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About Me
I am alternately a reader, a writer, an icon-maker, a consumer of all sorts of media, a swing dancer, a knitter, a rat mom (pet rats), a fan, an avid blogger, an anti-racist, a feminist, a woman, an Asian, a Chinese woman, a third-culture kid, a Chinese American, a former resident of Taiwan, a foodie, an experimenting cook, a clinically depressed person, and a host of other things. I currently reside in the Bay Area in California, USA.

I read, write, and speak English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese (mostly fluent though rusty), and Korean (wavers between intermediate and basic). I am totally for people commenting in other languages, even ones I do not know, although for those I will have to resort to Google Translate or something =(. Goal: LEARN ALL THE THINGS!

Most of these things come and go, none of them completely define me. If pressed, I would say I am at the core a feminist, an anti-racist, and someone who will forever be captivated by stories in any media, fictional or non-fictional but always true.

About This Blog
This blog is a mix of personal posts and media-based posts, with the occasional linkspam, essay, picture spam, or incoherent squee about my rats. Currently I have been terrible at keeping up with any media that is not books, although this could change at any time. Most of my entries assume that readers are familiar with social justice 101.

My old entries and more complete memories are on [livejournal.com profile] oyceter; the Memories on DW only reach back to when I started posting on DW, although the tags go back all the way. Currently, I crosspost all access-locked/friends-locked and public posts to DW, but all comments are consolidated on DW. I do not synchronize my DW and LJ filters, so any filtered posts can only be read on DW.

Privacy Policies
If you know my legal name, please don't link it with this blog, especially in a way that is Googleable. Similarly, I'm fine with references to my living in the Bay Area, but please don't narrow it down to what particular city or area. I also ask that people keep information such as my phone number, my address, and etc. offline.

Spoiler Policies
I do warn for spoilers. Either I cut-tag them, highlight them in spoiler code, or use rot13, although occasionally spoilers pop up in comments before I remember to put an ETA in the original post. Reader beware!

I am not strict about what counts as a spoiler or not, although if you are in doubt, feel free to ask! I am usually fine with being spoiled for something if someone tells me ahead of time that it will convince me to read/watch the thing in question, but I do like being asked before being spoiled. Generally, if you aren't sure/haven't asked, it is fine to post spoilers under spoiler code or rot13 and elaborate on what it is outside spoiler code.

You can use the following code to highlight-to-read:

(<a title="Skip this Spoiler" href="#skip.firstspoiler">skip spoiler</a>)

<div title="This is a spoiler. Highlight to read." style="color:#666; 
background-color:#666; border:2px red solid"> SPOILER TEXT GOES HERE
</div> <a name="skip.firstspoiler"></a>

Please use this code exactly as written, including the hyperlinks. If you have more than one spoiler, change both instances of "skip.firstspoiler" to "skip.secondspoiler", and so forth.

The spoiler-code should render as such:(skip spoiler)
Spoilery deliciousness is so spoilery and delicious! Yay for spoiler-codes that help people preserve the spoilery deliciousness!

(Code and wording stolen from the [livejournal.com profile] 50books_poc FAQ

Commenting Policies
Please comment! I get to know people best by having conversations in the comments. I like having comment-conversations in other blogs too, but because I am short on time and attention-span, comments in my own DW get the most attention.

Anonymous commenters are also welcome, although I ask that you sign your comment with a pseudonym or name. I don't mind pseuds; I just like knowing who I am talking to, which is a bit hard if there are more than one unsigned anonymous comments!

In general, I try to answer most of people's comments, although sometimes I slip due to a lack of time/energy/things to say.

All this said, please refrain from using ablist/classist/racist/sexist/homophobic language. I do try to refrain from saying things like "dumb" or "lame" or "retarded" online and request that commenters do too while they're in this space.

I lightly moderate my comments and will freeze threads or ban people if need be. This usually only happens on the highly political posts when subjects get very heated.

I appreciate being called out, although it is no one's obligation or duty to do so!

Linking Policies
Anything public is linkable! No need to ask me first, although pingbacks/tracebacks are always welcome ^_^.

Access Policies
Currently, I grant access to anyone who either grants me access or subscribes to me. If you'd like access and don'i0ot want to grant me access or subscribe, feel free to comment here. Generally, I will probably add you unless I have banned you or something.

Here are filters you can currently opt in on if you're on my access list:

The links should tell you approximately what will be on the filter. I also have it set up so I'm notified whenever anyone votes on a poll, so I should see your vote even if it is years after the original post date!

Subscription Policies
I read people via DW, LJ, and my RSS feed. I am still working through a good way to split up my various reading lists according to my attention span and time, and there may be a lot of juggling among the three as I do so. I have a very tiny attention span and not that much online time to spend reading, so I've been keeping my subscriptions fairly limited. Basically, my eyes tend to glaze over at long blocks of text, video embeds, or a lot of talk about fandoms I am unfamiliar with. Please do not take this personally!
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Hi, Oyceter, I'd like to send you a free copy of my new book. Can you please send your email address to ministerfaust@shaw.ca?




Niccolo Rising by Dorothy Dunnett?

Wed, Dec. 21st, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I saw that you blogged about this book and I am just starting it after reading the Lymond books. Can you tell me what malformation of Katelina that Simon is talking about at the end of chapter 3? I tried googling go see if someone has a guide for the book or.others made nonlinear comments and as I cant find any, it must be intuitively o vinous to.most but not to me.

Re: Niccolo Rising by Dorothy Dunnett?

Wed, Dec. 21st, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
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