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Wah! Please be renewed!

Spoilers are brief )

Hopefully I can come up with something more intelligent later, but right now am on pins and needles for next week's episode.
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I have never been so glad to hear a show is on the bubble before; I was convinced that Fox was just going to cancel SCC. Damnit! I was doing fine, watching but not obsessed, and now I am going to be heartbroken if this is canceled! I actually want to sic this on people now! And S2 is better than S1, and there are all sorts of really interesting questions up in the air, and I actually care about all the characters.

Oh networks, please don't kill Pushing Daisies and this.

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Have not seen this week's episode yet; spoil me and I will send killer robots after you!

2x15 Desert Cantos )

2x16 Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep )

2x17 Ourselves Alone )

I started watching this as my good, solid show, with remnants of goodwill from my teenage obsession with the Terminator movies. And damnit, now that it's probably on the verge of being canceled, I am getting all involved with the characters and possibly fannish. Nooooo! Don't die, show!
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Yay! Despite previously not feeling very excited about the show while respecting it, I am now psyched and happy I am caught up.

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(Is it reasonable to assume that any post about the show will also contain spoilers for the movies?)

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Spoilers )

Dear Fox,

Pls to be not cancelling.

kthxbai, me
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Wow, this show is just wonderfully solid, isn't it? And eep, two-hour finale next week. I am not ready! I want more episodes!

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In conclusion: much love, still need to rewatch all the episodes, want DVD set, still very impressed with the writing and characterization and general intelligence, very happy.
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So, I wasn't going to post on this more but there is so much! Or, in which I take a metaphor and beat it to the ground:

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Whee! I have a show that's actually airing on US TV!
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I wasn't going to blog this show, just to try to cut down on my post spam, but all the cool kids are doing it!

Mely and Vonnie said pretty much everything I think, so only brief remarks from me.

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Just to let people know, Terminator 2 was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Well, that and Beauty and the Beast. I've never seen T3, and while I saw T1, it was after I'd watched T2 several times, and T1 sort of bored me because Sarah Connor was not an escaped mental patient wearing fatigues and wielding giant guns.

Spoilers for eps. and for T2 )

So: not a complete fan yet, but the series shows promise. Also... female protagonist! As an action hero! Who interacts with another woman (ok, machine, but whatever).


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