't suffer much. When I went to bed yesterday, he was grabbing all the lab blocks I could give him and hoarding them as he was wont to do. I'd been contemplating letting him sleep in a separate cage from the ratlings for a few days out of the week, since they are teenaged and rambunctious and keep pestering him, and I am hoping I didn't make the wrong choice, but he did seem to like them a lot when they weren't trying to flip him over. I am really, really glad I got them; they might have bugged Ed a lot, but he also gained a lot more weight once they were around and seemed much more like his old self again.

He always hoarded food like there was a coming apocalypse, and even though the ratlings bested him in the end, for a few short weeks he was the tallest rat in the cage! I also gave them an oxtail bone yesterday for lunch, which I am pretty sure made their day. Despite the ratlings conspiring to steal it from each other, I think Ed ended up with it in the end. He was gradually losing mobility in his hind legs and sometimes stuffed up, but up until yesterday night, he was still really energetic and kept trying to run off and explore or hide under my nightgown. I am probably projecting, but since it makes me feel better, I don't care: but I think Haru and Momo are a bit confused and sad that Big Rat is gone.

Assorted items

Fri, Mar. 4th, 2011 08:40 pm
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Exciting news! After this year's WisCon, [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust is expanding to more cons! Basically, [personal profile] kate_nepveu is awesome, and going forward, fans of color should be able to apply to go to any con they like. Bidding is still going on, and they are short of the deadline right now. Check here for items with no bids and etc.


I was also trying to brainstorm for a Con or Bust logo, and was thinking maybe a dinosaur with a unicorn horn and a "Con or Bust" sign? I tend to like my logos more graphic and less illustrative, but was wondering what other people thought. Also, important question: what kind of dinosaur?! I always think T-Rex, but that is because I like T-Rexes. Maybe the sign can dangle from the horn? Maybe the dinocorn is holding the sign with a hitchhiker's thumb? Maybe this is a crap idea and you guys have way better ones? /so not a graphic designer


Fogcon POC meetup: I know some people volunteered to help with making and/or handing out flyers for the POC meetups. Could you guys email me at oyceter at gmail noting what you're willing to do? I can design something fast (and probably ugly), although I don't know if someone has a paper cutter or something for printing out half-size sheets?


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Teenage ratlings!

Sun, Feb. 13th, 2011 03:28 pm
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Teenage ratling Flickr set

As you can see from the pictures, the ratlings are growing at an enormous pace! They are still smaller than Ed, especially their faces, but they can't sneak climb up my sleeve anymore because they're heavy enough for me to feel. Also, one of them no longer quite fits in my hand. I think they are getting slightly squishy tummies already, ahaha. I cannot help it! They are so greedy when I give them food. They've also already lost most of their baby fuzziness as the longer, sleeker guard hairs have grown in. They look much more dignified now, but I kind of miss the fuzzy newness. Oh baby rats. You grow up so fast!

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I've been playing around with my subscriptions and juggling things between what I read on DW and what I read via my RSS reader. It is so sad that I feel like I can't even keep up with less than 100 people, but so it goes. As usual, every day here is de-subscribing/ungranting access amnesty day.

Also, eventually I will start to talk about books again! Possibly when I start reading again, ahahaha. I'm still trying to figure out why my attention span still feels shot for fiction; I haven't been able to hang onto manga or fiction, although apparently Mythbusters and non-fiction about germs and parasites are right up my alley. I wonder if it is because I am socializing more offline and thereby using up more of the part of my brain that keeps track of people there? No clue.


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Recipes: sweet and sour pork ribs, nappa cabbage and fen si, meat and veggie dumplings )

Haha, hopefully all this typing in Chinese will eventually make me faster than the ten-second hunt-and-peck I do for every word right now.


Wed, Jan. 26th, 2011 04:38 pm
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So instead of working on job hunting, I spent the entire day reading and playing with rats! Or letting them sleep and then running to their cage every hour or so to wake them up and bug them, and, in one memorable instance, switch their cages around to get Ed more used to the scent of the ratlings.

Also, I still can't figure out what to name them! I like Fai and Kurogane because (Tsubasa spoilers, rot13) rira gubhtu Snv unf NATFG TNYBER, obgu Snv naq Xhebtnar unir n fjrrgarff gb gurz. Nyfb, rira gubhtu Snv naq Xhebtnar ner abg gjvaf, gurer ner gjvaf va gur onpxfgbel! Naq Xhebtnar'f nez! On the other hand, Hikaru and Kaoru are twins! Hikaru would be the guy missing a finger, who is a little more energetic, although both of them are full of baby ratling bounce. I do not think the ratlings are quite as tricksy as the Ouran twins though. And then Momiji and Hatsuharu, just because they are so sweet and I feel I should have Fruits Basket rats! And maybe I could nickname Momiji "Momo" so it is kind of like having half of Momo and Appa. (I feel Appa should be a guinea pig. Or a really giant lazy squishy old rat.)

Poll #5766 Ratling names!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 25

What should I name the ratlings?

View Answers

Fai and Kurogane (Tsubasa)
7 (28.0%)

Hikaru and Kaoru (Ouran)
12 (48.0%)

Momiji and Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket)
12 (48.0%)

Something else I have detailed in comments!
0 (0.0%)

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