Mon, Mar. 26th, 2012

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I've read books one and two and been thoroughly spoiled for three. I enjoyed the first book but didn't think it was the Best Thing Ever, and I was rather disappointed in book two.

I think I probably liked the movie better than I liked book one, largely because the worldbuilding of the book is a bit skimpy for text format, but makes for excellent visuals. Also, I really don't remember many of the details in book one, since I read it about three years ago and never reread. The movie had many of the same major flaws the book (the race stuff, my generally wanting it to be more about revolution and less about the Games), with a few of its own added in, and one major point of awesomeness that made me really love it.

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Mostly, though, Katniss made the movie for me.

Links (assume spoilers for first book/movie!):
- my review of Hunger Games the book and Catching Fire (spoilers for book 2 as well)
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- [personal profile] grrlpup's review

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Mon, Mar. 26th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Eeeeeeeee, cannot wait! Especially since I have been loving the sample furniture—I especially love that the Glitch yeti chair is actually based on a modern furniture classic!

I am glad Sims Social has added a Career option, though annoyed at the waiting times, but really, I am in it for the interior decoration. I chose the Celebrity Chef career just so I could get more virtual kitchen gadgets.

Also, I've been playing Echo Bazaar (now Fallen London?) for a while, but mostly as a "I am bored and must click compulsively on something" distraction. But now that my numbers are finally in the above-60s, the storylines have actually been getting more interesting! With some world-building revelations! (Sorrow spiders, EW!) My favorite so far has been the Cheesemonger arc.


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