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I have been banging my head against my keyboard about this for the past week, until I realized that people here may know...

Does anyone have a good way to create multiple custom fields for a Wordpress post that doesn't involve going into the PHP and modding it? I think I can kind of do that, but it would be really ugly, have a whole lot of arrays in arrays in arrays I'd have to then process, and probably spit out a bunch of errors in the process. I've found some plugins (Verve Meta Boxes, Different Type, Flutter (looks un-updated), and Magic Fields (some commenter issues?). Anyone have any recommendations or anti-recommendations?

General Wordpress PHP modding tutorials also highly welcome!
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I have recently been extremely annoyed by the pervasive narrative of sex and sexuality in USian mainstream culture, particularly as represented by romance novels. Lest people think I am bashing romance novels, I suspect much of this narrative is in a lot of USian mainstream culture, particularly mainstream porn; I focus on romances since that's where I get the bulk of my sex narratives as of the past few years.

Thanks to the OKCupid experiment, I looked up dating advice on the Internet, which brought up site after site after site on how men can tell if a woman will hook up with him, how women can secretly signal their willingness to have sex without ever saying so, how having sex or not having sex after date #[x] means [y] about you or your partner, how to flirt, how to dress, and etc. All the advice basically seems aimed toward cis het monogamous 20- to 30-somethings, and the most annoying thing is that all the advice is the same. I'm not actually surprised by this; I've read enough Cosmopolitan and GQ magazine to have seen all the advice before, but it was disappointing to realize that despite all my qualms with romance novels, they actually model better sexual relationships than these stupid articles. At least in romances, there are different characters who like different things and do different things for different reasons.

Even so, I hate the dominant narrative of non-communication, the assumption that your perfect sex partner (or partners, although usually it's singular) will magically know exactly how to get you off and bring you to orgasm. I've seen very few examples of negotiation in the romances I've read, and very few examples of sex that deviate from the kissing -> touching breasts -> touching vagina/clitoris -> oral sex performed on the woman -> penis-in-vagina sex. Not only is there nearly no acknowledgement of trans people, gender fluidity, queerness, kink, poly, disabled people, people of different ages and orientations, or different levels of sexuality, there isn't even a lot of room for het cis couples to deviate. I've literally seen one heroine in a romance novel saying having her nipples touched did nil for her (Lydia Joyce, The Veil of Night, for the record).

I haven't read fic for a long time, so I don't know how much the narrative changes there. What I do remember from fic is a greater openness to OT#, male and female slash, some gender fluidity, and a fair amount of kink, but I still get frustrated that it often goes from kissing to touching to oral sex to some sort of penile penetration. I haven't read as much femslash, so I don't know if a lot of it ends with vaginal penetration? And the sex is almost always magically mind blowing, orgasms happen regularly, and people don't suddenly get hand cramps or lose their arousal or accidentally elbow someone or get hair stuck in awkward places. I think there is actually more of that in the fic I've read, but the focus on amazing sex and orgasms still annoys me. I do think the fantasy sex is a nice fantasy, where everything goes off perfectly and is awesome and there are spouting geysers and fireworks and whatnot, and believe me, I am especially grateful to have that type of narrative by and for the female gaze. So while I don't want to reduce that type of sexual narrative, I also want alternatives, because I've found that while sites like Scarleteen have great advice, it's still really hard to implement said advice unless you've seen and read and ingested many many many permutations of said advice. And a lot of how I personally do that is via fiction. (I could also talk about how taboos of talking about sex result in getting more of this from fiction than from friends and family.)

And even though I am feminist and firmly believe in consent and saying "no" and figuring out boundaries, it was scary realizing how difficult it was putting theory into practice. A friend linked me to No and no and no and yes (non-explicit descriptions of kink, consent boundaries, and restraints), and I was just, "YES. YES THAT."

So if anyone else has recommendations, either fictional or non-fictional, for sexual narratives that involve negotiating consent and boundaries and figuring out what you like and don't like and are kind of meh about but will try or hate the idea of and awkwardness during sex, I will love you forever! I've been going through The Pervocracy, but really, I'd love more to read, especially real-life applications of the above. As in, Scarleteen and Our Bodies Ourselves are helpful, but I think what I really want are ways to see theory put into practice, fictional or non-fictional, to get a better idea of ranges and methods and just... options. I am a cis het Asian woman in a monogamous relationship that isn't particularly kinky, but honestly, anything that has the negotiation and learning about sexuality especially would be great. Double plus bonus points for things that reference mental illness and dealing with heteronormative gender expectations and being girly and feminist. Also, normally in these cases, I am all "Who cares about the mens?!" but in this case, if there is stuff for cis het men who read as more stereotypically feminine than masculine, that would be awesome. (FWIW, aforementioned guy is Asian.)
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So. I have had pet rats for the past 7 years, and although I love them to pieces, I think their short lifespans (2-3 years) are really wearing on me emotionally. (Poor Ed-rat. I think he is getting lonely too... he is getting kind of neurotic when I play with him.)

I think I am currently looking for a pet that isn't too high maintenance or expensive. I'm not interested in getting a dog, and I'm slightly allergic to cats. I'd prefer something that can't mess furniture up. I also tend to like the older guy rats because they're lazy and squishy and cuddly, as opposed to the more energetic girl rats. I'd also like something that lives for at least 5 years.

So far, I have been thinking of either ferrets or guinea pigs, but I have no idea outside of random things I've read on the Internet. I would also not be opposed to getting a litter-trained non-kitten cat or so, but have no idea how much work cats are. I'd also prefer adopting from a rescue agency over getting a pet from a breeder or pet store.

Also, I went to a local rat adoption fair and nearly succumbed. There was a pair of one-year-old boy rats, all fat and squishy, and one of them was a black berkshire like Fitz-rat, and one of them was a black rex like Ren. SO CUTE! Especially the black rex! He was even kind of balding like Ren! I so wanted to take them home! I always get so sad seeing the adult rats in adoption fairs, because their chances of being adopted are so low, thanks to the lifespan thing. I was trying to tell myself that if I got the two boys, maybe I wouldn't get as attached to them when they died in a year or so? Ha.
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I have pretty bad insomnia at times, often because I feel like my brain wants to keep going. I used to try listening to music, especially musicals or ballads, as the narrative thread keeps my brain occupied, but lately I have discovered the joy of audiobooks.

So... rec me stuff!

I am looking for things that are appropriate to fall asleep to. In other words, the audiobook equivalent of a nice, fluffy blanket. Nothing too violent or too depressing, and for this at least, nothing too political. I mean, I am totally up for things that are critiquing the patriarchy or whatnot, but if it makes me want to sit up in bed and pump my fist going, "Yeah!" it will not be helpful for the insomnia! Ditto things with too much fail. I can deal with a little, especially if warned, but again, if I am getting up and trying to strangle my iPod, it is not helpful for the insomnia.

In this case, audiobooks of things I have actually read and enjoyed is a bonus, since I (hopefully) fall asleep in the middle of chapters. I tried listening to Emma, but I kept losing track of the narrative even though I know generally what happens thanks to Clueless.

Apparently the quality of the reading also matters, since I didn't like the narrator of Daughters of Darkness or Mr. Cavendish, I Presume to finish.

So far, I have been greatly enjoying Good Omens.

Also, now that I am most of the way through Mythbusters Collection 3, rec me random geeky stuff! I feel like I have exhausted all of the geeks-in-(awkward-and-adorkable)-love stories on [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu, but am kind of up for anything that scratches the adorkable, cute excited geeks, science geekiness, kludging geekiness, or whatnot itch. (I already read Lifehacker and There, I Fixed It.) I think mostly I am looking for stuff with geek personalities being adorkable, as opposed to just plain funny or educational, ergo the question re: fic.
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ETA: Is anyone planning on going to Potlatch and/or Fogcon next March?


Does anyone have recommendations for good vegan dessert recipes? General categorical suggestions are extremely welcome, such as "vegan cheesecakes are failproof!" or "don't even try vegan souffles, most of them are hard and don't taste good." Specific recipe recs also welcome, although they will be most useful if they are available online.


There was a prize drawing on Kobo Books a while back, and amazingly, I actually won a Kobo wireless ereader! I've been reading ebooks, primarily library ones, over my phone and on my computer, but the LCD screen still makes my eyes hurt if I read for too long. So far, I love having a dedicated ereader, but I'm not sure I love it enough that I would have shelled out over $100 for it. There are some bugs in the software that drive me up the wall: it keeps reverting to "sort by title" after I sync it, and I hate how it divides my books between "books" (epub) and "documents" (pdf) and will not sort PDF by author, even if I've given the document metadata in Calibre. I do love that it reads epub and PDF.

I haven't browsed much on the Kobo ebook store, largely because I still refuse to pay money for an ebook I want to keep. I am still a bit of a Luddite! I love my shelves and being able to browse, and the slow refresh of the e-ink screen added with the Kobo ereader's lack of bookmarks (srsly Kobo?!) makes it very hard to flip through a book to get to my favorite parts. I am quietly rooting for the day I can buy a physical book and get the ebook with it, or pay an addition dollar or so to get the ebook version.


I realize I have not blogged about my rats for a long time! Part of it is because Ren's death broke my heart, but a lot of it is also the move from LJ to DW, which doesn't have a handy photo-hosting option.

Anyway, Ed and Al are middle-aged or elderly rats now, and although they were pretty squishy before, they are even more so now! Especially Al. He is not quite as spherical as Bya used to be, but he is pretty close, and he does this funny waddle when he attempts to gallumph around. They are also the most prodigious chewers of all my rats, and I would poetically say that one of the rat blankets looks like a sky full of stars when I air it out and look at the light shining through all the gnawed little holes, but it seems rather silly to wax poetic about a literally ratty chewed-up blanket.

Al also has a cyst around the size of my pinky fingernail; it's been tested twice and is benign. Other than that, they've had very little respiratory problems, unlike some of my other rats. Since they are now older, they mostly like just snuggling up and sleeping (or chewing stuff), instead of running around like something is after them like they did when they were smaller. Ed! I mean YOU!! Also, now that it is getting chillier, it is super nice to have two fat rats sleeping on my lap when I read.

Al also loves to shred anything paper and drag it into his little plastic hut to nest. I know all rats do this, but Al so far is the most enthusiastic I've ever seen a rat behave, and I meanly annoy him by dragging all his carefully arranged paper scraps out of the hut so I can watch him scramble and put it all back together, one tiny scrap of paper at a time.

Witness! (sorry, terrible quality, I know)

Rec me stuff!

Sun, Sep. 19th, 2010 12:46 am
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OMG people! I have my plot brain back! Not only that, but I am suddenly feeling the urge to read really dense SF with lots of worldbuilding and aliens. This is extremely strange, given my three-year-or-so romance novel spree and my general tendency toward the fantasy side of sf/f.

Rec me stuff! I have been contemplating attempting Cherryh again, as I just reread Gate of Ivrel and could actually figure out what was going on, but I am a little scared of where to start. I've mostly just read her fantasy, since plot-brain abandoned me years ago, but now I want to try more of her SF. I own Faded Sun, Foreigner, and Invader.

... while I'm at it, I should probably read some Ursula K. LeGuin SF too, since I haven't even read Dispossessed.

Mostly I want cool cultures and politicking and alien-ness, although anti-colonialism and feminism are huge pluses. I've already been slightly thrown out of a book or two thanks to the use of terms like "native" and "reservation" and not being sure if the author was aware enough to deconstruct or was just thoughtlessly using it. POC authors also a big plus. Have read Karin Lowachee's Cagebird and have some of her others out, recently went through a fair amount of Butler and mean to reread her Parable books, would like to know if Tobias Buckell's current books fit the amount of denseness I am in the mood for.

This feels so odd, but I figure while I am in the mood, I should read as much as possible, since this seriously hasn't happened for years and years.

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Thu, Aug. 26th, 2010 06:10 pm
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And once more, I drop off the face of DW/LJ. I haven't even been reading, so if anything's happened in the past week or so, I have completely missed it.

This brought to you by my worst case of jet lag in a long long time... usually my sleep schedule is so messed up that jet lag knocks it back to normal, but right now I am plagued with waking up at 4:30 every morning and not being able to fall back asleep until 7. Ugh.

Anyway! I have finally taken the plunge and gotten an iPhone.

Rec me apps!

1. Free is good. If it is going to cost me (even a dollar), it had better be a damn good app.

2. Is there an app for DW?

3. Good book apps particularly welcome... either keeping track of your library or something like Stanza for ereading.


Sat, Aug. 14th, 2010 02:09 pm
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So! I watched a Takarazuka show and found it very captivating despite not knowing what the story was and not really knowing what was going on! I would like to get DVDs so I can watch more, but they are incredibly expensive ($100~ per).

a) Do people have recommendations re: which version of Elisabeth or Rose of Versailles? There are a billion of them and I am a complete newbie. Yeas or nays on Scarlet Pimpernel also very welcome!

b) Eh, is there any way to ahem since there is no way I can afford more than one DVD?

(may lock this down in a few days for the obvious reasons)

DW knows all

Sun, Jun. 27th, 2010 01:52 am
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So I am renting an iPhone in Korea and have been using a combination of Calibre and Stanza to manage the ebooks I have and to share them between devices. Is there any way to read library books with Adobe DRM on the iPhone? Usually I have to open them in Adobe Digital Editions on my laptop, which isn't too conducive to reading on the subway. I am fine with returning them after x days, but it would be really nice if I could read them across devices.

DW/LJ knows all!

Thu, Jun. 10th, 2010 08:59 pm
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  1. The new code push for DW is awesome! Especially the expandable cut tag, omg. On another note, I currently xpost to LJ with comments on LJ closed. If that's the case, would people find a link on my DW entry going to the xposted LJ entry useful or not?

  2. I am going to Korea soon! Rec me things to do!

    I am usually very for wandering into odd places, and I don't tend to like places with a lot of tourists. On the other hand, if it's a good museum, I'm for it. I am not great with scenery or outdoor activity. I would especially love anything on food and/or historical clothing, interesting neighborhoods, fun people watching, etc. A "things to eat" list is also excellent (I eat mostly everything, with the possible exception of bugs, although I am considering trying the silkworms)!

    I already am planning on going to as many bookstores as possible, finding used bookstores (any recs?), ordering take out jjajjanmyeon, sitting in one of those outside stands and getting ddeokboggi, and popping into as many convenience stores as possible. What else?

    ETA: I am going to be in Seoul for most of the trip, but I think weekend excursions should be possible.

DW knows all

Fri, May. 7th, 2010 07:50 pm
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Lately the only thing I seem to be able to read is romantic comedy. So... rec me stuff!

I have just gone on a terrible binge through nearly all of Julia Quinn ([personal profile] rilina, this is all your fault!), whom I have been enjoying because her heroes tend to be less alpha, her couples genuinely seem to like each other, and she's funny. Also, it helps that her later books have been overcoming her tendency to put 100 pages too much at the end.

I am mostly looking for something rather like 1930s romantic comedies, with a lot of banter and extremely likable heroines. Non-alpha heroes are a HUGE plus. It doesn't have to be in the romance genre, although I only want recs for textual things; my brain just cannot concentrate on TV or movies lately. Sadly, this goes for manga too and basically anything visual.

I also enjoy Loretta Chase, Laura Kinsale's comedies, Connie Brockway's comedies, and Jennifer Crusie.

I have kind of bounced off Eloisa James (is she considered funny?). I don't read as many contemporaries because a lot of the romance genre rules work better for me in historicals, but if it is screwball and feminist, I am all for it. I tend to bounce off of adult chick lit because I frequently don't actually find it funny or enjoyable.

... Maybe I should finally start reading Heyer?

DW/LJ knows all

Mon, Apr. 5th, 2010 09:05 pm
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Help me find a book!

I was suddenly reminded of these when I tried to remember why I am usually not bugged by guardian/ward romances.

Linkspam, advice

Fri, Aug. 28th, 2009 10:07 am
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  • I haven't had time to read it yet, but the 3rd Asian Women's Carnival is up! The theme is intersections of race and gender.

  • Submit to the 4th carnival here! The theme is "Storytelling, or reclaiming our selves through our words."

  • Found via Racialicious, this post on Asian women, suicide, and depression hits a bit close to home for me.

  • For Bay Area people, David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face is showing at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts this month.

And now for something completely different!

If you have a light box for SAD/mood disorders, what kind/brand do you have, how do you use it, and did you find it helpful?

Five words meme

Tue, Jul. 14th, 2009 12:17 pm
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First: Help! I'm currently on Picasa trying to post some pictures... is there any way to get it to post all the pictures in the album with captions instead of a link to the album and/or an embedded slideshow? At least without my getting the link to each individual picture and copy-pasting?

(On Picasa because my LJ photos are nearly at the storage limit and I'm not planning on renewing my paid account and because I set up Flickr a long, long time ago and now cannot remember my username or password and am too annoyed to create a new Yahoo ID.)

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. These were given to me by [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija.

Peas )

Taiwan )

Cracktastic )

Food photography )

Spiders )


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