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Tue, Sep. 29th, 2015 11:17 pm
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First, I am sure everyone has heard about this by now, but just in case you haven't or have but didn't check it out yet: Hamilton Original Cast Recording Spotify playlist (or if Spotify doesn't work for you, YouTube). I've been dying to see or listen to this musical since I heard about it a few weeks ago, and now that the soundtrack is out, I can at least listen to it. Lin-Manuel Miranda's mix of hip hop and Broadway and other pastiches (the BritPop!) is amazing, and it reminded me of the excitement of listening to Rent for the first time in the 90s after only having heard Andrew Lloyd Webber and Les Mis. The recitative bits sounds a little like Rent to me, but other than that, Hamilton is entirely its own thing. Also, Thomas Jefferson sports natural hair and purple velvet.

I also saw East Side Sushi over the weekend, a cute indie film about a Latina woman who gets a job in a sushi restaurant and decides to become a sushi chef. The plot is pretty much what you would expect—opposition from her more traditional father, racism and sexism from the Japanese owner, a competition where she Proves Herself—and it sometimes felt a little clunky, but it's extremely charming and features Mexican-Japanese fusion food. It's also filmed in Oakland by a local director, so I got a ton of enjoyment out of seeing familiar places on screen as well.

And I (FINALLY) played through Hatoful Boyfriend, aka the pigeon dating sim, thanks to [personal profile] bluerabbit. Although to be accurate, it's more a piece of post-apocalyptic science fiction masquerading as a pigeon dating sim, which was not what I was expecting. Also, you date pigeons (and other birds). If this interests you and you're generally not into video games, I'd give this a try. It's a visual novel, so there's not that much game play involved aside from making some decisions about who to talk to and etc., and it's worth it to go through all the storylines.

I also mean to rec N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season and Zen Cho's Sorceror to the Crown, but I am still holding out hope that I will write actual entries on them.
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Ha, I feel like I should at least post about Thor 2, or Sleepy Hollow and Agents of SHIELD, or books I am reading if I were reading, but instead, have a games post!

I created a Flight Rising comm! Post to [community profile] flight_rising! Anyone have a hankering for very teal dragons?

I also tried playing A Dark Room after seeing some dwircle people mention it on FB, and I am confused. I thought it was going to be a meta game about gaming, but I went to find the walkthrough, because I didn't really like what I was doing in the game, and I wanted to see what happened.

Spoilers )

ETA: And it looks like these elements are iOS specific: "We recently released the iOS version of the game. It’s unique in that it has an in-depth story line around the builder." (source, check comments)

I have dragons!

Wed, Oct. 23rd, 2013 09:59 am
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Hi I have dragons! Anyway, any other Flight Rising players? I am there as oyceter.

Reading Wednesday

Wed, Apr. 3rd, 2013 11:07 am
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What I've read: So sad, I don't think I finished anything this week, aside from rereading bits of Skip Beat. Oh wait, no! I read Sarah Mayberry's Her Best Worst Mistake, since it was pretty highly recced on Dear Author. I've tried getting into some of Mayberry's stuff in the past because DA has liked her other books, but I bounced off most of them due to the gimmick-y professions feel. I.e. famous movie star and celebrity chef he hires fall in love! Or: agents have to go undercover in a BDSM club! The contemporary setting makes it so much harder for me to suspend my disbelief, particular when power dynamics are in play.

Anyway, I really liked this one, which is about a woman who sleeps with her best friend's ex-fiance (the best friend breaks up with said fiance in a previous book). There's the Big Secret of when she will tell her best friend, but done in a way that's very convincing. Violet knows she should tell Elizabeth, Martin (the hero) wants her to tell Elizabeth, the readers want her to, but the reasons why she can't get herself to are really the crux of the book and of Violet's character development. I love how much weight is given to Violet's development, and I really like how Violet and Elizabeth's friendship is one of the driving forces of the book. All the relationships feel like real people interacting, which isn't always the case for contemporaries for me.

What I'm reading now: I started up the Ben Aaronovitch again! Hopefully I will make more progress. I also started Mayberry's She's Got It Bad after liking Her Best Worst Mistake, but I fell out of romance mood again. Also, I don't like the hero nearly as much, and it's got the gimmick-y profession thing.

Also, I don't know how if I should count this, but I've also started playing Samsara, an interactive fiction piece set in 1757 Bengal. You're a dreamwalker who is supposedly working for the Nawab of Bengal, but both British and French forces are threats on the horizon. It's based on the same engine that does Fallen London, but the chunks of text are much longer, which helps me follow the storyline more. The gameplay is also more directed and there's less grind, which again helps, and the story has been unfolding fairly quickly. Right now there are only two chapters up—each chapter took me a few hours to explore—but I really want more.

What I'm reading next: Hopefully starting back on Tokyo Demons again.
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Wreck-It Ralph

Really loved this. Love all the gender stuff and how quietly and matter-of-factly the movie codes gaming as a gender-neutral or sometimes leaning-toward-female thing, LOVE Jane Lynch's character, adored the Sarah Silverman character, and was very impressed by how Dreamworks managed to make a pop-culture-inspired movie that feels so much bigger than just a string of pop-culture jokes. Also had thoughts about Ralph kinda sorta representing male gamer privilege when he's so medal focused. CB didn't quite think so, though. What do people think?

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

So weird to not be solving puzzles by myself for the whole movie! Alas, the series continues to have saintly, largely inactive girls and women, though at least this one features Emmy for a bit. There are also a lot of Laputa influences. Mostly it makes me want to play the newest Layton, which I have discovered is now out but only available for the 3DS. ARGH. Want to play but don't want to buy a 3DS just to play a single game!

The Hobbit

I've never been a fan of the book (read it once in sixth grade, never mustered up enough interest to ever finish a reread), so mostly I had fun with the movie. Was happy just to be back in cinematic Middle Earth, especially once the Shire theme started to play. Mostly the movie is notable in that a) now I can at least remember one or two of the dwarves' names (me watching FotR Moria scene: "Who the heck is Balin?"), b) Thranduil's doofy-looking "I am not emotional" expression, c) the hunger-inducing first scenes in Bilbo's house, and d) RABBIT SLED.

Fellowship of the Ring rewatch

Wow, I can't believe it's been ten years. The special effects hold up amazingly well, I'm guessing because they did a lot of things with stunt doubles and forced perspective and miniatures. And though I'm now largely uninterested in mainly-male medieval Europe-ish quest epic fantasies, this one has so much nostalgia attached, both for the books and for the movies, that I don't care and I love it anyway. I was also extremely amused that the very first shot after the Fellowship is formed is a long shot of the Fellowship traversing a mountain range, silhouetted against the sky. Also, the end Boromir + Frodo scene is filmed disturbingly like a rape scene.


Thu, Nov. 15th, 2012 09:48 am
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WOES! Glitch is closing D: D: D: D: D:

I do not have enough sadface in the world!

I don't even have an icon of Squeegle (my character) yet! I haven't gone fishing! There are swathes of the world I have held off exploring to savor it for longer! (And to avoid crowds.)

I just. People. I have been sucked into bits of the gaming world for the past year or so, and while I loved things like Prof. Layton and whatnot, Glitch was full of happy candy colors and really weird humor and cute animals and awesome sound effects, and it was a pretty reliable destressor that I thought would be sticking around for quite some time. (I just. They were releasing all this cool stuff! I saw more and more people from DW signing up! This is so out of the blue for me. ;__; )

Games updates

Wed, May. 2nd, 2012 12:47 pm
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I only have one residential floor left, and then I am finally done with Tiny Tower!

... now I have to figure out what to do during the commute.

I have also signed up for QZone (me!), one of the biggest social networking sites in China. I have done this despite being able to read much less simplified Chinese than I thought because Sims has launched on it and I am a sad, sad addict who wants to see if there are any different clothes/furniture/hair/missions/whatever.

Most of the game is the same, except you can't post to your feed to request things a la Facebook, so everything is based on in-game requests. Most of the assets are the same as well, except for maybe 5-10 new items in hair, clothes, furniture, respectively. On the other hand, the new hair and new clothes are SO MUCH CUTER. And Bella has been replaced by a much more anime-looking character called Rongrong.

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And OMG so many big things happening in Glitch! (Me!) Read more... )

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Mon, Mar. 26th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Eeeeeeeee, cannot wait! Especially since I have been loving the sample furniture—I especially love that the Glitch yeti chair is actually based on a modern furniture classic!

I am glad Sims Social has added a Career option, though annoyed at the waiting times, but really, I am in it for the interior decoration. I chose the Celebrity Chef career just so I could get more virtual kitchen gadgets.

Also, I've been playing Echo Bazaar (now Fallen London?) for a while, but mostly as a "I am bored and must click compulsively on something" distraction. But now that my numbers are finally in the above-60s, the storylines have actually been getting more interesting! With some world-building revelations! (Sorrow spiders, EW!) My favorite so far has been the Cheesemonger arc.
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Since I have become terrible at posting, a random update:

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Glitch again

Wed, Jan. 18th, 2012 10:51 am
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So after getting bored of Glitch, I am now excited again, thanks to the Unlaunching and little peeks at changes that may happen going forward. HOUSE CUSTOMIZATION! Maybe this will finally break my already waning interest in Sims Social, though of course I keep hoping for a Lunar New Year theme/event over there. Mostly, though, it sounds as though there will be a lot more to do when you have more resources. Right now, I am still largely randomly gathering quoins and selling Extremely Hallowed Shrine Powder for the heck of it. I've also started harvesting jellisacs, even though there's really not a great use for them in the game. Mostly, I just like the "glop" sound they make, at I can donate fuel cells to community machine rooms.

Also, I finally got CB to start playing!

It's very funny, because after he played enough to get a feel for the game, he was a lot more excited than I was. Apparently the 2D MMO-ness is unique, as is having a branching world map (me: "Other games didn't have signposts?!"), as is the concept of a non-combat MMO that remains interesting. I feel I should go into more detail about Super Mario and the evolution of screens and levels in game design, except I was a bit tipsy from wine and I don't quite remember the details. It's also interesting getting a gamer perspective on it, since quite a few people I know playing it had the "What is this MMO thing and what am I supposed to be doing in it?"

It's especially interesting to think how much the writing, sound design, and art direction influenced my getting into the game. Even in the beginning, when I had no idea what I was doing, I would go around and pet trees just because I like the little "ahhh" sound they make afterward.

Also, yay for 2D games. I tried Minecraft on peaceful mode, but even then, all the camera turning and angles and whatnot were a bit too much and ended up making me feel nauseous.
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(Starting to xpost to LJ again)

I have read approximately 1.8 books in the past five months or so. Okay, probably more, but that's how it feels. I mostly blame CB, particularly for siccing Sims Social on me, but here's a gaming report if anyone is interested.

Please note that I am extremely idiosyncratic re: what I can play. Ex. I dislike first-person 3D perspectives, 3D navigating in general, fighting, stress, anything that depends on too much physical coordination/real world physics, and I get fixated and bored by odd things. So I am not sure how useful any of these will be...

Professor Layton, Glitch, random stuff, and Facebook )

And I realized this is actually getting kind of long (! now I feel guilty spending so much time on non-reading things!), so interactive fiction gets its own post.

Stuff CB plays that I watch )

New addictions

Thu, Oct. 13th, 2011 08:59 am
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I have, strangely enough, been spending all my time playing social games online. I say strange because while CB is a gamer, I am not. I discovered with my ex that I enjoy watching games with stories—I loved watching Eternal Darkness even though it freaked me out, and I had a lot of fun watching Zelda: Wind Waker. But I'm terrible at playing them... I tried other Zeldas on Wii and Nintendo DS, and I never made it past the tutorial on the former and rapidly got bored of killing things in the latter.

But then, CB got hooked on Sims Social on Facebook, and then he sicced it on me! Argh! Now I am actually active on Facebook, what the heck?! (I play on an incognito browser window and delete cookies every so often due to recent reports of Facebook tracking you everywhere.) I think Sims appeals to my rampant consumerist nature, and at least buying virtual things online with virtual cash slightly appeases the desire to do so offline. (Also, I am geekily excited about all the Halloween stuff coming out right now. My Sim can sleep in a coffin!)

And then [personal profile] troisroyaumes introduced me to Glitch, an extremely cute MMORPG that involves no fighting or killing whatsoever. Normally I would have found it too complicated to play—the learning curve is much, much steeper than Sims—but the absolutely gorgeous and adorable art direction kept me in it even as I couldn't figure stuff out.

So possibly now I have a free trial at Gamefly... I have tried City Interactive's puzzle/quest games Murder in Venice and Tree of Life, both of which I find very clunky in design but puzzly enough to spend my time on. Am still waiting for the new Professor Layton to come out. I tried Sakura Taisen: Takarazuka in New York in the Roaring Twenties! Sadly, not its actual name. Even more sadly, I bounced off it due to all the talking and how obvious it was that the game was written for fanboys to ogle at all the different women. Ew.

Anyone have Gamefly recs (Wii or DS preferred)?

  • I don't like anything that involves combat or combat stress. As in, I found Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds too stressful. And I am really sad, but I couldn't get past the tutorial for Okami too =(.
  • I can't do 3D games with a lot of movement because they make me queasy (see: Ilo Milo, which is fun and adorable and sadly makes me feel like throwing up, and Portal, which looks really cool and has great writing but makes my head spin. Picross 3D is ok because of the tiny DS screen.)
  • I am awful at physics-based games (see: Angry Birds and Cut the Rope).
  • I really like puzzly games like Professor Layton, and I have been chronically addicted to Picross (as well as Piczle Lines on iPhone).
  • I can do block-type games like Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Puzzle Fighter.
  • Despite my current addiction to Sims Social, I generally find simulation games too complicated... I hate amassing armies; I don't want to run a city or a shop, much less a country or a world; and mostly I'm as much a giant homebody in games as I am offline.
  • I like a very easy ramp-up period. I.e. I tried Myst a long time ago, entered the world, stared at the screen for ten minutes, clicked on five things, and then gave up.

(Both Sims Social and Glitch accounts are under my legal name, ergo my not linking.

ETA: And now the Glitch account is fandom friendly!)

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Sun, Jan. 4th, 2004 06:07 pm
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Sigh. Went out to find presents for the family today, and the thing I wanted to get my mom was $70 at Bed Bath and Beyond! Maybe I will look at Sears tomorrow. Couldn't find anything cute for my sister either, or anything happy for me at Express (I have a gift certificate to use, yay).

All in all, an unsatisfying experience. I wonder if I've just lost previous enjoyment of shopping, or if it's just that I'm not really in the mood lately. Also, shopping with the boy is not exactly the most fun thing around. Nothing wrong with the boy, but he definitely does not actively shop, unlike going out with my mom or my sister or friends. So it's kind of like me shopping by myself with someone to walk around with.

Well, shopping can wait for home as well. As can my haircut, which I quite desperately need now.

I've found I've been playing a lot of video games lately (this year), if I can use "play" to mean watching the boy play and offering hints and telling him where to go. I tried my hand at Final Fantasy X, but even though it requires no real hand-eye coordination, I still can't figure out easy things, like this button means select and this one means back. I blame this all on Timmy -- he had this interesting sounding game at his house last year, Eternal Darkness, with an insanity effect that was really cool, and me and Sarah got sucked into watching and we made the boy play it, hee. It's mostly action-adventure, with a good deal of evil-creature-killing, but with enough puzzle solving and the insanity effect to keep onlookers amuzed. Then that was that, and I figured it was a fluke.

Then the boy got Zelda: Wind Waker, which basically sucked his entire room, Sarah included -- three different games were being played at the same time (me and the boy, Todd and Sarah, Jared), everyone didn't want to be spoiled for their own game, we'd be rushing back to the room to grab the Game Cube first. Kind of funny. Anyhow, Zelda was an awesome game. I can't play them worth anything, because I can't even make Link walk in a straight line, much less do anything half as complicated as killing evil creatures on screen, but they've got a whole bunch of puzzles that I am good at. Well, maybe not giantly, but I did figure out some things no one else could ;). And then the boy and I played through Prince of Persia recently, and we're now in the middle of Beyond Good and Evil, which is really fun.

It's kind of weird because I always used to roll my eyes at the boy's gaming habits. And I still kind of do when he plays obsessively -- he plays lots of games that I'm not interested at all. Last year it was Halo and Generals, right now it's Project Gotham Racing 2 on XBox Live, and soon Halo 2 will come out (yikes!). But I kind of get it now... it's totally different from books and movies because you can make the little person walk around and do things, like take pictures of different animals or whatnot. It's also more frustrating in some ways, because I always want to do more things than the game will let me, but I'm kind of figuring that living with the game's rules is another game in itself. I like the puzzle games with a little adventure (Myst drove me nuts as a kid), but pretty much everything else bores me, especially shoot 'em ups and stuff like the Sims and Civilization. I generally don't like racing games unless they're like Mario Kart Double Dash, in which I get to sit in the back of the cart and throw stuff at other people while the boy does the actual driving. But good adventure games are like giant puzzles or trivia games, which are just up my alley.

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Sat, Oct. 11th, 2003 11:03 pm
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Extremely tired from job.

Funny thing I saw during lunch -- this guy, with white blond hair, dressed in a long leather jacket, black jeans and black shoes. First thought: Spike! Hee.

Funny books I ran into -- Jumping for Health/Joy/I forgot: How to use gravity to improve your life. I kid you not.

Also sticking my head in the sand and pretending the whole Spike vs. Angel thing is not continuing. Because honestly, I like 'em both.

The boy and I are playing Final Fantasy X right now, a game I can actually play because it doesn't matter that I have no hand-eye coordination. I can even do the fight stuff because it's all turn based and I can take as long as I want to make a character do something. I also mercilessly make fun of the main character, because honestly, he's as dumb as a brick. I like Lulu right now, despite the horribly silly name, mostly because she looks evil, casts magic, and wears a long black dress. Hey, it's a computer game.. I'm not supposed to be deep about it!

Still looking for chewy books to read... don't feel like romance fluff as of now. Picked up Tad Williams' War of the Flowers and Brust and Emma Bull's Freedom and Necessity from the bookstore (i.e. borrowed, not bought), and am working my way through them. Kind of scared to read the Williams book because he does the gore and scariness. Plus, the Brust and Bull book is Victorian epistolary (sp) and horribly fun so far.


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