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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ladyjax for the rec!

This book originated in Michael Cunningham's photography exhibition of black women in church hats; the interviews came later, as did a stage play (which I wish I could see!). The women mostly range from 40-60 in age, with a few over 60 and a few under 40, and very few under 30. Most of them are from the South, although we have several New Yorkers as well.

The hats are gorgeous, as are the stories that go with them. Some women reminisce about watching their mothers don their church hats, they remember being forced to wear a hat or envying the ones they saw, they recall the one hat they let someone else borrow or the one passed down to them from their grandmother. They remember the first hat they bought. Many of the stories take place during the days of Jim Crow and segregation, but even then, the focus is on the church community and the family.

I didn't know very much about church hats or black churches, and I very much didn't know about the Church of God in Christ hats. Yay imperialist documentation of history and "what's important." But it was very good finding out about it via the book, and hopefully it's nostalgic and brings up fond memories for people, like it seemed to for the interviewees.

Check out some of the portraits at his website; they're gorgeous, and I can't decide which one I like best.
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This is a post on two books, Chinese Clothing: An Illustrated Guide and Traditional Chinese Clothing in Hong Kong and South China, 1840-1980. Given the publication dates, I suspect Garrett took the content in the latter book and used it to write the former, as the last few chapters are nearly identical, with some additional content. I think the first half of the first book is from her Mandarin Squares.

The book basically gives an overview of Chinese clothing from late Ming to modern China (roughly 1500s-1900s), with most of the focus on the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). I would have liked more on pre-Qing China, but given the difficulty of preserving cloth and clothing, I'm not particularly surprised about the lack of information.

There's also a great deal of focus on royal robes and the robes of the mandarins (the literati, much like Korean yangban), probably because that was considered more important and therefore written about more. There's a little about the middle and lower classes, but I suspect a lot of the information is from proclamations as to what they were forbidden to wear. The last chapter or so focuses on minority groups in China (aka, non-Han-Chinese like the Hui or Mongolians). I wish there were more and that there were more detail on the time periods of the clothing; otherwise, it feels like they are frozen in some unchanging past.

I roughly knew several things about the Manchu dress, but liked having more detail, and I found the bits about the clothing of the literati particularly interesting, given that they had specific badges with specific animal symbols proclaiming rank (Korea had this as well).

Also, I am grumpy that some jerk cut pictures out of the library copy I had! Jerk!

Recommended if you want to know more about clothes, though I wish there were way more pictures, like the really awesome Traditional Korean Costume.
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So in love with this book! So in love!

It was originally published in Korea, then translated here, and each author has written other books about Korean clothing as well. This is a fairly general book; it goes into hats and veils, hairpins, jackets and vests, shoes, skirts and pants, and jackets. There's not much of an overview of Korean history. The introduction is a history of hanbok and its ornaments, and I recognize several of the paintings from the other Korean clothing book I read.

But then it goes into costume porn details! And how!

My scanner is not working, so you have to make do with photos instead (pardon the flash; my hands shake too much to take pictures without).

The book begins each section with a brief explanation and history of the clothing (or ornaments) involved (roughly 2-3 pages). Then it looks at actual samples for the next ten or so pages. As in, there's a photograph of the object in question, a brief description, and then sketches. Lots of sketches! Sketches detailing exactly what kind of seams were used and how much allowance was made and how the piece was put together and all the different parts and people! I AM IN LOVE!

And if that weren't enough, after they've gone through a good number of samples, there are detailed close ups! And the book is roughly 1 ft. by 1 ft., so these are not small pictures!

Clothing details )

And! [livejournal.com profile] desdenova! The section on hats actually talks about the hat decorations! Alas, not the feathers on the top of the hats, but it talks about the hat strings! As far as I can tell, they were largely ornamental and not symbolic, though I think non-noblemen weren't allowed to wear tortoiseshell beads. Also, confirmation that the material of the buttons (gwanja) on the men's head wrap (manggeon) denotes rank (made of jade, gold or silver, with jade being the highest rank, I suspect).

I think the only bad things I can say about the book is that none of the samples have dates (I particularly wanted to know for the eyeglass cases and the rubber-soled shoes), that it only covers Joseon (as expected, given the fragility of clothing), and that it has no little cloth samples (some day...). Other than that, this is a costume nut's dream.
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I think this is a fairly basic introduction to the history of Korean clothing from the Three Kingdoms (57 BCE - 668 BCE) through Westernization (~1800s). It's hard for me to tell, given that I know zero about Korean clothing outside of what I've seen on kdramas.

Yang gives a brief history of Korean to contextualize what was going on with changes in clothing, though I am somewhat wary of its scholarly accuracy, given Yang's prose and attitude in the rest of the book.

She deals very well with the details of clothing, but she is prone to exaggeration and way too many things are "exquisite." I do not blame her for pride in Korean clothing! I think it is awesome. But it still annoys me, as I can tell things are exquisitely crafted from the descriptions and pictures already. Also, she tends to overpraise, which leads to passages like this:

Thus, Koreans turned the most abused part of the body, the foot, into a thing of beauty by wearing the buhsuhn [white cotton socks] which achieved this distinction. The buhsuhn was the only part of Korean clothing that fit exactly. It did not come off easily once it was on, but retained its beautiful form even after it was taken off, unlike the western style stocking which lays limply when taken off. So beautiful is the buhsuhn that it can be used as a decoration!

That said, there is still a ton of information in the book, particularly on Joseon clothing for all classes. Also, I feel somewhat better now for thinking clothing in Bride of the Water God and Pahanjip looks very Tang Dynasty, as Goryeo clothing in particularly took things right out of Tang (much like pre-Heian Japan). I thought it was particularly neat watching Tang clothing evolve into court clothing, as I think Tang clothing eventually evolved into the kimono in Japan. It was also good to know that even though upper-class court clothing was modeled on Tang style, people all wore native Korean hanbok (top + skirt) underneath. Also, I think I can pick out Joseon court clothing now by the rounded collars.

Neat tidbits: male royalty wore the hats with mortarboards and dangling beads (myunyugwan, in the author's romanization), and you can figure out the rank by counting how many strands of beads there are. Guess what I will now be doing while watching kdramas? The light blue/white hanbok that I saw so much in Damo are the informal clothes for the yangban. And! There is a section in the book on hats! I squeed.

Apparently the translucent hats with squarish tops in Damo are made of horsehair and worn by yangban, and the two-tiered shortish hats are court hats, as I thought. Still nothing on the rounded hats with brims, or any details on what various hat decorations may signify for the yangban. Then again, I may be the only person around interested in this...

Also, I didn't realize that upper-class women went outside veiled in Joseon Korean! Possibly I have never seen an upper-class woman outside of the house in Damo, which is very likely, given what this book and another says about upper-class women in Joseon Korea.

There's less information on what commoners and farmers and etc. wore, probably because there's very little existing artwork and the clothing itself wasn't preserved, like some ceremonial robes were.

Oh! The other awesome thing I learned was that upper-class women carried around little decorative daggers, supposedly to guard their chastity, and that these daggers were given as gifts by family.

And! Men would write poems or other notes to gisaeng (female entertainers) on chima (the hanbok skirt).

There's also a lot in the book on clothing restrictions, from colors limited to royalty or the upper classes to proclamations against ostentatious clothing to what types of cloth lower-class people could wear. And much like Qing China, court ranks were signaled by heavily embroidered squares that officials would wear on their chests (common symbols were cranes, tigers, and ... other animals I forgot). Apparently in late Qing China, people started wearing squares outside of their actual rank, despite many proclamations against that. I wonder if that happened in Joseon Korea too?

Also, much like China, pretty much all the clothing was made from cotton, hemp, and silk. Does anyone know if Asia just has a massive shortage of sheep? Or did people just not like wool or something? Inquiring minds would like to know, though that certainly explains why knitting is largely a Western thing.

Anyway, despite my problems with the non-clothing scholarship, this was fascinating and had lots of photos. I only wish there were more diagrams of different weaves of cloth or of clothing construction, but you know, if I had my way, the book would have little cloth samples attached and patterns and color combinations and everything.
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My dad is here on his quarterly business trip, which means free food for me! We first went to a so-so Japanese place. I've now become the ordering person and tried very hard to persuade my dad that he wanted to get the beef tataki instead of a more boring bento combo of tonkatsu and yaki niku. Alas, no. I think we would have been better off with the beef tataki. We also had a very strange roll with something like General Tso's chicken on top. Again, quite odd. But I also got hirame usuzukuri, which I adore! It's very thin slices of hirame with a tangy ponzu sauce poured on top. It wasn't the best I've had, but I never get to have it much anyway. And agedashi tofu.

After that, I desperately wished that I were in LA so I could go to Furaibo and have real izakaya food, as opposed to a somewhat pale imitation of it. I need to find out if there are any izakayas around here, because for some reason, it feels more "real" than sushi places do. I also need to find a good Japanese curry place as well. It's just funny, because when I did homestay in Japan, we ate more of that type of thing than sushi, largely because we were trying to save money.

Then I complained to my dad for a good four hours about work! Poor dad.

Weekly market run )

After that, my dad and his friend for some reason decided to have brunch at the new Four Seasons hotel around here, and I gladly tagged along (read: leapt at the opportunity). It was very tasty. More food babbling )

Then I went shopping and ended up getting two cute new coats (one is red crushed ... something that looks like fake fuzzy velvet) and a very girly short-sleeved fitted coat with a sort of deep, round collar, and a pair of pants. I can't decide if the pants are pajama pants, exercise pants, or just very trendy, because they are made of super casual material but flare out like a giant skirt. But it was on sale, so I figured for $9, it could work as any of the above, and I wouldn't feel bad. Everything was super on sale!

I have also discovered my deeply coveted item of the season: vampy red peep-toed stilettos like this (Nine West has a red suede-ish one that would go with my new jacket too!). They would be the most painful things ever to wear, but they are so cute! And I could actually wear them a lot, since most of my outfits are black and white, and a touch of red would be nifty and fun. Oh well! I shall wait till the new season comes in and see if any are left on the sales racks.

For dinner, I had carpaccio, some warm goat cheese salad, a bit of poached fish, and pesto pizza. And then pistachio and tiramisu gelato for dessert! Not all by myself, of course: I stole a ton of stuff off my dad's plate and his friend's.

So I am well-fed and happily imagining myself in black and white and red. For some reason, that is my new color scheme, though for a while I veered away from it to go more toward baby pink and grey (I am sure this is because of the subliminal brainwaves that the fashion industry has been injecting into my subconscious, but I will pretend it is because I am actually stylish). I still avoid the browns in general, for no real reason that I can fathom. Well, except for pretty brown fifties-style halter dresses with white polka dots. But then again, I will go for any fifties-style halter dress with polka dots. Fun!
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I was going to be conservative this market, given that I keep not finishing all my peaches. But then, there were some tasty white peaches that tempted me, and pluots! I didn't get the dappled ones that I did last time, but I got these gloriously fat purple ones, deep red on the inside. I can't wait till even more of them come out. And oh, if I hadn't told myself to not get too many stone fruits, I would have gotten so many! There are just loads and loads of peaches and nectarines piled up, large and fuzzy and wafting their lovely peach scent.

"Hello, lovely, try a sample?" asked someone, and I couldn't resist the combination of flattery (usually not very effective with me), free food (always a winner) and peach.

Of course, I went to my pea vendor first thing, and finally (!) asked him his name. Eep! I've been buying peas from the guy for a year now. I'm not very good at the socializing thing; it's taken an entire year of market-going to feel comfortable enough to actually talk to the vendors and randomly chat with the other market-goers.

I also got a ton of blueberries, and apprently they'll be gone in a week or two, sigh.

Alas, no romanos this time, since I still have some left over from last week.

I was also going to pass up the heirlooms as well -- I know, heresy! -- but I haven't been eating all the ones from the past weeks for some reason. Then, of course, I came across a vendor with a plateful of samples, and I ended up leaving with some small, cute green-striped heirlooms, and some green-red heirlooms that I'll munch on as a snack.

And finally, corn galore! Oh, and the discovery of flour-free cookies, which I bought for a colleague who's allergic to gluten. [livejournal.com profile] amphibiouswords, would you like some too?

Then, I went shopping and fortuitously bumped into a friend, who gave me his 30% coupon for the Gap! Muhahaha! So there was a nice discount on some already discounted stuff (I got a pair of work pants, machine-washable, for abour ten dollars), and I found a good pair of work shoes at Ann Taylor at an extreme discount as well. Counting today as a shopping success.
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So I went downtown to pick up a cake for the party I'm going to. It's the cutest little cake store ever, Japanese-style Western cakes (it sounds sort of silly, but it's really, really good). They mix ingredients like green tea and kinoko and sesame and chestnuts with the normal chocolate, strawberries and etc.

I am wearing a spiffy little black dress with a v-neck and spaghetti straps; the skirt is very a-line and made of a chiffon-like material, so it swirls out gently. Alas and alack, it doesn't have quite as much fabric as a real fifties-style dress would, but I currently don't fit my real fifties-style dress.

In my weekly recon of Borders, I saw Subversive Cross Stitch, which has lovely floral borders and mottos like "Babies suck." I would totally make them if I still cross-stitched. I only wish that the stitches and the borders were even more elaborate and sappy and flowery, which would make the mottos that much better. There's a website too! As a side note, I forgot the name of the book and ended up finding the site by typing "fuck cross stitch" into Google.

I was going to cease and desist all book-buying activities (you all know there's a "but" coming into this, don't you), BUT....

The new fall issues of Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting were out! I ended up skipping on the Vogue because the patterns didn't look appealing. I wish they stuck more to their current summer issue style, which has so many cute, fifties-style things!

I sense a theme in this post...

Interweave was all wrapped up, so I couldn't browse the patterns, but it promised the second half to their bit on lace knitting -- it's probably stuff I already theoretically know, but I am a total sucker for all things lace. So yes. I succumbed.

On a side note, Borders hates me. In other words: why does no bookstore I go to have vols. 6 and 7 of Planet Ladder?!?! I have finally decided that I will actually shell out money for it! And yet, no copies can be found!

Clearly it is a conspiracy of Machiavellian proportions.

On the way back, I saw the little vintage store down the street, which I've always ogled at and never entered. They had a sales rack in front. Alas and alack, most vintage clothes are not my size. But! I browsed and browsed and found all these beautiful clothes and giant circle skirts, and oh, oh, oh how I want them but they are waaaaay beyond my price range. [livejournal.com profile] chi_zu, if you ever come here to visit, we must go together and look at all the cute stuff!

And of course I tried on a $400 dress on a whim, only to find it fit beautifully and was the most adorable thing ever! Navy polka dots on ivory chiffon, an above-ankle skirt that's wide and swishy, princess waist and a navy sash thing right around the ribcage, going to a peasant-esque bodice and slightly off the shoulder puff sleeves. The store owner said it was 40s, probably inspired by the garden gown from Gone With the Wind. I want it so badly.

And I am not even going into the absolutely adorable white lace parasols and the little perchy hats and the Victorian-style lace-up grannie boots (GAH! WANT!) and ohhhhhhhhh......


But! I have discovered there will be a Vintage Fashion Expo in SF mid-September. Anyone want to go with me? Maybe I will be able to find vintage stuff that I can actually, y'know, afford.

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Tue, Sep. 13th, 2005 09:01 pm
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I wore closed-toe shoes, pants, and my leather jacket to work today. I also switched from a white purse to black. Aka, I have finally thrown in the towel and admitted to myself that it's fall, sigh. I will be much happier about it later, when the air is happily crisp and, more importantly, when the leaves are turning bright red (yes, they do that even in California). But right now I'm still mourning the passing of summer, including the season of peaches and nectarines and pluots and tomatoes and peas and white corn. And I miss happily colored clothing already. Despite really adoring all the tweedy stuff that's finally coming out.

I wore my new pants today! Mostly because I had them, and they're all new and nifty. Plus, I wanted to wear them so I could wash them and see if they shrunk, to see if I had to hem them. But since they haven't been washed yet, they're still way too long, so I had to wear my highest pair of shoes. I was so tall today! I could see above all the cubicle walls!

I'm 5'4". In Taiwan, that means I tower above all the other girls and that I am size L. In America, it means people laugh when I tell them I was tall back at home.

So since my tallest pair of shoes are closed-toed and black leather, really, I had to wear my leather jacket. And then since I was all in black leather, I had to switch purses! Just so I could wear my pants. Ah, the feminine mystique demystified ;).

Lalalala I have new clothes!!

I like clothes!

Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005 09:14 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] oracne wrote about all her nifty clothes, which is now inspiring me to go on and on and on about mine!

(I like clothes. I am, in fact, incredibly, incredibly jealous of [livejournal.com profile] chi_zu and [livejournal.com profile] jonquil and [livejournal.com profile] fresne, all of whom seem to have incredibly nifty clothes or know quite a bit about clothes.)

My list! )


Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005 02:20 pm
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Sigh. Still sick. Showed up at work for a few hours, and then went home instead of going to the departmental outing. Am grumpy because really wanted to go to said outing. Am also missing free food.

You can tell I'm not feeling well because I'm actually passing up on an opportunity for free food.

And now, memery!

avrelia asks me about historical or traditional fashion and rats )

londonkds tagged me with five things that make me happy )

cychi's question on more rat stuff! )

Top five silly vids for Yoon )

Favorite fruits for amphibiouswords )

And now I cheat and make you guys comment even more! Muahaha!

"List two (or more, I guess) fictional characters from books or TV shows and I'll give you my take on the relationship (whether friendship-family or romantic) between them. And I saw someone else do this at the time and it was fun: feel free to include characters even if you don't think I know the source material, and we can see how much I've picked up through fannish osmosis."

Birthday weekend!

Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005 04:30 pm
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The weekend report:

I had a birthday! It was of the good ^_^.

  1. I got much loot for myself! Joy! And I only overspent on my budget by a wee bit, so good job, me. I was feeling a bit guilty over the shopping spree, though. Oh well. I figure I got a mini cash award thing at work a while back and have been saving for two months, so it's not like it was an unintentional spending spree.

  2. Loot consists of:
    • Two (2) really cute vintage hats. One is this cute forties orange hat that just perches on my head and has a cute side bow, one is a black straw hat with a bow tie in the front. And then I found the most adorable blue velvet vintage hat, but I had already bought two. I adore hats. Vintage hats are even better.

    • One (1) bebe shirt with a pretty red sash, used.

    • One (1) pretty, sparkly, embroidered Indian-esque shirt with floopy sleeves! Yay floopy sleeves!

    • One (2?) pair of funky goth fishnet lace-up fingerless gloves.

    • One (1 = roughly 6 million different needle combinations!) Denise Interchangeable Needle Set, which I am already loving

    • Many (4) books: [livejournal.com profile] matociquala's Scarsdown, the new Firebird edition of McKillip's Moon-Flash (yay, unread McKillip!), Holly Black's Valiant, and The Armless Maiden, ed. Terri Windling, from [livejournal.com profile] yuneicorn, which I have been looking for forever!! So exciting!!

  3. High tea was very tasty. Lo and behold, I actually did have crustless cucumber sandwiches! I would have felt very ladylike, except we all sort of fell upon the hapless sandwiches like a barbarian horde. I feel the Victorians would not have approved of this. K. managed to eat a petit four in 16 (a lot) bites to be ornery. I managed to drop about ten pieces of lettuce in my vanilla tea. For those of you who were wondering, vanilla-tea-flavored salad is very odd.

  4. There was much excitement parking in the Haight. Many brave attempts were made by [livejournal.com profile] fannishly in order to squeeze her very large car into a very small space; alas, we were defeated and had to head off elsewhere. Luckily, we managed to find a fairly nice one later on.

  5. We also endured nearly being baked alive on the way to the tea store.

  6. Much fun was had at the Bookstore of the Hairless Cat (otherwise known as Borderlands), and Ripley the Hairless Cat made some futile attempts to ring me up on the register.

  7. I like numbered lists.

  8. Had dinner with old college friend and marveled at the rate of marriage among other old college friends. Am beginning to feel like Bridget Jones. Will now promptly abandon personal pronouns and abbreviate "very."

  9. Had fun singing at the top of my lungs to old '80s songs and showtunes duets with [livejournal.com profile] fannishly's friend who is camping out on our sofa. Results: Annoyed neighbors (quite likely). Practically deaf [livejournal.com profile] fannishly (very likely). Very frightened rat (accomplished). Poor Fool-rat was snoozing happily on the sofa when R. trotted out the falsetto and jumped a good few inches in the air and went rapidly into fight-or-flight mode. Possibly R. was mistaken for an angry cat on the prowl.

I spam LJ!

Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005 03:07 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] fannishly keeps not fitting her clothes, so I get all of them! Muhahaha! And since [livejournal.com profile] fannishly has lovely taste, I have lovely clothes!

I am wearing a lovely light white cotton skirt with little pleats that start halfway down, and it swings wonderfully whenever I walk around.

I am also trying very hard not to break out in a goofy grin every time I walk around in the corridor, because I go swish swish swish and oooo so floofy!


But I am swishy!

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Sun, Jun. 5th, 2005 12:33 am
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General note to the effect that I am rather busy currently because all of the family is in town (which is good, but it just means less computer time for me). There shall probably be more when my dad leaves on Tuesday, because now that all four of us are here (a rare occurence), I feel like spending more time with them.

So I owe a lot of comments, and many of them are going to take a while because they require a lot of thought, but thanks to everyone who has been commenting lately.

Also, I got new shoes! Lalalalala!

Also also, Chocolate Banana Pocky is really weird.

Also also also, Nordstrom's is having a sale starting on Wed. And my mom is here and wants to buy me things. I foresee many pretty things coming! Yay! Happy swingy summer skirts! I actually don't even need to buy all that much, I just like strolling through all the stores and looking at all the colors and fabrics and yay, embroidery is back in! I love embroidered and beaded things. And crocheted tops are back too! And have I mentioned the happy swingy summer skirts? So cute! And flowers everywhere at the mall, roses blooming profusely, poppies, and a whole bunch of flowers that I don't know the name of, but they are gorgeous anyway. And the cool air at night, and the crowded street even late at night when everyone here lines up for ice cream, and oh, summer, how I love you!

And there shall be Napa tomorrow and good food.

Life is full.
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I had so much fun this weekend!

(I am currently downloading covers like crazy over at [livejournal.com profile] audiography, which is the coolest thing ever. Found it on friendsfriends. It has themed weeks! I've discovered more new bands and artists in the past two weeks than I have all year! I adore it! Exclamation points!!)

Saturday )

Sunday )

ETA: I am just now rereading what I posted, and I am very embarrassed at how many exclamation points there are. Er. I was very happy. Look, I am avoiding them (albeit with great difficulty). I actually wanted to punctuate the previous two sentences with exclamation points as well. Anyhow, this is a warning that the exclamatory quotient of this post is extremely high. (exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There. That almost satisfied me, after writing six sentences without any! Neener!)

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Mon, Apr. 18th, 2005 04:02 pm
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Oookay, no more coffee in the mornings for me. I am jittery and nervous and I cannot sit still. This means I need to solve my problem of being too sleepy at work by actually sleeping more instead of relying on caffeine to do the job for me.

Ah caffeine, how I love you!

I now understand the lures of decaf... I love the taste of coffee too much to give it up, but now I must try and wean myself off caffeine!

In other news, I did absolutely nothing during the weekend, and it was wonderful. I played with furry rats, saw a movie, ate out and ate ice cream (although now my budget is unhappy with me and I shall be eating leftovers for a while, but it was worth it). Yesterday I went to the outdoor mall with [livejournal.com profile] fannishly, and the day was beautiful and sunny, albeit a little chilly, and I had strawberry shortcake and a cappucino from the little cafe on the corner.

Coffee and dessert just goes together.

I also managed to have a great deal of fun at the mall without spending money, which I am quite proud of. Basically there was much trying on of pretty dresses and shoes and make-up and assorted girly things and ooh-ing and aah-ing over clothes. I am jealous. All the clothes are these cute fifties-style things with eyelet lace and circle skirts and little cardigans and heels with peekaboo toes and bows, and I want them all so much, but I'm broke! Grrr.

I must wait until everything goes on sale, and then I shall buy tons and tons of clothes. Every time I don't do this because I feel guilty about spending so much money on clothes, I end up regretting it after five years pass with ugly styles. Well, not ugly. But I like fifties clothes and I think they look good on me. So there.

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Mon, Jan. 17th, 2005 07:06 pm
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After almost two years on LJ, I have finally changed my color scheme. Go look! Got the images off stock.xchng.

Shopped like mad on Sat. and Sun. with [livejournal.com profile] fannishly and the boy. OMG I miss shopping so much! Well, I got to go a bit in Taiwan with my sister, too, but usually there is no shopping to be done here unless my mom or sister are visiting, given that the boy is bored to death when I do it. Bought lots of pretty stuff. Apparently I am very into light pink right now. Also found a nice sweater for my sister. I really like having a sister and a mom who are roughly my size, so I can just swap clothes with them. Although I swap clothes a lot more with my sister, since our tastes are a little more similar. And I was thinking, and I realized that for me shopping isn't just about going out and getting pretty new clothes. Well, a large part of it is, of course. But a lot of it is also time to hang out with my friends and talk and ogle over assorted pretty clothes and shoes or to make fun of whatever crazy fashion people have come up with. And it includes the periodic stops for snacks and juice and street food (if we're in Taiwan). I'm sure this is one of those "duh" moments, but I never really thought about it that way before.

Part of me has always been a little ashamed of being so very girly and liking all sorts of frivolous pretty things because I'm a bit frightened that it's anti-feminist. And in a lot of books, being tomboyish and unfeminine is equated with being feminist. I used to not be able to figure out how to reconcile it, but now I guess I can be very stridently feminist (and pretty vocal about it) without it having anything to do with liking cross-stitching or floopy clothes or whatnot. Plus, nothing ruins a good shopping trip more than body-image issues. I think when it goes well, it's a giant game in which the objective is not wishing that you could fit into whatever clothes are there, but to find clothes that make you feel good. So the whole point isn't going around wishing that you could fit in whatever clothes there are, but to go find whatever clothes look good on you. I forget this a lot when I go shopping, which leads to much bitching about why I can't lose weight or why I have those dreadful things known as hips or why my arms don't look good enough. Or something. There's always something. When I was fifteen pounds thinner in college, I still had all these issues! Which was ridiculous, because you could see my collarbone sticking out way too much. Must always remind myself to just go look for things that make me look pretty and that I like, like a-line skirts and the perfect pair of jeans. I like clothes that make me feel good about my body, and I like walking around thinking I look good, because I am vain like that.

And it is the best thing ever having a girlfriend near enough to hang out with! I love the boy and all, but as stated before, I am a very girly girl and he is not so much the kind of guy who likes to sit around and look at clothes and stuff. I always think it's so interesting seeing how many people on LJ comment on fandom being their first real experience being social with other women. I'm totally opposite -- I grew up in a very female society, with my mom and her friends always around, and while I like guys and enjoy hanging out with them, I never bond to the same degree as I do with a good girlfriend.

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Wed, Nov. 10th, 2004 10:50 pm
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Alas, today has been a great disappointment. I went to the mall to look for the slouchy, flat boots I found that were on sale two days ago with my mom (that store didn't have the size) and this store didn't have the boots at all. So then I trooped over to Macy's to look for the brand of jeans that I got on sale last week to get another pair. It's hard to find jeans that fit. Might as well snatch them up when they're there! But the people at Macy's had never heard of the brand, and now I'm starting to wonder if it's imaginary. Except my jeans are sitting in my dresser. At least, I'm pretty sure they are.

ETA: And I tried to mail Totoro to [livejournal.com profile] rahael at the handy automated 24-hour post office, but they don't do international =(. But I managed to do it at Long's. So Rah, it's on its way!

Btw, the automated 24-hour post office machine is really, incredibly neat. I want one.

And because some people asked for it... Big Rat Pictures, aka More rat spam! )

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Tue, Nov. 9th, 2004 02:06 pm
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Small things make me very happy.

Today I am wearing a black shirt (with sewn on sparklies and a keyhole neckline), grey pants and black boots. But unbeknownst to anyone else but me, I am wearing bright orange socks with tiger paws on them. And it totally doesn't matter that they are horribly ugly socks (sorry Princeton, but your school colors are really awful), because no one knows but me!


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Sat, Nov. 6th, 2004 09:46 pm
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WHOO!! Karekano is finally available on Netflix!!! (also known as Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou or His and Her Circumstances)

Have been shopping a great deal with my mom lately. Taking advantage of having a willing shopping companion who is also invested in getting me nice clothes -- my mom keeps telling me that my dad says I dress too messy. Personally, I think this is because he keeps seeing me on vacation, during which I dress for comfort. Anyhow, she keeps talking about buying me nice pants, so who am I to argue? ;)

Now that I'm not trying to catch up on JoA, I keep forgetting to watch it! Luckily, it's Tivoed and waiting, but it's so strange not having a show to rush home to watch.

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Sat, Oct. 23rd, 2004 12:50 am
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I was in a very good mood earlier today, mostly because my entire thought process consisted of: "Oooo, look at me in my new jeans! I have new jeans! Ooo, they're so nicely flared!"

Then I got my coupons and went to the bookstore and ended up with a ton of loot (it was fifty percent off history books! And children's mass markets. And assorted oversized and a lot of other stuff).

I got:

Ivan Morris, The World of the Shining Prince: Court Life in Ancient Japan
Eiko Ikegami, The Taming of the Samurai: Honorific Individualism and the Making of Modern Japan
William T. Rowe, Hankow: Commerce and Society in a Chinese City, 1796-1889 and Hankow: Conflict and Community in a Chinese City, 1796-1895
Thomas C. Smith, Native Sources of Japanese Industrialization, 1750-1920
Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie, eds., The Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945
Marius B. Jansen, ed., Warrior Rule in Japan
Norman F. Cantor, In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death and the World It Made
Frederick Hartt, History of Italian Renaissance Art (4th ed.)
Patricia MacLachlan, The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt, because I don't think [livejournal.com profile] double_helix would take it too well if I kidnapped her copy, and I want one.
Rebecca Tingle, The Edge on the Sword
Margaret Mahy, Memory
Jane Yolen, The Wild Hunt

I find I am very snooty about picking up Asian (esp. Japanese) histories. I want blurbs on the back by authors I know or recognize, I want something from a university press in general, and I especially want good blurbs from the big Japan studies journals (Monumenta Nipponica, Journal of Japanese Studies and Journal of Asian Studies). I miss Gest Library.

Then we went home, and The Apprentice was playing in the background while I was LJ-ing, and watching that show just makes my blood rise. So I was complaining, and the boy was huffy because I highly dislike his show, and everything sort of went downhill from there. And I have an incredibly guilty feeling about dropping so much money this month -- additions to the work wardrobe, these books and the ones yesterday, and Lee's Comics is having a sale tomorrow. Perhaps I shall abstain all month for November and hit the library instead. Sigh. I buy way too many books.


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