Airport again...

Sun, Oct. 1st, 2006 06:22 pm
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Am in the airport again, as my flight has been delayed for two hours. Urgh. Italy was very fun; will be posting entries I wrote up there shortly. Unfortunately, managed to catch nasty cold during the first few days there, and said cold is still wreaking havoc on sinuses. I ended up sleeping most of today instead of seeing people in NY or going around with sister, boo. Am desperately trying to stay awake in airport so I don't fall asleep at the gate and miss yet another flight.

Man this sucks.

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Wed, Aug. 2nd, 2006 02:49 pm
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Am home sick. Have been feeling under the weather for some time, thanks to virulent allergies. Have slept for nearly 20 hours, so head hurts.

Feel guilty about being home sick, as have much to do at work, but head hurts too much to care.

Trying to figure out how to feed self without having to get dressed or shower.

Am quite gross right now.

Am horribly behind on LJ posting.

Have lost pronouns again.

On plus side, have little statues of Byakuya (the shinigami, not the rat) and Orihime, thanks to [ profile] rachelmanija. Byakuya, Orihime and Urahara now protect the TV.

On minus side, would like to be shot and put out of misery.
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I am grumpy. Had to work a little on Sat., and ended up being too tired to go to the yarn sale. I slept the entire day on Sunday, till 5pm. I am still grumpy at myself about this. Damnit. I feel like I wasted my entire weekend. Ergo, no farmer's market trip, missed the yarn sale yet again, no cleaning, nothing.

Instead, I watched a whole lot of TV and two movies (Corpse Bride and Constant Gardener, both v. v. good).

I feel really guilty about this, and I know realistically I have been extremely tired and short on sleep the past week, along with a) having Murphy wreak havoc on my life in myriad small yet irritating ways (usually it's funny, but it got to the hysterically funny, OMG-this-isn't-actually-happening-to-me state sometime Wed. afternoon) b) possibly starting to get sick at exactly the worse possible time (please refer back to a) c) getting giant hopes up that [ profile] rachelmanija was coming 9/25 instead of 10/25 because of a mistake on a bookstore website d) Fitz-rat still wheezing despite being on antibiotics e) Mom still needing a lot of attention and me being too tired f) work being absolutely insane, staying late nearly every day the past week, really crazy scheduling stuff that I won't go into and g) knowing I'm going to stay busy till end of October.

So really, wanting to go home and veg in front of the TV shouldn't be so blameworthy, but it feels blameworthy, along with sleeping away all of Sunday. Ugh. And of course, because I did that, I only got about four hours of sleep tonight and am really tired.


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Wed, May. 11th, 2005 05:10 pm
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Blargh. I am in the office until 9pm today. Blargh, I say, blaaaargh.

I swear, I will post something with actual content soon. I think the current randomness has been sparked by lack of sleep and the futile attempt to kick my caffeine habit (Attempt #1523).

I wish coffee weren't so tempting.

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Mon, Apr. 4th, 2005 08:31 pm
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Things I have learned today:

  1. Dentists in America are much more prone to give anesthetic than dentists in Taiwan. I am a fan.

  2. Having a dentist who speaks English and explains everything to you is also very handy.

  3. However, this does not make the experience any more desireable. This is particularly true if one must wake up half an hour earlier than usual, and is compounded even more by the fact that it is a Monday morning. And while I like more sunlight, that lost hour doesn't help either.

  4. I should also remember that in these circumstances, it is possibly not the wisest of decisions to get an espresso at 5 in the afternoon the day before.

On the other hand, given all this, I am in a disgustingly cheerful mood, even Monday afternoon at work.

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Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005 05:49 pm
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I would just like to say that dentistry sucks. Went in for my first examination in a year or so, since I used to get my teeth checked every time I went home, and I have five cavities. Five. And one is a bad one.

The dentist took care of two today, and now half of my mouth is completely numb, and so I drool somewhat if I'm trying to rinse. Yay anesthetic.

I used to have braces as a kid, and I had a root canal before, and something about the high-pitched whine of the drill drives me crazy. I cringe. It is possibly the most painful sound in the world. But, as stated before, yay anesthetic, because it hurt less than usual (which does seem to be the point of anesthetic, after all).

One time I had this much local anesthetic in my jaw, I chewed up my cheek thinking that it was pizza. It's very strange to not quite be able to move about half of your mouth, and the tongue numbness is especially odd.

I'm sure everyone was quite interested in this ;).

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Mon, Dec. 20th, 2004 03:07 pm
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Blargh. My sinuses have decided to up and revolt against me, so I am at home with a horrible headache, in hopes of sleeping this off before my plane ride home. Being sick on a twelve-hour flight is pure misery.

The good thing is that I do feel better than I did this morning. The bad thing is that my head hurts because of sleeping too much and it still hurts to swallow. Ugh.

Now that I have fed myself so I won't starve to death, I'm crawling back under the blankets.

(Also, am mad at Amazon because my ROTK:EE order is delayed. Delayed?! Grrrrrrrr.)

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Mon, Aug. 30th, 2004 01:47 pm
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Am tired, head hurts, and am coming down with something resembling a cold. Hack hack. I can feel the capacity for something resembling intelligent comments and replies and entries draining away by the minute ;). Mostly am on pins and needles waiting for Company to call me back.

Also, note to self, while Wizard of the Pigeons is a good book, it is not necessarily the most optimal book to read while feeling vaguely depressed and greyish in mood. Will instead continue the reread of Sorcery and Cecelia.

Really do not want to go to interview tomorrow.

Wish job search were corporeal so I could stab it to death with sporks.

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Sat, Apr. 24th, 2004 05:05 pm
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Argh, skipped work today because I felt sick, and am now suffering pangs of guilt, especially since today is a buying day.

The worst part is I feel mostly better now. It's hard to tell if it would have just gone away, or if the six extra hours of sleep contributed.


Well, I just got my hands on the new Connie Brockway!

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Thu, Feb. 26th, 2004 08:45 am
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Don't know why I keep doing this to myself -- went to bed last night at 4:30, have to get up at 8 for work. There's not even a good reason I stay up so late, because half the time I'm just wasting time anyway.

And from the week I had a cold, I was going to bed and getting 10 hours a night, and wow, it felt good. No bleary eyes in the morning, improved temper, bouncier all around. So I know doing the whole sleep deprivation thing just puts me in a bad mood to start out with, which is something I really don't need. And yet, I keep doing it.

Stupid me.

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Wed, Jan. 28th, 2004 03:34 pm
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Staying home sick... it's not much, just a cold that the boy has transmitted (bad boy! no biscuit). I also feel vaguely guilty for taking the day off because I'm not soooo uncomfortable as to be completely incapable of working. I am however excusing it by saying the extra sleep I am getting, along with the eliminated stress of having to make too many books fit too little shelf space and the ickiness of breathing in lighter fluid, will make me get better faster.

Hopefully this is true.

I'm also feeling a bit guilty because I'm such a wimp about getting sick. The slightest bit of a cold, and I pretty much freak out and try to be as delicate as possible. I think it's because I was more asthmatic when I was a kid, except we never knew it was asthma, and colds triggered it. So I'd come down with a cold, do the coughing thing, and be so short on breath that just coughing would tire me out. Asthma really sucks -- I feel like one should never have to think about the act of breathing. Those were the days in which just getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom could take me fifteen minutes because each step would be so tiring. We only found out it was asthma sometime in high school, and wow, were the inhalers a relief.

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Thu, Jan. 1st, 2004 08:32 pm
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First post of the year... this feels odd, like it's supposed to be momentous. Oh well.

I'm really sick of winter. Not that I wasn't before, but now that Christmas is over, I want it to be summer again. Or spring at least. I think I definitely have some version of seasonal affective disorder, because all this dark is driving me crazy. It's weird because I'm such a night owl too! But I work from 9-6, so there's that brief glimmer of day during the ten minute drive to work, but usually it's grey and cloudy. Then inside all day, and not even close to a window =(. Then by the time I leave, the sun's already set! Argh. I miss my hour-long lunches in the park soaking up sunshine... those helped a lot. Now it's too cold to do that.

Well. I will keep in mind that when summer does come here, it comes full force, with sun till 9!


Thu, Jul. 17th, 2003 09:40 am
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Grrrr... nothing here is going right. Well, now my internet finally is, but it was down yesterday, despite the fact that I had only had it for one day! My cell phone gets very, very bad reception here. My new lamp is also already broken. The Verizon people said they'd come yesterday to set up my phone, but they never showed. And when I called again, they said they never even scheduled it, and could I please wait 7-10 days for a working phone? And it's just annoying because it's really difficult getting a job search going when I can't put a phone number on my resume because my cell doesn't work well enough!

I'm also getting very sick of cleaning... Luckily, the bulk of that is done now. I finally got a filing cabinet yesterday (built it all by myself), so at least all my papers are off my desk, which only comes with one drawer. Grrr. These desks made for computers have no room for storing anything. I pasted some mesh kitchen utensil organizing thing in the keyboard slat, so it kind of acts as a drawer for pencils and stuff. Good things -- the boy is buying me a wireless router for my birthday (thank you boy!), so soon I can put my laptop on my desk instead of sitting on the floor. The ethernet cable they gave me isn't long enough... I was going to buy a new one, but then the boy said he'd get me Wi-Fi. I love love love wireless to death. We had it in the Taipei apartment, and it was just wonderful. I could watch TV and diddle around online, go to my bedroom and do stuff. I just love that. Because you never know when you need internet ;).

So today... must go to the bank and deposit my last paycheck from Charter, sniff. Granted, it was only about 60 dollars a week, but it was still spending money. Also need to go to the Chinese supermarket and buy groceries so I can start cooking, now that I have pots and plates. Maybe I'll drop by Books Inc. to see if they are hiring people.

I feel much better now that I've thrown my old phone around. I know it's horribly childish, but every time I get so mad and frustrated that things don't work the way they are supposed to. And breaking things makes me feel better. And it always frustrates me more when I have to go look around for things that are safe and ok to be thrown around that will still make a satisfying smack.

Horrible day

Wed, May. 14th, 2003 04:31 pm
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Awful day.

Comps sucked beyond telling (but of course, I will try anyway).

I didn't know any of the professors, so there wasn't a nice good credit thing, where they knew something like, "Oh, Oyce. Yeah, she writes good papers, has a pretty solid grasp." So I felt like there was just no leeway given at all. Then, seriously, I think no amount of studying would have really helped. The questions started out as extremely broad, then each professor would just completely pick at everything. Um, how am I supposed to know when Japanese prostitution became outlawed? The one professor who didn't seem out to get me was half an hour late (comps are an hour), and the other two just seemed like bitches. Even though they're guys. The Chinese lit. one didn't fricking ask me about Chinese lit!! The hell?! No, instead he wanted me to compare Chinese poetry of the Tang Dynasty (which I DO know about) to Japanese waka (which I DON'T know about and told him multiple times previously that I hadn't taken any Japanese literature courses). Hate him so much. So I just got increasingly flustered and scared as they kept gunning at me, and in the end, one of the scary ones asked me a question, I gave the answer that I had gotten in another class, he brushed it off and told me to have another answer. Well, I couldn't think of one so there was complete silence for a few minutes. Felt like forever before the kind of nice professor finally said something like, maybe we should move on.

I don't know. I just felt so screwed over because I've never taken a class with any of these professors. They don't know me. Obviously, from yesterday's wonderful email, they don't seem to care that much about my comps. I felt like they were extremely annoyed to be there at nine in the morning and just hated me or something because my area of expertise wasn't there's. Sorry if the stupid department doesn't have comps in the area of modern Japanese popular culture. Sheesh. Then they were just mean. It was totally different from thesis defense. It seemed as though they weren't there to see if I had a good overview of trends in these things. Chinese lit. guy just kept picking at the weirdest points that made no sense to me -- wanted me to "prove" that nanshoku/male-male love was in existence in Tokugawa Japan instead of just literature. I was just like, huh? Beats me. That's what all the criticism says. Did he somehow expect me to pull out Tokugawa law about this or something? Just, so many stupid nit-picky questions disguised as "broad." And all the nice professors that I do know (and like me) are on leave or left for another university!! The hell? Versus the Chinese side, which is stock full. And it was like they weren't even listening to me. Like they just wanted a single, good answer, bam, and either you're right or you're wrong. Either that, or they would pick holes in everything which of course I couldn't counter because they were the experts and I've only taken a few courses on this.

Then, to top things off, I went back to bed and tried very hard not to think about it. Then I get a message from a friend that my roommate had called to say that I'd just missed thesis defense. Yup. Apparently the thesis defense that I thought was tomorrow at 10 was today. I am an idiot. The stupid thing was, I didn't even sleep through it or anything. Nope. Instead, I misread the comps/defense schedule at least ten times, walked right past my thesis defense room as soon as comps finished and went to bed. I called the dept. secretary and it was rescheduled to two today.

I think my sensei was kind of annoyed. Luckily, I know him and have been taking Japanese for four years now with him and other teachers and they all like me. And I'm usually very punctual for class and do my work, so he knew this was an oddity. And I feel my thesis advisor likes me and understands too. I bet if I had done this with comps, they just would have cut my head off or something. After apologizing profusely for my profound stupidity, I did thesis defense. Which, luckily wasn't that difficult, because I was going to study and practice Japanese (ten minutes of it is in Japanese) today. Ugh.

Thankfully, the thesis has actually been about 5 years in the making, ever since I really got interested in anime and manga, and I think I've at least thought about most things. Also, neither professor specializes in manga or has actually read the criticism, so I was the expert there. That was nice. And mostly they talked and asked me good questions that were pretty easy because I realized I had thought of most of them before. And the entire atmosphere was different. I felt like they were there not to attack my thesis and rip it to shreds, but just to figure out why I did some things in there, to point out things I might have missed. It felt like constructive criticism as opposed to being flamed. And apparently, I can still speak Japanese. Had a few problems with conjugations that I had briefly forgotten, but it's nice to know that one semester of not speaking the language does not negate the other three and a half years of classes.

And now, I will go to work, watch the Matrix, then go to AMC and watch Matrix Reloaded. At least there's a happy end to today.


Tue, May. 13th, 2003 09:34 pm
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Further proof that my department has no idea what's going on:

I'm sorry to bother you, but I misplaced the time of your oral comprehensive with me. Please let me know. And just to confirm, is your field with me Modern Japanese history, and if so, from what time period (1868, or Tokugawa, too). Thanks.

Yup. It's a letter from one of the professors giving me comps. Oh boy. I probably should have just given him the complete wrong time.

Still have no real thoughts on End of Days


Thu, May. 1st, 2003 10:50 pm
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My head hurts like mad. It also seems as though the Google job I just bought a $300 ticket for is not a full-time job, but contract work that could very probably not pay all of my forthcoming bills. The weather's muggy, and I just woke up today on the wrong side of bed.

Houseparties starts tomorrow, so hopefully it gets a bit cooler so that all the boys aren't sweltering hot in their tuxes. Can't wait for lawnparties on Sunday, in which I can simply chill on the lawn, eat nice food, and listen to bands. Least houseparties weekend always feeds me well. Hopefully Sarah will give me her lobster.

Watched two episodes of Farscape so far in my effort to find a new, non-Buffy tv series, and it looks quite promising. I adore Aeryn Sun so far, and the rest of the characters seem interesting. Now need to find the fandom!


Mon, Mar. 24th, 2003 08:26 am
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I am stupid. Instead of actually writing anything yesterday, I decided to watch the Oscars. Just because. So now I am typing frantically away so that I can get this chapter in to my advisor by sometime today (hopefully before 12:00, so it was still technically turned in on Monday).

I hate only getting three hours of sleep and that muddy feeling behind your eyes.
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Gah! Studying for my ELE exam is melting my brain! Into slag! As can be seen in my oh-so-witty subject...


Must remember strange things about bit rates and sampling things and modulation and and and

I forgot why taking an electrical engineering class, even an easy one, was a good idea. Or why I actually wanted to know how my cell phone works. Must remember next time to remain a clueless consumer and leave tech stuff to tech people.

*kicks PowerPoint notes*

Snow. Again.

Thu, Mar. 6th, 2003 01:10 pm
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Yesterday felt like spring, albeit an extremely muddy, wet spring. Today is winter again. Tomorrow will be more spring, followed by a brief skip over summer and proceeding directly to fall. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. This weather update has been brought to you by Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

More coherently, it's snowing. Again. About half an hour ago, they were huge flakes of snow coming down at a rate huge flakes of snow really shouldn't do. Being big and flaky and all... I think watching Buffy has really done something to my vocabulary. Not only that, but before the big flakes of snow was lots of sleet. So the ground is all disgustingly sloshy, it's fricking freezing outside, and I have a whole day of class. Then Flogging Molly concert (yay), but unfortunately, that will take up so much time that I will have to do the all-nighter thing to finish my first thesis chapter. And I can't even really whine about that because obviously I could have written it, say, yesterday, but I didn't because I'm lazy.

Did I mention the snow? I really hate snow and cold and winter. Ready to move out of New Jersey and into California. Now please?

Back to school...

Mon, Feb. 3rd, 2003 01:14 pm
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First day of classes. It's so sad. My first class is at 1:30 every day. Yet I'm still on West Coast schedule -- going to bed at 7 in the morning here and waking up at 3 in the afternoon. So I've already missed lunch. I hate feeling guilty about my extremely messed up sleep schedule, but I do anyway. Hopefully I can get it back to something resembling normal soon. Off to class now.


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