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I found some older pictures of Momo and Haru a few weeks ago, most of them from when the rats were a little short of a year old, with the exception the picture of Haru falling out of the wheel, which is much more recent. Hi ratses! You guys are super cute, and I still miss you.

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Tue, Apr. 9th, 2013 09:25 am
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I haven't posted about the rats for a while... Most of it is because Momo's hind legs continue to deteriorate, which makes me sad. He's still getting around pretty well, but mostly via his front legs, with some flailing with his hind legs, and I need to weigh him again to make sure he's eating. I took him to the vet because he has a fatty lump on his chest (probably just fatty tissue) and possible lumpiness elsewhere, and my old vet said he looked fine while the new vet said he was overweight. Now, of course, I feel guilty about feeding them too much, though old vet mostly did not care about rat weights, so I will try to not feel too guilty.

Other than that, they are in the lazy guy rat stage of life. Also! CB's allergies are now much reduced. After two air filters and assiduous cleaning, what helped the most was putting a blanket over the cage. This was great for the winter, since my apartment gets pretty cold, though I'm trying to think of what to do now that it's getting warmer. Also, Haru has greatly enjoyed the new addition and spends tons of time pulling bits of blanket through the cage to chew off and line the igloo with. He managed to pare down a queen-size blanket to something roughly 1' x 1'!

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Rat pictures!

Thu, Dec. 13th, 2012 11:57 am
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I have been really terrible about rat updates, particularly for Haru and Momo. I think some of it is because CB thinks they are adorable too, so I get most of my "OMG LOOK AT THE RATSES!" out in person, which has not been the case for all my other rats.

Also, now that I have a new phone, I can take much better pictures. (You can tell when I get the new phone in the pictures below...) Alas, the whole using a camera, uploading the pictures to my computer, then uploading to the internet takes a few steps too many.

Anyway, Momo and Haru turn two some time this month! Yay!

That said, Momo's hind legs continue to decline =(. He doesn't seem to be in much pain, and I don't think he's losing any more weight. Just in case, I have been feeding him Ensure every so often. It smells disgusting, but he seems to like it. This is especially good, since he absolutely hates his medicine. Rats: teeny little front arms, and yet powerful enough to make syringe feeding difficult. >_<;;

Haru is rather delighting in all this, since he is now top rat of the cage.

And sadly, CB continues to be incredibly allergic to the rats, so he spent this week staying at his brother's place. Our romance: fated to terrible separation, two lovers torn apart by allergies! He must choose his health, while she must nurse her beloved pet!

... my life, not really romance novel fodder. Thankfully!

Anyway, have some blurry rat pictures!

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Wed, Jul. 25th, 2012 02:58 pm
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Look what I got as part of my bday present!

Gentlemen Rats by CB

(text to come when I have the original instead of a crappy phone photo to work from)

He says it is just a draft but I do not care because they are fat and squishy and so cute!!

Random things

Mon, Mar. 19th, 2012 03:04 pm
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  • I have moved! Okay, so I am still moving a ton of things over slowly, but I have spent a week in the new place. I think once I get the commute down, it will save me an hour a day and probably a lot more in terms of frustration.

  • I have not talked about the ratses much lately! Here, have a Flickr set! The quality is pretty awful, since they're all from my phone, but I think they adequately illustrate how large the rats are now. Also, OMG. See the end for evidence of how evil Momo is.

  • So far, they have demonstrated great fondness in being able to walk all over me (literally). As in, apparently once I fell asleep while playing with them, and when CB turned around to look, Momo was perched on top of my head, lording it over me. They're also still my only rats who have been shoulder rats, except now, they don't fit quite as well as they used to when they were wee ratlings. Also, sometimes they try to climb up my face. Ouch, rats! Stop!

  • Alas, the tragedy is that although CB thinks they are adorable and awesome, he is also incredibly allergic to them. Also, I think he has rat-sat them twice, and they seem to have been pretty traumatized both times. Now they jump any time he approaches, and if he makes any sort of loud noise, they bolt for the blankets. (They do this with most loud noises, but they definitely react more to his.) Apparently when he was rat-sitting, he tried to get them to come out of the cage to play. Haru, who is slightly more adventurous in terms of exploration, would slowly edge closer to the door, then put his paw down on the floor, only to discover... tile! I guess they do not like tile much, because Haru would freak out every single time and never quite ventured out of the cage.

  • I think they are also quite traumatized by the move and were super happy to play in the old rat blankets again. That said, Haru has been exploring my entire (still unfurnished) bedroom with great delight, while Momo refuses to leave the blankets.

Teenage ratlings!

Sun, Feb. 13th, 2011 03:28 pm
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Teenage ratling Flickr set

As you can see from the pictures, the ratlings are growing at an enormous pace! They are still smaller than Ed, especially their faces, but they can't sneak climb up my sleeve anymore because they're heavy enough for me to feel. Also, one of them no longer quite fits in my hand. I think they are getting slightly squishy tummies already, ahaha. I cannot help it! They are so greedy when I give them food. They've also already lost most of their baby fuzziness as the longer, sleeker guard hairs have grown in. They look much more dignified now, but I kind of miss the fuzzy newness. Oh baby rats. You grow up so fast!

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First Wednesday!

Wed, Apr. 7th, 2010 06:54 pm
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Because I keep meaning to post these and miss every single first Wednesday.

(Or: Flex programming! We do not want to learn it yet!)

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I highly encourage the posting of more hot, wet guys in the comments.

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Mon, Aug. 24th, 2009 06:01 pm
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Now that I am on DW and DW doesn't have a photo hosting service, I am experimenting with Flickr. Sadly, I can't figure out a way to embed individual pictures without going through all the code myself, which I am too lazy to do. (If anyone has a better suggestion, do let me know!)

Rat pictures - Old rat pictures from November on, including my last photos of Ren =(.

LA trip from 3/09

Pictures from Rachel and Yoon's visit back in July.

Five words meme

Tue, Jul. 14th, 2009 12:17 pm
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First: Help! I'm currently on Picasa trying to post some pictures... is there any way to get it to post all the pictures in the album with captions instead of a link to the album and/or an embedded slideshow? At least without my getting the link to each individual picture and copy-pasting?

(On Picasa because my LJ photos are nearly at the storage limit and I'm not planning on renewing my paid account and because I set up Flickr a long, long time ago and now cannot remember my username or password and am too annoyed to create a new Yahoo ID.)

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. These were given to me by [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija.

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More from my Taiwan trip! This batch has a lot more food pictures, yay, and also, a very random zebra ass.

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Note: Woe, I am not in Taiwan right now =(. Currently there is less food and more scenery, but that will change in latter posts. Most of these are taken from a trip we made to Yilan, which is on the upper east side of Taiwan.

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Wow, I'm late in writing things up! This year's Thanksgiving was held at the apartment of one of my sister's friends; my sister, her two friends, and I made most of the food. Thankfully, this year we did not have to battle lumpy cream or curtains as oven mitts, but there were other catastrophes instead!

I took the opportunity to make salty egg and pumpkin (really kabocha squash, but Chinese doesn't seem to distinguish between pumpkin and squash). Alas, this resulted in my nearly chopping off my finger... twice! The first time, I escaped with only a bit of skin nicked, but the second time, the knife went fairly deep, I bled all over the place, and my sister and her friend had to make an emergency run to see what drug stores were open on Thanksgiving to buy rubbing alcohol and bandaids. Gah. I think this is not my year, medically. At least I now have a scar on my left index finger to match the rat bite scar on my right index finger?

After we ate dinner, I went back to the kitchen to attempt lemon souffle! I know I can make chocolate souffle fairly consistently (at least, when I remember to turn on the oven...), but I haven't tried any other kind. Of course, there weren't enough ramekins or ramekins of the right kind. And my sister's friend's apartment was woefully underequipped. ("Do you have a spatula?" "Uh. We have a wooden rice scooper." "How about a zester?" "Zester...?" "... A grater then?" "Er...")

I would like to note that making lemon zest without a grater is extremely annoying and I nearly sliced off another bit of finger while doing so.

When I started my recipe, I melted some butter over the stove and started stirring in 3/4 cups of flour. As it clumped and started turning into what presumably would be roux, my sister's friend C turned to me and asked, "Er. Are you sure it's supposed to look like this?"

"Maybe I add more liquid later?" I asked. After we had stirred in a cup or so of milk, only to have it be rapidly soaked up by the flour with no noticeable difference in texture, I decided there may have been some mistake. I mean, I know the souffle is thick, but that doesn't mean it should be solid! I couldn't find the recipe online, so I eventually had to go for a new recipe.

Thankfully, the souffles ended up doing well... or at least 75% of them! The fourth souffle had deflated into a sad, slightly lemony hockey puck, and while the texture was somewhat cake-like, it was dense, unflavorful, and not at all light and fluffy with melty lemon curd at the bottom like the rest.

Every single time I make souffle, I wonder why I go through all the trouble, because really, can flavored batter and egg whites taste so good as the make it worth the effort? And every time I take a successful souffle out of the oven, I remember why I do it (aside from the challenge and ensuing self-congratulations, of course, provided that I turn on the oven...). The lemon souffles were delightfully light and delicate on top, with a tiny crust of caramelized sugar (from buttering and sugaring the insides of the ramekins), and the texture gradually gets denser and more liquid until you get to the bottom, which is rich and buttery and eggy and very much like a hot lemon curd. They are amazing, and I am going to try them again for Christmas.

... Of course, this will be very interesting, as I have no idea as to how equipped or underequipped our kitchen is for making French desserts. And we have no ramekins. And I will have to convert everything to metric.

But this time, I will turn on the oven and only put in a teaspoon or so of flour!

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New rats!

Tue, Oct. 7th, 2008 12:01 am
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I have new rats! Ren is still very unhappy about them, and every time I bring him out, he suspiciously sniffs at the blankets and tries to reassert his control over the territory. Also, they try to peek at him through the bars of the cage, and he doesn't do anything, lures them in, and then violently lunges.

*sigh* Maybe he is just too old for new rattie companions.

But the new rats are incredibly cute! They are so sweet and shy and friendly! It took a long time for Ruki and Ren and Bya to warm to me, but these guys actually jump toward me when they get frightened sometimes! And they climb all over me! The hooded one is a little more courageous than the brown one, who is very skittish and shy. The hooded one will amazingly sit still for the camera while the brown guy runs around sniffing everything and jumping at every other noise. They aren't very licky yet, but I can't tell if that's because they're still shy, or if they just don't do that.

So, people, help me with names! I was originally thinking of Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran, but these guys are way too sweet to be the Hitachiin twins. I'm also contemplating Ed and Al (the new rats are brothers). Any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be from anime or manga or even a fictional source at all.

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I note that the title refers to Chez Panisse and rats as two separate topics, not rats in Chez Panisse!

[livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija and I decided to splurge and go to Chez Panisse while she was visiting me, and while it was expensive, it was also really, really good.

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The last two pictures of Ren were taken by my roommate, who has a much fancier camera than I do. I am hoping to trick her into taking beautiful photographs of my knitting! And alas, these pictures of Bya are the last ones =(.

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My gallery title lies, but I was too lazy to make a new gallery for my very few Sausalito pictures, which are from back when [livejournal.com profile] oracne visited in August.

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In addition to the Indian dance troupes and Step Afrika, I also got to see OlogundĂȘ, some of Bonga & The Vodou Drums of Haiti, and Doug Elkins' Fraulein Maria, courtesy of Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Again, I am a big fan of free programming! Sadly, I have very little impression of Ologunde and Bonga, as they performed on a very sunny Sunday afternoon, right about when food coma and laziness from heat hit. My sister and I ended up leaving halfway through because we couldn't find shade.

Doug Elkins' Fraulein Maria is an interesting take on The Sound of Music, in which he choreographs modern dance pieces to all the songs from the movie. What I liked best was how Maria was actually played by three dancers—a young woman who looked a bit like Julie Andrews, a young Asian woman, and a young man (POC). The three dancers would be onstage simultaneously, and I imagined it as Maria arguing with herself or consulting with herself. Liesl was played by a man who didn't have a dancer's physique, and the rest of the children and nuns and etc. were played by dancers irrespective of gender. I very much liked the notion of the casting, and it makes a point as to how iconic the movie is—as long as the costuming is right, it doesn't really matter who's playing whom. Unfortunately, the audience would snicker whenever two men danced together romantically, which I found annoying. I wish the Liesl/Franz scene weren't played for laughs, given the cross-dressing and gender-bending (also, Franz was played by a black guy). I noticed the lesbian couples on stage didn't get laughed at.

Other favorite bits from the show were the hip-hopping Mother Superior and watching dancers give signature moves to all the notes of the scale for "Do Re Mi."

And I saw Wicked (my birthday present from my sister!), which was cool and which I need to write up eventually before I forget everything.
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There's another typhoon blowing in, and I'm hoping it won't delay my flight on Tuesday.

I already posted my ode to Hong Kong previously, and now I have pictures! Though I make fun of all the metaphorically thrusting buildings in the notes, I love the Hong Kong skyline, I really do.

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Even more random things:

  1. I forgot how noisy summers here are; the cicadas hum day and night, the buzz so constant that it becomes background noise after a few minutes. I remember how much I laughed when New Jersey was making a big deal over cicada season there, which apparently only happens once every seventeen years. They can have the cicadas! Well, I don't mind the noise, but occasionally one dies and falls out of a tree, and let me tell you, those are some ginormous, UGLY bugs!

  2. After fifteen years or so of being fed very good wine by my dad the wine freak oenophile, I have discovered that I seem to like Bordeaux. This makes me feel somewhat better, as the first wine I figured out I liked was German Rieslings, which are sweet and taste like grape juice and are apparently highly unsophisticated. Now I can say I also like fancy expensive wine as well! (On the other hand, I still cannot tell you anything about chocolate overtones or berry smells or notes of oak or whatnot.)

  3. I may, amazingly, be burning out on tdramas! At least, aside from Mars, which I am now obsessed with as in I flip through the manga once I watch a few eps and then read ahead a little then try to convince myself that going to bed at four in the morning to watch another episode is not worth it. On the other hand, most of the other tdramas I have tried sort of suck. Or, they don't suck completely, but they're also not excellent. For the record, I don't think it's anything intrinsic in the Taiwan-ness; much like the manhua here, I think it's because the industry is still very young and therefore doesn't have as much mature work. Plus, Sturgeon's Law applies even more when the quantity availble is small, IMO.

  4. It is still REALLY hot and muggy.

And now, giant pictures of my favorite spread from Ooku, food, knitting, food, some scenery, food, TAKESHI KANESHIRO, food, TONY LEUNG, and more food.

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Random things about Taiwan:

  1. I am grateful beyond expression that most bathrooms in Taiwan now come with toilet paper. Some even come with toilet seat covers! Still more amazing is the fact that people now seem to be sitting on the toilet seats as opposed to squatting on them and leaving the dirty marks of their shoes on the toilet seats.

  2. Continuing the theme of toilets, I went to a restaurant that has toilets that are smarter than me. They are the fancy Japanese toilets that are multifunctional, and though I have seen those before, these were different! As in, when you walked into the stall, the toilet lid would automatically open up for you.

  3. And one more: Din Tai Fung, my favorite Shanghai dumpling place and tourist trap extraordinaire (it's popular because it's GOOD!), is apparently appealing to its Japanese tourists by having the fancy Japanese toilet seats (albeit without automatic toilet lid opening) and the little thing that makes flushing noises when you press it so people won't hear you.

  4. Every time I think it cannot possibly get hotter or muggier, it does.

In other news, after discovering Nan Kongyuu, my manhua-reading hasn't been going very well. I read a one shot by Wang Yi Something, which seemed to be a nice, quiet shoujo piece on a grumpy, solitary painter and a politician, and I was enjoying the grumpiness of the heroine, which seemed genuine. Then I stopped reading when the evil fiancee started acting evil (boo random misogyny!) and flipped to the end to see if anything had happened.

Turns out, the painter boards a plane to her painting school, and the two stare longingly into space, presumably at each other. Then, the plane explodes! She dies thinking how wonderful it was to have known him, and he muses on her as the love of his life.

The end.

On a less randomly depressing and WTF-ish note, I have a huge batch of picture spam this time! Amazingly, not all of them are of food, as we went to visit a museum on Sunday.

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