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Tue, Mar. 20th, 2007 04:49 pm
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[ profile] rilina asked me how many manga series I am currently reading*.

"Errrr," I said.

I feel somewhat better about my list after seeing hers, but not quite. Reassure me by posting your own lists! We can't be the only people out there reading over twenty series at the same time!


* "currently reading" is defined rather loosely, as you will probably see in the parenthetical remarks. Said parenthetical remarks will probably also illustrate the phrase "hope springs eternal" (I'll finish, no really!).

My somewhat embarrassingly long list )


Wed, Mar. 7th, 2007 04:10 pm
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I've been feeling sort of greyish and out-of-sorts lately; not depressed, but just not all there.

So, things that have made me happy recently:

  • Scott Westerfeld posted a picture of his new protagonist today and EEEE! She is Asian! Or at least I think she is...

  • TechKnitting continues to be awesome with a nifty way to cast on a little i-cord loop to start circular projects. I marvel at her brain and am now dying to make a baby hat from top down.

  • The weather, which is warm and sunny and beautiful.

  • Daylight savings starts on Sunday! More daylight, oh thank you!
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  1. I hate my nose. Why does it not come with a return policy, as it is obviously defective? As a corollary to this, I feel like a six-year-old kid about to be yelled at by her parents, since I've been going to bed sucking cough drops and thereby not brushing my teeth, as I end up falling asleep with drop in mouth. I am deathly afraid that a) either I will end up dying comically in bed because I accidentally choked on a cough drop or b) all my teeth will get cavities and I will have to get a root canal in every single one and my dentist will yell at me. The sad thing is, I think b) is scarier than a), largely due to the dentist yelling at me.

  2. I am also afraid I am developing RSI, as my arms hurt, particularly my lower arms around the elbow. Of course, this happens when I haven't sorted out health insurance yet.

  3. OMG WORLD! I have bookshelves! The joy totally justifies the use of capslock! My manga! It is organized!! Alphabetically and chronologically within author! It is beautiful and orderly! Unfortunately, the B5 ones only fit on the upper two shelves, which means I do not have an intimidating shelf entirely stuffed full of Minekura (it must now be divided into two, woe). I am halfway through organizing all my mass markets and am already gleefully contemplating the organization of the hardcovers/trade papers. I have decided to not divide things by genre this time and to only separate fiction from non-fiction.

  4. I also finally have a new filing cabinet big enough to hold my files, which means I must painstakingly refile everything as my system has completely gone to hell over the past year when nothing would fit, which means I will be able to open all the mail that's been piling up, which means I need to sit my ass down one day and just do this. And! I will have my knitting books on top of it, as it is in my little living room with knitting, as opposed to sticking my knitting books in the bedroom, where I will have to run and get them anytime I have to look up a technique.

  5. I am also contemplating finally sticking all my books on LibraryThing and also finally getting into Bookmooch, as I do have things I don't want and am too lazy to bring them to the used bookstore.

  6. I have hit up Office Depot twice already, as all this organization has prompted me to finally file all my knitting pattern printouts into two giant folders, and they of course must be categorized by type and then arranged alphabetically, and my knitting magazines must go in tidy little magazine holders, and then I should file all my school stuff.

  7. Despite my insane obsessive-compulsive tendencies for categorization and alphabetization (check out my LJ memories and tags if you have any doubt), I am still incredibly messy. The Christmas tree is still up, to my ever-lasting shame. At least I managed to get the ornaments off on Friday!

US Nationals Figure Skating 2007 )
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I can't manage to actually write anything thoughtful, or anything even remotely thoughtful, so I make completely random lists instead!

1. Thank you to everyone who commented on Fool-rat; I haven't gone back to reply largely because every time I do, I start to sniffle. But thank you.

2. I am watching random episodes of BSG that I Tivoed. I am massively confused, since I only watched the miniseries and six episodes of S1. I have no idea why I'm actually listing this, since there's no point and I'm not sure who'll be interested.

3. My lovely local figurine store got me the shinigami figurines of Ruki and Ichigo. Rukia looks lovely and wistful and not at all snarky. Ichigo has a huge-ass zanpakuto. But my Renji figurine has an even larger sword. I am quite sure that he is mocking Ichigo because he has the larger zanpakuto for once.

4. My Renji figurine is very hot, with his hair all down and his gi and hakama in tatters.

5. Unfortunately, he is completely robed. He would probably be hotter if his gi were open so you could see the tattooes on his chest.

6. No, I'm not ogling my figurines.

7. Really.

8. ok maybe just a little

9. New Heroes tomorrow!
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1. My mouth is still in pain. Unfortunately, the pain is only there in the morning, and I can't take my pain killer until I get in the office, because I have to drive.

2. However, I have decided that I sound like Sean Connery.

3. On the other hand, I'm not sure if sounding like a balding Scotsman is a good thing.

4. I also still can't open my mouth all the way yet.

5. The cookies [ profile] rilina gave me sit on the counter, taunting me with their must-be-chewed-by-molars-ness.

6. I bought too many books today at the company book fair thing.

7. I need to stop reading medical symptoms online, because I've almost convinced myself that I have dry socket because I drank a milkshake with a straw on Sunday.

8. I have a coupon for a free cookie that taunts me.

9. There was free pizza at my lunch meeting today, which taunted me.

10. Edible objects need to stop taunting me. It is quite unfair.
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  1. Starbucks is actually open at 4:40am. I feel really bad for whoever had to open up, but also incredibly grateful.

  2. While 4:30am is an ok time to stay up till, it is a really lousy time to wake up.

  3. Roald Dahl was wrong. 12-1 isn't the Witching Hour, 4:30-5 is.

  4. I must genetically be a night owl. Or something. Or my brain just thinks it's jetlagged. I was good and went to bed at 10 and got six (6) hours of sleep too.

  5. One (not enough!) tall caramel macchiato apparently lasts in my system for roughly three (3) hours. The second cup lasts approximately one (1) hour. This unfortunately means that I am effectively brain dead right now.

  6. On the plus side, being brain dead means everything is pleasantly woozy.

  7. On the other hand, maybe I should skip running tonight for fear that I will lose my balance and fall off the elliptical thingum. Alas, this is not as rare as it might seem. Last time I ran I kept talking to [ profile] fannishly, who was on the machine next to me, because I was very excited that I could guess some things on Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, the combination of running and turning my head may have proved too much for my not-so-developed inner ear, as I nearly fell off the elliptical. Ah, the dangers inherent in running.

    Unfortunately, I also have a flat learning curve, so I did the same thing about eight more times. Um. Wheel of Fortune excites me?

    Anyhow, given that I had a hard time staying on the machine while awake and in full possession of my faculties, I fear what may happen if I try while half asleep.

    Then again, it might be really funny.

  8. Waking up at odd hours means remembering some very, very strange dreams. I think my subconscious is crazy. Does that make me crazy too?

  9. I think my list is starting to deteriorate, which means I should probably step away from the keyboard.

The List of Duh

Fri, Sep. 16th, 2005 12:08 am
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Not things that are duh as in stupid, but things that are duh in that they seem so obvious, but they're so hard to actually get. I figure I'd write this up since [ profile] fannishly and I keep having them, and because these are the things that I forget the fastest when I'm depressed or grey.

Also, I like numbered lists.

  1. Being happy feels really, really good. This is the most duh thing on the list, because, well. Duh. I can't believe how hard it is to remember this though!

  2. As a corollary to that, being at baseline feels really, really good. And it feels normal. I am continually amazed by how good and how normal baseline feels and how I could tell that it was baseline.

  3. Depression sucks. *kicks depression* And while I am still learning lots of good things because of it (or rather, because I want to stave it off), like reaching out to people and the like, I feel like those are side benefits that would be more easily gained were I mentally healthy for the past two years. To steal Peter Kramer's line from Against Depression, I don't think anything would be lost if it were eradicated.

  4. Life is incredibly strange and funny and absurd and odd and beautiful and good and full, and I love it.

  5. It's easier to be around people (and to be nice to people) when I am happy. I know, what an amazing concept!

  6. Being happy isn't easy! Not that it is hard work, per se, but I think it's almost a skill or something that does have to be worked on. As in, it's not some magically appearing thing from the sky (alas), and that I can actually sort of learn it.

  7. The world will not fall apart if I fail sometimes. In fact, my life won't even fall apart if I fail sometimes, or even a whole lot, or even all the time for years. Eh, yes, sometimes I am still very stunned by this fact, that things overall will still Be OK.

  8. Strangely enough, blame also doesn't help things. Ergo, the point is to not bash myself over things that have gone wrong, but to just figure out how they went wrong and what I can do about it from now on. Ergo ergo, it's ok if I ate too much/weighed myself/spent too much money/was lazy/overslept/wasted time online/was mean. Or, maybe it really isn't ok, but I can't time travel to make it not-so, so really, might as well not do the whole might-have-been thing and just focus on what I can do now.

  9. People make mistakes. This means me. This is also ok! See above for what happens when mistakes are made.

  10. On the other hand, if I totally fall apart and forget about all this and start blaming myself, that is also ok. Well, it's not in that I feel lousy, but it's ok in that people will not immediately hate me and abandon me and yell at me.

  11. I get to use my LJ for throwing tantrums and being immature and sulking and complaining, especially if I feel like I need it.

  12. I can do things like ask friends for comfort. Wow! People are there! It really is amazing! (and I really mean that and am not being sarcastic! It's just... whenever I least expect it and sometimes when I most need it, help will show up, there will be an outstretched hand or a kind word, and it really is quite amazing!)

  13. Sleep is good. Showers are good. Sleep and a hot shower usually help.

  14. Remembering to feed the stomach is good too!

  15. Really basic things in life, like eating well and sleeping regularly and having a balanced lifestyle, are actually really, really hard! There is no "just" about them!

  16. Sometimes I am just amazed that there is so much to be happy about!

So. Do you guys have these epiphanies of duh? What are they?

Happy list #58

Thu, Sep. 1st, 2005 04:46 pm
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Not because I need cheering up (for once), but just because I went to bed last night incredibly happy over sheep. And rats. And got to sing loudly in the car to bouncy music on the way to work.

I am mostly putting on blinders and ignoring Katrina, though thankfully my company has started something where they'll match donations up to a certain amount (yay!), so must write out check to the Red Cross soon. But otherwise, I think the past few weeks have totally emotionally exhausted me. It sounds really horrible and unfeeling, but I can't bring myself to think about this. I don't think I have the energy for it.

Actually, now I am less happy and more in the strangling mode, thanks to work. So... on to the next happy list!

  • Yellow nightgowns with silly-looking sheep on them (um. Yeah. I admit to ownership. They are happy! Plus, sheep.)

  • Matching blue nightgowns with silly-looking rams on them (these are my sister's! I am not the only person with sheep PJs! Plus, we wear them together and then the sheep and the rams can ogle at each other!)
  • BPAL's Shanghai, which first off has an awesome name, and second off, smells like honey lemon green tea, and I adore it.

  • Pretty yarn

  • Stuffed Animals With Capitalized Names

  • Too (2) much fun with numbers (########) in parentheses!

  • The little rubber frog paperweight I found in the office, who is now contentedly grinning in my cube

  • Cubicle culture (maybe not happy, but it amuses me to no end and generates lots of funny stories)

  • My 2004 Cow Calendar. December has a cow on the couch watching TV, captioned "Cowch Potato." I am easily amused

  • Flipping through fashion magazines with friends, complete with much snarky commentary on the return of bubble skirts (why??)

  • Alton Brown's Board of Beans! And the Wheel of Beans! And his "Cutting Board Blues" song!

  • Similarly, AB's stand mixer with flames painted on the sides, like a motorcycle

  • Thanks to [ profile] coffee_and_ink's tip, being able to name my iPod "Cthulu."

  • The fact that my Tivo is named "Flamingo"

  • Flamingos with yoyos in Fantasia 2!

  • Dreaming that one of the groups at work awarded me and got me a gigantic Boston cream pie to celebrate. It was gargantuous.

  • Labor Day Sale! Bonus: having my mom here, as she seems to like buying me more expensive things that I would get for myself

  • Finding fellow Miyazaki fans

  • Very hardy plants that have not yet died despite months of neglect!

  • And the big one, today at least.... THREE DAY WEEKENDS! They warrant MAD!CAPSLOCKING!

Er, hopefully these aren't really boring to everyone who is not me...
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  1. On the way to see Vienna Teng, I stared out the car window for what felt like hours. The sun was setting, and the sky was a beautiful gradation of color, from midnight blue to the palest yellow at the horizon, and the hills and trees were backlit so that they were black silhouettes against the gorgeous sky. I forget sometimes how beautiful things can be, how just a certain time of day can make "ordinary" trees look like black lace cut outs against the sky.

    I wish I had more words to describe how lovely and unreal it felt, how marvelous it was looking at the intricate shapes that the leaves and branches made against the sky and thinking how wonderful it was that trees grew like that and made these shapes and structures.

    Moments like these make me realize just how precious life is and how miraculous it is that things like trees and people and mountain exist at all.

    Wow, I am sappy.

  2. Went on a scavenger hunt on Sat. with [ profile] yuneicorn, which was quite fun, mostly because we were so late that we decided we'd rather wander about instead of concentrating on winning. Sights seen along the way included people hand-making fortunes cookies, assorted art galleries, a video of quite a few someones blowing a beautiful peacock green glass vase, and seeing a lot of the city that I haven't seen before.

    But the best part was stopping by a little park and swinging on the swing set! I haven't done that in forever ^_^.

  3. Saw a hip-hop performance as well, which included performances from two dance troupes, two singers and a rap group. I wasn't quite as impressed by the singers and the rap group, mostly because I'm not that into R&B or rap, but the dancing was amazing! I wish I could move like that!

    I loved how the women dance hip-hop, because it isn't the overtly sexy dancing that I associate with clubbing. It seemed not aggressive, but energetic, and I liked that. Not that there is something wrong with sexy dancing, because I like that too, but it is good to have options. I really want to learn how to move like that! They just seem to project such presence and confidence with their bodies, and that's so cool!

    It even briefly made me want to wear hip-hop-y clothing, until I quickly realized that I would look absolutely ridiculous ;).

  4. I finally got peas again! The bags of peas in our apartment keeps increasing -- 3 this week, 2 for me, 1 for [ profile] fannishly, who I am bombarding with fresh fruits and veggies. And a meat and potato pasty for me for lunch today, and peach pie for later. More heirloom tomatoes as well, joy!

  5. Had a good conversation with my mom yesterday, and am looking forward to her coming here! Hee, the plan right now is to pick her up from the airport on Labor Day and go straight to the mall ;). I blame all my shopping tendencies on her! Plus, I will drag her to the sushi place for fried oyster maki, joy!

  6. Also got to see The Brothers Grimm, which was insane and on crack and very cool. I looooooved the fairy tale visuals! Especially the queen in her tower.

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[ profile] oracne, I got the books!! Thank you! Yay Chinese-influenced YA fantasy!

Because work has been crazy busy and will be for the rest of this week, and because personal life stuff is ... not being depressing, per se, but being hard --

Things that make me happy:
  • Coming home and remembering that I still have herb bread and salmon spread from yesterday

  • Fat furry rats!!

  • Packages!

  • Teasing my mom about shopping in NYC

  • Watching my sister get used to her new job (Go sister go!)

  • Planning a one-month-on-meds anniversary party for [ profile] fannishly (aka, blatant excuse to treat ourselves to fondue!)

  • Watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which are such lovely movies

  • People at work being themselves and joking about coffee and other cubicle things

  • The bright purple flowers on the spindly tree outside (I keep wanting to pluck one off and stick it in my hair)

  • Having my sense of smell back so I can finally wear my BPAL again! Yay for Embalming Fluid! (ok, that probably sounded absolutely gross to all the non-BPAL-ordering people out there)

  • [ profile] fannishly's brother making poor Mervin the Frog into a shark

  • Llamas! Especially petulant emperors-turned-llamas who say "No touchy!"

  • The article on Serenity in this week's EW

  • Knowing my BPAL package will be getting here soon

  • My happy mix CD(s) and dancing and singing in the car and probably looking like a maniac to the person staring at me in their rearview mirror

  • [ profile] fannishly's new exercise videos and trying to figure out that insane hip-hop routine (again, looking like an idiot)

  • Enjoying looking like an idiot

  • [ profile] audiography

  • Obnoxiously bouncy music with fun beats and great guitar riffs

  • The fact that I have a killer rabbit attached to my lamp (he's working on gnawing through that before slaughtering the rest of us). It's got teeth like arrrrr!

  • Mmmmm pie

  • Stupid puns ^_^

  • Muppets

  • Muppets singing songs with stupid puns, starring Gonzo and Rizzo

  • Green slime and Howl!

Look, I was so good and didn't mention peas at all, because I am quite sure everyone is sick of them!

Oh, also, I found the absolutely coolest thing ever! It does databases! It is customizable! I can do pretty much everything I can possibly think of doing! I have investigated other book database cataloging software, and while others will do things like search the ISBN on Amazon and import the info, which is cool, this one is the most customizable one I've seen. I mean... not only can you edit all the database fields, you can go in and play around with the Form Designer and redesign how you put in the info! *geeks out* And and and! It generates HTML! This means I am thismuchcloser to having database-driven pages, which means I can categorize book write-ups by author and genre and top ten and title and hey, even publisher or price or however I want! Now all I have to do is learn a) how to export to SQL and b) how to use PHP to program said database-driven page.

This makes me so happy.

I am such a geek.

*grins big grin of geekdom*

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Mon, Aug. 1st, 2005 04:50 pm
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Numbered lists mean I don't have to think about making things cohere.

Not that things cohere anyhow.

  1. I am still (STILL!) sick. Am still sick of being sick. Am still sick of main laptop not working and will therefore take it in to be fixed. Am grumpy and tired because of above factors. Head also feels like it has been stuffed with cotton.

  2. Saw Stomp in the city yesterday with K. and [ profile] yuneicorn, who have both been very kind in ferrying me around to places in the city (I am so far too scared to drive there). It was very fun and I need to make a separte post about it later (I find that I have been splitting posts up more and more because of the Memories function so things are categorized nicely).

  3. Someone at work decided they did not want a Dogbert stuffie, so now he sits on my computer! Muhahaha! [ profile] coffee_and_ink, I have an evil white overlord as well!

  4. I have been getting lots of compliments on my outfit today (shirt I bought for my bday -- black v-neck sleeveless with a gorgeous 4-inch-wide silky magenta sash sewn on the bottom that ties at the side and floats around -- and black skirt), which makes me feel very vain and happy. Hey, I might feel awful but at least my shirt is happy and bright!

  5. I want more icons! *whines and flails* Now that I have more icon space (thanks [ profile] rilina!), I have been dying for more icons, but Photoshop is on my main laptop, which is down! Tragedy! Also, I have been scared to look for VMars and Farscape screencaps for fear of spoilage.

    Want icons for: LJ meta, clothes, fooding, anime/manga, BPAL. And probably a whole lot more, once I think of them.

I want to go home already. Sigh. But will probably have to stay later because I overslept and got in way too late today because I am stupid like that =(.

Birthday weekend!

Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005 04:30 pm
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The weekend report:

I had a birthday! It was of the good ^_^.

  1. I got much loot for myself! Joy! And I only overspent on my budget by a wee bit, so good job, me. I was feeling a bit guilty over the shopping spree, though. Oh well. I figure I got a mini cash award thing at work a while back and have been saving for two months, so it's not like it was an unintentional spending spree.

  2. Loot consists of:
    • Two (2) really cute vintage hats. One is this cute forties orange hat that just perches on my head and has a cute side bow, one is a black straw hat with a bow tie in the front. And then I found the most adorable blue velvet vintage hat, but I had already bought two. I adore hats. Vintage hats are even better.

    • One (1) bebe shirt with a pretty red sash, used.

    • One (1) pretty, sparkly, embroidered Indian-esque shirt with floopy sleeves! Yay floopy sleeves!

    • One (2?) pair of funky goth fishnet lace-up fingerless gloves.

    • One (1 = roughly 6 million different needle combinations!) Denise Interchangeable Needle Set, which I am already loving

    • Many (4) books: [ profile] matociquala's Scarsdown, the new Firebird edition of McKillip's Moon-Flash (yay, unread McKillip!), Holly Black's Valiant, and The Armless Maiden, ed. Terri Windling, from [ profile] yuneicorn, which I have been looking for forever!! So exciting!!

  3. High tea was very tasty. Lo and behold, I actually did have crustless cucumber sandwiches! I would have felt very ladylike, except we all sort of fell upon the hapless sandwiches like a barbarian horde. I feel the Victorians would not have approved of this. K. managed to eat a petit four in 16 (a lot) bites to be ornery. I managed to drop about ten pieces of lettuce in my vanilla tea. For those of you who were wondering, vanilla-tea-flavored salad is very odd.

  4. There was much excitement parking in the Haight. Many brave attempts were made by [ profile] fannishly in order to squeeze her very large car into a very small space; alas, we were defeated and had to head off elsewhere. Luckily, we managed to find a fairly nice one later on.

  5. We also endured nearly being baked alive on the way to the tea store.

  6. Much fun was had at the Bookstore of the Hairless Cat (otherwise known as Borderlands), and Ripley the Hairless Cat made some futile attempts to ring me up on the register.

  7. I like numbered lists.

  8. Had dinner with old college friend and marveled at the rate of marriage among other old college friends. Am beginning to feel like Bridget Jones. Will now promptly abandon personal pronouns and abbreviate "very."

  9. Had fun singing at the top of my lungs to old '80s songs and showtunes duets with [ profile] fannishly's friend who is camping out on our sofa. Results: Annoyed neighbors (quite likely). Practically deaf [ profile] fannishly (very likely). Very frightened rat (accomplished). Poor Fool-rat was snoozing happily on the sofa when R. trotted out the falsetto and jumped a good few inches in the air and went rapidly into fight-or-flight mode. Possibly R. was mistaken for an angry cat on the prowl.


Mon, Jul. 18th, 2005 08:50 pm
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  1. I got mail! I now have Shanghai and Cordelia from [ profile] rilina, joy! And Shanghai totally works on me, as did some imps that [ profile] yhlee gave me, which gives me hope!

  2. I got mail! I now have a UK edition of Harry Potter book six... sitting in the package pickup room of the apartment, which is not open on Mondays. GRRRRRR.

  3. I was feeling down earlier today, and so I plan on cheering myself up by watching a musical about carnivorous plants. Yay Audrey II!

  4. I have now had the green tea frappucino at Starbucks. The ones in Asia are better. This one was a wee bit too sweet. Oh well, still good.

  5. Have an 8:00 meeting tomorrow morning. Woe.


Thu, Jun. 16th, 2005 11:26 am
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I am supremely irritable today. Therefore I shall make a nice numbered list of all the things that are currently annoying me so I can mull upon them in an organized fashion.

  1. Either a) my dry cleaner has shrunk my pants (again), which means a) I shall have to find another dry cleaner b) I have gained weight so my pants no longer sit as low as they did or c) my pant legs have always been this short but I never noticed with boots on. None of these options makes me happy. C) is probably the best bet, but I am still irritated by the inches of bare leg that now show when I sit down.

  2. Six billion urgent things to deal with keep popping up at work so I can't concentrate on my projects.

  3. It looks like it will rain. Again. In the middle of June. In California.

  4. The Inside made me really sporky and now I am grumpy again because why does it seem so hard to find a good TV show with strong female characters?

  5. The LJ team has implemented tags, which are a good idea. However, they do not work with S1, and I am lazy and don't want to figure out how to re-implement all my custom layouts in S2. I am also lazy and don't want to go through 1000+ entries and recategorize all of them. I may just hold off and wait until someone miraculously comes up with a system that allows you to tag your entries and then automatically uses those tags to update Memories. While I am wishing for the moon, I also want a system that retroactively tags everything via Memories categories.

  6. I bought a new wireless card for the little portable laptop my dad gave me from his office, but even though the card works, I still can't get on the internet or my home network, so I still can't do LJ from the couch, which is all I really want. Ok, now I'm just sounding whiny, because having the extra laptop is happy. But useless if I can't go online with it
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Because I am feeling all big-thought-have-y today.

(Hee, I mock how much the Buffyverse has influenced my speech patterns.)

Now that I am well (er, more accurately, better and on the path to being well I think), mentally, I've been sort of thinking about what I want to get out of life. Whoa, yes, ginormous topic indeed! Part of it I guess has been fueled by job satisfaction (ironic), part from being happy about what I have and part from gratefulness of how things have been going lately and from a desire to do something to pass along the good fortune, because I often feel like I don't deserve it. And who is to say that someone deserves something or not, because part of me thinks that everyone deserves health and happiness and well-being. And when I say that, I mean not that they can do anything to get it, but that I wish it for them. The other part of me thinks that I don't deserve it, because I haven't done anything or worked particularly hard or anything. But you know, since I am in a fairly good place right now, I feel it should be passed on, just because I have a renewed appreciation of just how hard it is to get to this kind of place.

And a lot of it is having had my life crumple in front of my eyes in a mere two years and now being at a place to rebuild and reconnect.

So, some things I want out of life (warning, this is really sappy): )
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As usual, I mock because I love. Well, actually, I only partially mock because I love. The other part mocks because I want to love, but I am angry and constantly irked about gender role stereotypes in romance novels and even more irritated that many romances that step out of said stereotypes end up being lambasted as "unromantic."

  • You are beautiful beyond reckoning, even if you think you are ugly. If you are short, you are "petite and perfectly formed."

  • You are slender or voluptuous, but never fat

  • You must never be taller than the hero

  • You must be younger than the hero

  • You must be spirited, but never so spirited so that you can actually rescue yourself

  • You must be PC, no matter what kind of background you come from
    • If you are not PC, fear not, you will be by the end of the book

  • You will be loved by all people designated as "Good" in the book
    • If you start out disliked by "good" people in the book, it is because of past actions that you either regret whole-heartedly or did because of extenuating circumstances. Said "good" people will realize this and forgive you later on.

    • If they don't like you by the end of the book, they are Evil

    • Please note that the hero may remain mysterious and dangerous, but you may not under any circumstance.

  • You may be as fashionably and tomboyish-ly "unfeminine" as you want, as long as you always want to have sex with the hero (but no one else) and as long as you want children

  • You must always succumb to your emotions, even if you are usually a hard-headed professional
    • As such, you will always be less professional than the hero, no matter what your respective backgrounds are

  • You must always fall in love first

  • You must forgive the hero anything, especially if he has a traumatized past

  • If you are so unlucky as to have a traumatized past, it will only make you so much saintlier and more daintily troubled
    • As such, you are allowed to be a bit of a spitfire, as long as you are not genuinely nasty and as long as you have a heart of gold under the easily scratched exterior

    • You must never think that said trauma allows you to have random sex, even though it pardons the hero's exploits

  • You must be instantly sexually attracted to the hero, even if you despise him and everything he stands for. This instant sexual attraction is the best way to tell that he is the love of your life.

  • You must deny said instant sexual attraction. Acceptable reasons are (feel free to mix and match):
    • You are shy and virginal

    • You are afraid of sex

    • You mistrust your "baser instincts"

    • You were raped

    • Your heart was broken by a former lover, so you are now afraid of sex instead of love

    • You are afraid of intimacy

    • You are morally opposed to sleeping with the hero

    • You think you are in love with someone else

    • You don't want children

    • You think you hate men

    • All of the above

    • Please note that while most of these reasons will make a romance hero more prone to having sex with anything that moves, as a romance heroine, you must never want to have sex with anyone who is not the hero.

  • You must be more sexually inexperienced than the hero
    • If you are not, you still must never take the lead in sex

  • Despite your relative sexual inexperience, you must always orgasm whenever the hero touches you

  • You must always discover your sexuality for the first time under the hero's manly control. Furthermore, you must be pushed to the point of near-rape by the hero to be a sexual creature because you must never admit to your own desires

  • You must always relinquish control when aroused, because said arousal befuddles your brain so much that you lose anything resembling rational thought

  • You must always have the best sex of your life with the hero, regardless of the circumstances

Addendum for historicals )

Addendum for contemporaries )

Addendum for trilogies )

Luckily, most romance novels that are recced to me directly go against these rules. I almost want to be a writer just so I can write romance novels that go completely against the grain.

Rules for romance novel heroes to come!

ETA: added cuts because I realized this was horrendously long.

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Fri, May. 13th, 2005 09:16 pm
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Yay! It's nice outside again! Went outside with [ profile] fannishly for a little dinner picnic in the park next to the library. Next time must remember to either go early to catch more sun (I adore sun, I could bask for hours) or to bring a warm jacket because the nights are still a little chilly. And then we walked up and down the teeny weeny downtown and just peeked in random stores. New club! With no cover charge! Ergo, free dancing without having to drive up to the city and worry about all that stuff! Joy!

I love my dinky little city, which is neither cool nor cosmopolitan. It's just the right size for me, with grass and trees and strange little stores that I can pop into. I feel local here, and I like that. I suppose I am not much of a big city person, even though I like big cities, because they're fun to explore. But I like getting to know places, finding stores in the alleys, knowing the good, unknown restaurants and things like that. So while I like visiting different places, sometimes it's annoying doing the tourist thing, because underneath all that, there's a real, living city underneath, and I feel that that's how you get the sense of a place. Not that I dislike going to museums and historical monuments and the like, because I adore them. But I also want to know where the best place to buy bread is, where the hidden ice cream store is, which place makes their own pasta, or whatnot.

Speaking of which, I finally ventured into the bead store around here, and they all sorts of nifty things! I really want a sari now. I loooove that fabric, so gorgeous. I always sort of wonder if people think I'm strange because I am a random Chinese girl who really likes Indian things (well, food and traditional clothing and the colors at least), but then, I like Japanese things and Chinese things and homestyle American things (meatloaf! It's all about the meatloaf!) and Californian and French and Italian and... Must console myself that simply liking other cultures is not a bad thing and not appropriation by default. It's always strange how political and academic notions like cultural appropriation and exoticism is personal for me (and many other people, of course). Ditto with feminism. I suppose that's why it always takes me by surprise when people disagree with those notions, because they are so woven into the way I look at things, the way I act.

Ahem. Anyhow, the bead store has lessons, which I desperately want to take. Wire coiling! So neat! Alas, it is $40.00 a lesson.

Both [ profile] fannishly and I are a bit short on money now, so we're sitting around trying to brainstorm how to go out and do things without spending money, because sometimes I just want to go out and feel like I am going out isntead of perpetually sitting on the couch. I have enough for gas money, luckily. Also, luckily, a lot of things are within walking distance, thanks to my lovely, lovely apartment location.

My list currently consists of things like:

- go to the really posh outdoor mall dressed up and made up to the nines and walk around window shopping and pretending I'm so filthy rich that I don't need to buy anything. Also, touch lots of rich fabrics, because I like them. Lala, salespeople hate me.
- go to a bookstore and camp out and ogle at all the books
- go to the library
- eat in the park and bask
- walk around downtown and pop into random stores
- go to Andronico's and eat all the cheese samples (um, yes, I am rather shameless)
- go to Sephora and try on all the perfumes
- walk around another posh outdoor mall and look at all the flowers
- go dancing at the dinky local club with no cover charge (within walking distance, so no waste of gas!)
- walk to Safeway and back, just because it's beautiful weather for walking
- walk to the local farmer's market and look around at all the nifty vegetables
- go bike riding somewhere
- sneak into a rat adoption fair and play with baby ratties
- go to department stores and try on outrageously priced ballgowns

Any other ideas? Mine are sort of silly and take lots of advantage of sales samples. But I sort of figure, if you are in the right mindset, going for samples is fun too.
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Just random things that have been crossing my mind...

Insults I want to use on people someday:
- "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberry!"
- "You stupid git"
- "You have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone."

I'm sure there are more, but those are on the top of my head right now.

Things I'll miss about college:
- late-night Wa runs
- all my friends within ten minutes of each other
- free alcohol
- cool classes
- college network
- lack of worrying about finances
- my club

Things I'll enjoy about not being in college:
- real malls
- big closets
- not having to move every year
- big beds
- a place to live that won't look like a dorm
- no thesis

Just random things.. moving along now... (Joss' liner notes in the OMWF soundtrack are hilarious!)


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