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Wed, Sep. 26th, 2012 03:06 pm
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CB and I have been watching Buffy and Angel, with him watching for the first time and me being all, "I want to watch [episode title] with you!" I think he just started this year, and we're already in the beginning of Buffy S7 and just finished Angel S4 yesterday.

It's funny because the prior seasons of Buffy make me feel nostalgic for the characters, who aren't quite as broken as they get later, but the latter seasons make me feel nostalgic for me, since I started watching live and engaging with fandom around S6. It's funny just how many posts I remember from when I was lurking around AtPoBtVS, from the ones connecting everything to Restless to all the spoilery ones I devoured.

I remember various fannish wars and arguments too, but mostly I have a large fuzzy feeling toward fandom right now. It's especially interesting going through memories as someone who just delurked and started to tentatively send out feelers, versus now, when quite a few of my best friends are from the groups of people I met on DW/LJ and I talk about it regularly with CB and we have OTW and I go to cons and etc.

I don't remember very much from my senior year of college since it was mostly being depressed, fighting with people, and being even more depressed, but I remember Buffy and Angel posts and discussions and what vids came out when and I can still tell you how my ideas about antiheroes and angst and manpain has changed just from AtPo.

And it's odd watching and knowing about all the social justice fail in the shows. I think CB gets a bit defensive when I critique at times, but he is newly falling in love with them, whereas I am the Bitter Old Fan ranting about Firefly and Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse and yet still cheers on the idea of a Joss-run SHIELD show.

Random notes, spoilers for all of Buffy and Angel )

Mostly, though, it's hard to believe this was ten years ago.
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I'm never quite sure how to talk about a collection of short stories. Anyhow, this is one (in graphic novel form) centered around the Buffyverse. More specifically, on vampires in the Buffyverse (duh).

Looking back over all the stories, it's not actually quite as depressing and as grim as it felt while I was reading it, but all in all, it's not a very uplifting book, much like Tales of the Slayers (graphic novel) and Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1 (book). I like the framing story better than the Tales of Slayers one, probably because it felt a little less like a framing story and had a little more character and plot going on. My favorites in this collection were the stories that weren't mind-numbingly grim. I liked the first story of a man who outgrows his vampire father, as well as the story of the fangirl turned vamp, although I was sort of wondering if Joss was doing the down-on-fans thing. I don't really think so, though, and mostly I was happy and excited to see LoTR referenced. It was also nice having a (very) contemporary vampire.

The three stories that actually involved Buffyverse characters (Spike&Dru, Angel, and Buffy vs. Dracula take 2) were all right but not astonishing, and I particularly disliked Buffy vs. Dracula 2 because of the art.

Ben Edlund's story was incredibly grim and disturbing. Several other stories felt like they should have been more interesting than they actually were. And I really liked the art for the noir vampire piece, although the story itself wasn't particularly remarkable.

I think for some reason the tendency toward grimness (and violence) in the graphic novel disturbs me more than the stories in Tales of the Slayer Vol. 1, probably because I can see the graphicness in the art, and I am very easily squicked by blood and violence.
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The title of the book is rather self-explanatory, if one is a Buffy fan ;). The only other Buffy tie-in I’ve read is Tales of the Slayers, the graphic novel. I'm usually not one for tie-ins, although I love fanfic. I think there's something about the boundaries of the world that is more limited in tie-ins -- the authors can't play around with the world or the characters that much, especially in an ongoing franchise. I like fanfic because it has the opportunity to be much more speculative, to drag the characters into situations that the writers of the show may not dare to, to bend and twist the world in shapes that may not happen otherwise.

That said, I really do enjoy these forays into the Buffyverse because they aren't about Buffy and the crew. Much more can happen. And it helps that the Buffyverse has a very enticing mythology for me, a Slayer in every generation, since the dawn of man or so.

This collection of stories has fun taking the concept and running with it, some with several rather obvious historical choices, not that I can blame them. I like the first story best, about a Greek Slayer in the battle of Marathon. I think it's because it's not a story on putting a Slayer in a cool historical period (again, not that I can blame them!), even though Thessily the Vampire Slayer is in a very cool historical period, during a very cool historical event. I like that Thessily is an old Slayer, given their short lifespans, and I like seeing her whole life as a Slayer.

I also liked the 1880s Kentucky Slayer because of the era and the voice and the wonderful ordinariness of it.

Some of the other stories just don't work for me, particularly the one on Roanoke Colony, which feels like it's trying to hard to twist itself into the Slayer mythology. Others feel like they're trying too hard to be dark and therefore artistic. It is rather silly complaining that a book on Slayers is too morbid, though. But one of the reasons why I like Buffy so much is because it's about the ordinary within the extraordinary, about those little touches of humanity.

Pretty interesting, though mixed. Will probably be seeing if I can borrow more in the series. (Ooo, vol. 2 has a Heian Slayer written by Kara Dalkey! Ok, I'm in.)

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Sun, Nov. 28th, 2004 05:08 pm
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And in response to my desperate flailing for kickass female assassin types, [ profile] __angela__ points out the Elektra trailer. Gah! Marial arts! Sais! At least two female fighter types! *big grin* This hankering has not been helped out by watching Morgaine's "She Bangs" Faith and Buffy vid about ten times in the past week, because Buffy and Faith fighting! Mmmm.

Had dim sum with [ profile] fannishly and one of the boy's friends, and I am now very happily full. After having about three days worth of turkey sandwiches, it was nice to have dim sum as a change of pace. Though the turkey/mashed potato/avocado/brie sandwich is also very good. Mmm. Mashed potatoes... You know you have been somewhat overzealous in your sandwich making when the thing doesn't actually fit in your mouth.

More Incredibles links:
[ profile] fannishly has a review with spoilers, with connections to HP as well.
[ profile] arethusa2 connects it with fandom (spoilers) and the double-edged swords of competition and expectation.

The five scenes I'm grateful for meme, a la [ profile] wisteria_: Read more... )

Buffy 5x22-6x02

Thu, Aug. 5th, 2004 09:26 pm
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So sleepy...

Huh. I just looked out on the deck, and it appears we have a grill. How interesting. I wonder where that came from?

I hit that point when a book catches fire (not literally) for the Secret Country Trilogy, which accounts for the sleepiness. I still really wish the trilogy had been in print or somehow available when I was a kid.

I finished watching Buffy S5, and have started on S6 now! Familiar territory! It will be interesting rewatching it. Spoilers to Bargaining )

Interesting post on "How Not to Write Bad Het." I agree with most of the writing pointers, which is really not a surprise, given that those encompass a good amount of romance novel rants. This quote sort of annoyed me though: "The problem of "feminized" women in het is *so* bad, there are people who have actually fled the genre and crossed permanently into slash because they can't imagine how het can be any good."

I suppose it's not really in the realm of possiblity to write about het and slash without making comparisons in which one comes out on top. Heh. It makes me sort of want to run around yelling, "Most fiction is bad! The sexual orientation of the main characters usually doesn't change this fact or the percentage of the badness!" But then, I don't read that much slash, so I don't really know the percentages in comparison with femslash or het or what-have-you.

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Sat, Jul. 24th, 2004 12:55 am
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So after the disappointment of not being able to do an Angel S2 marathon, I decided to watch snippets of my favorite musicals instead. There's nothing like having snazzy music and people dancing to pep one up.

Happy snippets are:
- Chicago, "All That Jazz" (so. cool.)
- Chicago, "He Had It Coming" (my absolute favorite number that never fails to pick me up. It's the beat. And the tango. And the choreography.)
- Chicago, "Both Reached for the Gun" (puppets!!)
- Chicago, "He Had It Coming" (again, because I love it. The boy finds my adoration of the song rather disturbing, given the subject matter)
- Singin' in the Rain, "Moses Supposes" (I love the long takes in Singin' in the Rain. They never fail to amaze me. Plus, it's the weirdest song ever. "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!")
- Singin' in the Rain, "Singin' in the Rain" (the kicking around water in the puddle bit!)
- Singin' in the Rain, "Make 'Em Laugh" (I love Donald O'Connor. Besides, funniest sequence ever, plus amazingly long takes)
- Strictly Ballroom, the bit when they talk about the history of Doug Hastings (It's the surrealness! And the fun music)
- Strictly Ballroom, the last dancing scene (Red dress!! Tango/flamenco/latin dancing! Red dress!)
- Moulin Rouge, "The Pitch" (sheer over the top insanity with funny sound effects)
- Moulin Rouge, "Roxanne" (more tango! And absurdly short cuts that make the cinematography and editing into a kind of dance in itself. Plus, awesome beat and cutting and yeah)
- Once More, With Feeling, "I'll Never Tell" (Peppy and retro)
- OMWF, "Going through the Motions" (cool montageness, also, the disc wouldn't let me cut straight to "Life's a Show")
- OMWF, "Life's a Show" (my absolute favorite number in this. I want Buffy's outfit)
- OMWF, "Where Do We Go From Here?" (just because I love the "hand in hand" choreography, literal as it is)
- Nightmare Before Christmas, "This Is Halloween" (ok, actually the entire musical and the claymation make me gleefully happy. The macabre-ness doesn't hurt either)
- Nightmare Before Christmas, "Kidnap the Sandy-Claws" (how can you not love a song with the lyrics "Kidnap the Sandy-Claws, beat him with a stick, lock him up for ninety years, see what makes him tick" sung at a high pitch with maniacal glee? It's rather disturbing how purely happy this song makes me)
- Lilo and Stitch, opening credits (Hawaiian music and bright fish and hula dancing. Yeah ^_^)

I seem to have a leaning toward more... unconventional musicals.

There's just something innately satisfying about watching people and images move to a beat.
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Going to the Asian Art Museum tomorrow to see the exhibit on geisha ^_^. Yay!

Turned in the keys to the old place today, and experienced more nostalgia... *sniff* the first place I had a real Christmas tree =(. It's still hard to believe that I've been living in CA for a year now.

Watched Intervention yesterday. S5 spoilers )
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Watched Crush through Forever tonight. Spoilers through S6 )

Buffy 5x11-5x13

Mon, Jun. 28th, 2004 11:42 pm
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I ventured into a new corner of the store that I hadn't paid much attention to before, and now I have about ten more books on my to-read list ;). Lit crit! Whoo! And the store actually has some good, meaty academic stuff, unlike the Borders I keep checking out. I think it's because a good deal of Stanford students sell back their books here or something. But I found Alice Walker's In Search of Our Mother's Gardens and another book by her, along with quite a few by Carolyn Heilbrun. And something called Virginal Sexuality and Textuality in Victorian Literature. The boss sort of laughed at my geektitude when I mentioned my excitement about lit crit. I also came across this cool book called Mathematics Elsewhere by Marcia Ascher, basically about math across cultures and different concepts of math.

I now have no more "new" Buffy episodes to watch =(. Checkpoint was the final Buffy ep I haven't seen, and I watched it today. And since [ profile] yhlee is watching completely unspoiled, cut for S5 spoilers. )
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Is this one of the much maligned episodes like Beer Bad? For some reason I just have this impression in my brain that it wasn't going to be a great episode.

Buffy 5x01 Buffy vs. Dracula, spoilers through S7 )

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Mon, May. 17th, 2004 11:56 pm
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Have just now finished my sojourn through season 4 (second time watching Restless). The first DVD of S5 is in the player, and I am quite excited. It's strange -- I feel as though I've finally "caught up." Well... I haven't seen S1 yet, but I will get to it!

S5 isn't when I started watching (Buffy was in the first half of S6 when I started), but I got in during one of the hiatuses, so in the meantime I downloaded S5 eps like crazy. This is because I was completely Spike obsessed... less so now, but after watching FFL, whoa.

minor spoilers for S5 )

Now I eagerly anticipate S6 DVDs and the musical!! With commentary, hopefully!! And behind the scenes glances!!

Whoo ^_^.
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Watched Where the Wild Things Are, New Moon Rising, Yoko Factor and Primeval for the first time yesterday. Well, I think I've seen New Moon Rising before, but maybe not in its entirety.

Buffy 4x18-4x21, small spoilers for S5 )

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Thu, Apr. 1st, 2004 01:38 am
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Sparked by [ profile] superplin's old post:

I loved Buffy through the earlier seasons and admired her and thought she was great, but I never loved her more than in late season 5 and season 6, when she was depressed and downtrodden and angry. I loved her most when she was overwhelmed by the world, when she was thisclose to the breaking point, and when she sometimes crossed over.

Spoilery through Buffy S6 )
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Spoilers for above, minor spoilers for Buffy S6 )

Now I really want to watch Five by Five and Sanctuary to see how they'll feel! I've seen those two multiple times, but never seen This Year's Girl and Who Are You, which I think will definitely change some perspective!


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