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Tue, Apr. 15th, 2008 03:15 pm
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Is LJ very quiet today because of taxes?

Also, now that I am obsessive-compulsively adding a "sequential art" category, as having "manhwa" under "manga" is just wrong, I have come to the conclusion that I blog way too much about manga.

And so, a poll!

[Poll #1171720]

Take it as a given that I am continuing to watch things I have already started. Also, I don't think I'm up for anything too serious right now, unless, of course, it is funnily so, like Snow Queen.


Wed, Aug. 22nd, 2007 12:01 pm
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  • I finally got my invite to Ravelry, a social knitting network, customized to let you organize all your projects and your stash! Given this, GoodReads, and Flickr, I am in a cataloging frenzy. Alas, I haven't quite figured out how I want to tag all knitting stuff yet, but I am sure I will find a methodology soon.

    I also finished my purple KPPPM Hedera socks yesterday in knitting circle. It's so nice to finally have time again! I haven't been to knitting circle for months, and tonight I will go swing dancing, which I've also not been to for a while. Hopefully there will be pictures of the finished Hederas, my one finished Baudelaire sock, [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija's finished tatami kimono, and the beginnings of [livejournal.com profile] yhlee's tatami kimono, but I can't find my camera right now. Woe!

  • In other news, [livejournal.com profile] hysteriachan linked me to.....



    I want to put my rats on there now, except I can't think of any good captions.

  • I have also been watching vids like mad, but since my brain seems to have completely shut down post-IBARW, I can't think of any feedback, save "SHINY!" There will be a longer post full of my incoherent reactions once I rewatch and figure out which vid is which.

  • In conclusion, all you people going to Japan for Worldcon? I hate you I am insanely jealous of all the fun you will have Can I come with you in your suitcase? Have lots of fun!.

    can i has souvenir?

GoodReads is evil

Sat, Jul. 14th, 2007 12:11 pm
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Why don't I have an "I am a total dork" icon?

Um. I have been obsessive-compulsively going through my GoodReads shelves and having tons of fun with tags. Because, really, why just stop with genre? So I am putting in all the insane Cool Bits or "things I like in books" or something, like "female-assassin-kink" and "historical-turn-of-century-romance" and "fairy-tale-takes" and "older-women."

I realized possibly I was a little obsessed when I created a tag for "anthropomorphic-death-kink."

It took a lot of thought to come up with that! I figured "death-kink" would freak out everyone; also, it makes it sound like I have a death wish or something, which is so not true. No no, I am talking instead about Gaiman's Death, and Pratchett's Death and Death of Rats, and Gaiman and Pratchett's Death in Good Omens and I feel I should have more not written by Gaiman or Pratchett or both, but I can't think of one off the top of my head.

That, together with the recent unconvering of Sekrit LJ Smith Fans (check comments) and my current list of tags that contain "female-assassin-kink," "thief-kink," "spy kink," "dysfunctional-romance-kink," and "gothic-shoujo," has me laughing hysterically.

I'm sure it will now come to no surprise to any of you that I have a black medieval witchy dress hanging in my closet, along with fishnet armlet things, and one of those black lacy loligoth headcap things.
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So I realized my sidebar was out of date... again! Except I'm reading entirely too many manga series to even begin to list out, so I was contemplating taking out the series links all together and only leaving categorical ones like "shoujo," "shounen" and "manhwa." And then I was wondering what to do with TV shows like Dead Like Me, which I am currently watching, but has been cancelled a long time ago. And I'll probably go through it so fast that there won't even be time to put it in the sidebar.

And then there are the eight million anime series I'm watching.

Help! I am in organizational hell!

And so the only solution lies within a poll!

[Poll #950552]
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  1. I hate my nose. Why does it not come with a return policy, as it is obviously defective? As a corollary to this, I feel like a six-year-old kid about to be yelled at by her parents, since I've been going to bed sucking cough drops and thereby not brushing my teeth, as I end up falling asleep with drop in mouth. I am deathly afraid that a) either I will end up dying comically in bed because I accidentally choked on a cough drop or b) all my teeth will get cavities and I will have to get a root canal in every single one and my dentist will yell at me. The sad thing is, I think b) is scarier than a), largely due to the dentist yelling at me.

  2. I am also afraid I am developing RSI, as my arms hurt, particularly my lower arms around the elbow. Of course, this happens when I haven't sorted out health insurance yet.

  3. OMG WORLD! I have bookshelves! The joy totally justifies the use of capslock! My manga! It is organized!! Alphabetically and chronologically within author! It is beautiful and orderly! Unfortunately, the B5 ones only fit on the upper two shelves, which means I do not have an intimidating shelf entirely stuffed full of Minekura (it must now be divided into two, woe). I am halfway through organizing all my mass markets and am already gleefully contemplating the organization of the hardcovers/trade papers. I have decided to not divide things by genre this time and to only separate fiction from non-fiction.

  4. I also finally have a new filing cabinet big enough to hold my files, which means I must painstakingly refile everything as my system has completely gone to hell over the past year when nothing would fit, which means I will be able to open all the mail that's been piling up, which means I need to sit my ass down one day and just do this. And! I will have my knitting books on top of it, as it is in my little living room with knitting, as opposed to sticking my knitting books in the bedroom, where I will have to run and get them anytime I have to look up a technique.

  5. I am also contemplating finally sticking all my books on LibraryThing and also finally getting into Bookmooch, as I do have things I don't want and am too lazy to bring them to the used bookstore.

  6. I have hit up Office Depot twice already, as all this organization has prompted me to finally file all my knitting pattern printouts into two giant folders, and they of course must be categorized by type and then arranged alphabetically, and my knitting magazines must go in tidy little magazine holders, and then I should file all my school stuff.

  7. Despite my insane obsessive-compulsive tendencies for categorization and alphabetization (check out my LJ memories and tags if you have any doubt), I am still incredibly messy. The Christmas tree is still up, to my ever-lasting shame. At least I managed to get the ornaments off on Friday!

US Nationals Figure Skating 2007 )

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Thu, Oct. 28th, 2004 03:20 pm
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Doing all this coding at work makes me want to revamp my homepage. But then, if I go about revamping my homepage, I figure I might as well start sticking up all the LJ book ramblings for the heck of it (also because I'm insanely anal and like to do stuff like that, and the LJ Memories function really sucks for organization). But then, I would want to sort everything by author and title and genre, which would make handcoding all those pages very, very insane. So then I would want some sort of database (the boy says SQL) so I could just input all the information to a database and call it back up when one clicked on the "By Title" link or something. That way, I could just input a review in the database, and the script would do the rest.

Except I have absolutely no idea how to do that. So I would have to go learn SQL. I wonder how hard it is? And I should just try to pick up DHTML and CSS while I'm at it, because embarrassingly, my current knowledge of HTML is still HTML 3.0 or something.

Then I would want to get a domain name for the boy's server.

Plus, if I were organizing all my reviews like that, I would want to stick on my Excel spreadsheet of books I've read this year and when I started and finished (I told you I was anal). And while I'm at it, I should just go and catalogue all the books I own right now and where and when I acquired them, if they're HC or PB, publication and edition dates, probably ISBN numbers just for the heck of it, maybe even the condition, and then somehow link that to my current spreadsheet.

Which is a lot of work. Which is why my website has been languishing for the past year or so.

I like Excel. It make giant lists and organizes them and filters them, which makes my little librarian heart very, very happy.

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Thu, Jul. 1st, 2004 12:45 am
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Random thoughts:

Listening to "It Sucks to Be Me" along with "Schadenfreude" makes me giggle at the irony.

I guess iconning goes along in trends like everything else does. It's weird because a lot of the ones I've seen lately in communities and whatnot are all this sort of monotonish color, very faded. It's a trend that drives me absolutely crazy (sort of like the low-low-waist pants). I think it's because I like bright colors and clear images, and it's really annoying when I have to squint at the icon for several seconds just to figure out who's in it, much less what they're doing or what the text is. Plus, as mentioned, I like colors and sharp images. The boy is perpetually amused whenever I walk through Target and see bright colors and go ooooooo. Particularly if they are plaid or polka dotted. I fear my aesthetic sensibilities are straight from the fifties, heh. Er. That was my random observation of the day.

Instead of doing useful stuff today, I went through my LJ memories and compiled a giant Excel list of books I have read this year. Never let it be said that I am not a total dork ;). Apparently, I've read a grand total of 97 so far, and yet I haven't even made a dent in the list of Books-To-Read. I rather like my list though -- I find myself sort of ogling at its lovely alphabetical-order-ness. It's very much like that satisfaction I get when I have an organized bookshelf with everything in the right place. The best part is the manga section of the store (which I am doing now, whoo), because the giant series all look the same and when they are organized, it is a quite satisfactory wall of books, all about the same size too.

Hrm. Maybe I was a librarian in a past life or something.


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