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Wed, Apr. 11th, 2007 01:06 pm
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ARRRRRGH!!! Please shoot me now.

Or get me a new sinus system.

I used to be asthmatic, but in the past year, it seems to have changed to allergies. Claritin doesn't work on anything except my cat allergies, Allegra makes me break out in a rash, and Zyrtec just plain doesn't work. And my insurance right now sucks and I don't have the money to get allergy shots. Usually Tylenol Severe Allergy works, but apparently NOT TODAY OMG RAGE RAGE!

I can barely keep my eyes open; half of my nose is still dripping, and I sound like I have cotton stuffed up my brain.

This is actually an improvement over how I was two hours ago, when my nose managed to be both completely stuffed and completely dripping and I couldn't breathe through my mouth either because of post-nasal drip keeping me coughing. Let me tell you, I turn into a cursing monster when I can't breathe.

Why yes, it is windy as all fuck outside. Hopefully now that I am in a flourescent-lit hermetically sealed office building, things will die down soon.

Otherwise, I am going to shoot the next person who attempts to talk to me at work. At least this morning I didn't wake up with hives like I usually do.

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Sun, Oct. 1st, 2006 07:26 pm
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Flight still delayed for another hour or two. Of course, that's what they said an hour or two ago. They also said that we could get on a later flight, and since I am sick and jetlagged and about to keel over, I figured I'd just go back to my sister's and do that, except the ticket guy I just called said that he couldn't. Am now going to complain to people at the counter.


Ah, the joys of LJ and being able to spew my frustration onto everyone else...

Comcast woes

Thu, Jun. 15th, 2006 10:00 pm
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I continue to hate Comcast.

When I first moved from Very Old Apartment to Old Apartment, Comcast managed to misfile my account transfer order and ended up cancelling the account while I was still in Very Old Apartment. No internet makes Oyce very, very unhappy.

What makes Oyce even unhappier is discovering upon getting the account reinstated, that account deletion apparently permanently deletes the email account as well and that you can't take your old username, even if it's on a deleted account.

To make matters worse, this was when I was job searching and my email was on all my resumes.

After panicking and making my ex call Comcast to be mean to them, they finally reinstated my email and promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Upon the move from Old Apartment to Current Place, I called Comcast once more to transfer the account. The lady I arranged this with must have thought I was incredibly paranoid because I asked about ten times to make sure that the order was to transfer my account, not delete it. And I asked ten more times if I would still have my old email address.

All this was confirmed, and the Comcast people arrived to install the new modem when I was out treating the people helping me move to lunch. The guys told me that my mom had forgotten my email address so they put it down as [myfullname]@comcast.net. They said I'd be able to switch it back to my old email address easily.

Me being stupid, I filed this away under the "To-Do" list and forgot about it, as my email was still working.

After a while, my mom emailed me to tell me that my emails were bouncing. Since I was still getting all my emails, I assumed that she'd just typed in something wrong. Then I got a message today saying my email was bouncing, along with another email expressing surprise that I'd replied, since they'd gotten a bounce back mail.

I went to Comcast live chat.

The guy proceeded to tell me that [oldemail]@comcast.net still existed, but that it was associated with a different account. I dug out my Old Apartment account number and address and gave it to him. To my great surprise, Chat Guy said that it wasn't there, either.

I immediately thought back to Comcast woes of old (read: nearly pulled out my hair and typed obscenities into the chat and threw my keyboard against a wall), dug out Very Old Apartment's address and account number, only to find that Comcast, in their great wisdom, had never transferred the email address to my Old Apartment account, and as such, never transferred it to Current Place account.

Of course, to transfer it, Chat Guy needed much information (thankfully all of which I had, yay ipconfig /all commands), and let me know that all my stuff would be deleted off the Comcast servers as they transferred my account. I am too tired to be angry about this, and, thank heavens, I don't actually have much on there and I download all my mail off the server in case of events like these. But still! Extreme incompetence carried on to still affect me three years down the line! Loss of data! ARGH!

I am so tempted to just switch to DSL because I am so annoyed with Comcast.

(Also, yes, I have saved the chat transcript to a text file in case they mess up this order, because I am COMPLETELY PARANOID like that.)

(just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you)

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Mon, Jun. 12th, 2006 11:27 pm
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And by "I have wireless, yay!" I actually meant, "I purchased a stinking router with a hardware defect that died on me."

Thankfully, technical support guy assured me that I was not cursed even though my previous router died on me, because my laptop had the same problems connecting.

So there. For once, it's not me.

On the other hand... stupid router. I hate you.

ETA: #(*&$@(*&#$

Also, I just checked Newegg's site, and for some reason, they won't give me a number for returning the damn thing, even though it didn't say anywhere on the product page that it couldn't be returned. Linksys' site also says that the product has to be returned to the retailer.

I hate everyone right now, particularly stupid stores that don't take back faulty products and stupid hardware companies that put out faulty versions and keep them out there even though they know that product line has problems. And, for that matter, stupid stores (again) for stocking said faulty version and not saying anything about it or allowing a return or refund!! ARGH!!!!

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Mon, May. 1st, 2006 09:24 pm
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*much gnashing of teeth*

Wargh! The new place continues to drive me crazy. I was trying to pay my bills, except I realized I have to cancel renter's insurance instead of paying for it, change my internet account because my mom forgot my email address and now my cable account is associated with two different things. And I couldn't even find a pen for a good half hour. ARGH! And I miss using my desktop. The teeny laptop is good for portable purposes, but I want a desk! Thankfully, I have just ordered one.

I also can't figure out a good way to clean the rat cage. I tried it on the balcony, except the incredibly clever people who built this place decided to put a spigot there, but not a drain. So I probably pissed off the downstairs neighbors by having water running down the side.

My mom asked me to wait to buy bookshelves.


At least I managed to unpack all my clothes yesterday so I don't have to scrounge for underwear.

Tomorrow, I shall tackle the storage closet and the many cables and extension cords of doom!


Thu, Jun. 16th, 2005 11:26 am
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I am supremely irritable today. Therefore I shall make a nice numbered list of all the things that are currently annoying me so I can mull upon them in an organized fashion.

  1. Either a) my dry cleaner has shrunk my pants (again), which means a) I shall have to find another dry cleaner b) I have gained weight so my pants no longer sit as low as they did or c) my pant legs have always been this short but I never noticed with boots on. None of these options makes me happy. C) is probably the best bet, but I am still irritated by the inches of bare leg that now show when I sit down.

  2. Six billion urgent things to deal with keep popping up at work so I can't concentrate on my projects.

  3. It looks like it will rain. Again. In the middle of June. In California.

  4. The Inside made me really sporky and now I am grumpy again because why does it seem so hard to find a good TV show with strong female characters?

  5. The LJ team has implemented tags, which are a good idea. However, they do not work with S1, and I am lazy and don't want to figure out how to re-implement all my custom layouts in S2. I am also lazy and don't want to go through 1000+ entries and recategorize all of them. I may just hold off and wait until someone miraculously comes up with a system that allows you to tag your entries and then automatically uses those tags to update Memories. While I am wishing for the moon, I also want a system that retroactively tags everything via Memories categories.

  6. I bought a new wireless card for the little portable laptop my dad gave me from his office, but even though the card works, I still can't get on the internet or my home network, so I still can't do LJ from the couch, which is all I really want. Ok, now I'm just sounding whiny, because having the extra laptop is happy. But useless if I can't go online with it

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Tue, May. 10th, 2005 03:58 pm
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ARGH! For the love of god, just because I am not an engineer doesn't mean you get talk all over me when I am trying to explain why your plan won't work on the internet.

It simply means that you have not specified what in the world you are trying to do, and that furthermore, you have no idea how the architecture of the site is put together, so please stop being arrogant and talking over me and SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

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Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004 12:28 am
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Urgh. My mom's phone call was somehow the catalyst that has made me grumpy and mad and frustrated. I feel like I'm too fat, I'm eating too much and too frazzled and tired and lazy to exercise, I haven't been putting in many hours at the bookstore, the boy is not here, my face is breaking out, I've found two new moles and am freaking out about those, my new pants are tight, the house is a mess, and why in the name of all that is holy does my mom keep pestering me to either cook or exercise?? Why does this matter so much to her? Why does she think I have to cook, even though I am tired and frazzled when I get home from work and all I want to do is microwave something at the most? And why can't she stop carping on my weight?

And why hasn't Amazon shipped my ROTK:EE, which I desperately want to watch before I leave for home, or at least so I can bring it home and watch it on a nicer TV?

Must do too many things before I leave for home, and I'm tired and frustrated and want to do nothing but sleep.

Argh. This message has been brought to you by That Time of Month, along with the letter Q.

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Tue, Jul. 20th, 2004 10:00 pm
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Nabbed Jane Yolen and Charles Mikolaycak's Tam Lin (picture book) from the store, and ooo, the pretty.

Funnily, despite having read a few different takes on Tam Lin in novel form, I realized I really don't know the original ballad at all! Now I want to find a big book of ballads or something...

This is partially inspired by the fact that I apparently have a bit of a pre-Elizabethan and Elizabethan era thing, as sparked by The Perilous Gard and now Lymond. Plus, I've always wondered if that ballad Randall composes about Kate in The Perilous Gard actually exists or not.

Maybe I should try Loreena McKennitt. Hrm.

My ear is still plugged, despite attempts with Sudafed and Debrox, so I think I am going to have to make a doctor's appointment. Argh. And I'm getting a physical checkup next week, and my health insurance sucks, so all in all, the month is being more expensive than anticipated. Of course, it always is, isn't it?

My stomach has lately been notifying me that it is now that time in which it does not accept dairy, or too much oil, or anything that is too salty and tastes artificial, or even anything that tastes too strong. It's pretty strange... it's on a monthly cycle, and I go through a period in which basically the only thing I want to eat is bread and vegetables and fruit and maybe seafood, which eventually blossoms into the pizza-craving, must eat chocolate and cheese and lots of salty stuff phase.

I was also jolted abruptly out of my nice (and much needed) sleep this morning by the noise of the leaf-blowers. Luckily, I have calmed down some since then, because if I had been on LJ, it would have been something like: WHAT THE FUCK SHUT THE FUCK UP OH MY GOD JUST GO AWAY *&^&^%$$%#^%!!!!! *bangs head on walls repeatedly*

I really, really, really hate those things.

(and I am using my cool new icon of me and Fool-rat, drawn by the guy at work)

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Wed, May. 19th, 2004 04:16 pm
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oyceter Just because...

Am extremely irked today. Finished Angel-Seeker yesterday, and was so pissed off at it that I promptly got up and started another book instead. Woke up today to the incredibly annoying high-pitched whine of buzzsaws, or something. Apparently the apartment people are trimming tree branches. Why do they do this on my day off?! Why can I not be allowed to sleep after 8?! Why why why?!

Yeah, I am very annoyed. It was not a good way to wake up. And the buzz penetrates pretty much any attempt to block it out, even with my iPod playing full blast, hooked up to the boy's noise-cancelling earphones. My god. I was ready to jump out there and strangle people.

The thing that is the most annoying though is that it's not an isolated incident. Oh no. Every single freaking Wed. I am unpleasantly shaken out of much needed sleep to leaf blowers. Who blow leaves for HOURS. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH.

Thank god I'm moving soon.

So now I have a giant headache and am too pissed off to go run errands.


Watched "There's No Place Like Home" yesterday, and wow, that was a good episode. MT is incredibly creepy sometimes.

Excited about the Angel finale, still scared to death that Joss is somehow going to end up killing everyone. Also scared that Wes is going to get it.


Fri, Apr. 30th, 2004 08:43 pm
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Going to business school formal tonight with the boy. Why is it such events only happen when one is feeling utterly bloated and cramped? The utter misery is compounded by the fact that I have been on my feet for the past eight hours running around the bookstore and lifting heavy boxes full of books. All I want to do right now is vegetate on the couch and watch Powerpuff Girls or stare at my computer screen.

Yuck. Do not feel sexy at all, despite the plan to wear the new leather skirt, and have no desire to go around and socialize and look pretty in front of people who I don't know and probably never will see again.

In a further bad mood because I bought two suits yesterday. Needed said suits (one black, one beige), but goodness, they were expensive! Argh. Now feel guilty about buying all my books =(. Sigh.

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Tue, Apr. 27th, 2004 11:08 pm
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Currently very irked because I was shopping for suits. Apparently there are no good suits to be found when one needs them. I feel this is the First Law of shopping -- things that you actually need now (as opposed to: will be practical eventually) can never be found. This holds true even if said thing should be something easy to find, like black pants.

Actually, it's not that I couldn't find any. It's that I couldn't find any that fit! Grrr. Much less find anything on sale... There'd be a suit jacket my size, but no bottom, or the perfect bottom, but a jacket cut that was totally wrong, and after going to three different stores, I was about to tear my hair out.

Shopping is only fun when done in leisure, during sales so one can pick up stuff for later in the season. This is why I buy my winter coats at the end of January and summer stuff during late August. Plus, suits are really boring. I kept wanting to drift off to look at happy bright summer colored clothes with all sorts of frills and whatnot. They look like such cheerful clothes!

Also, despite my Dress for Success rant, I find I am drawn more to skirt suits because it is absolutely impossible to find pants that fit. The waist is too big and the hips are too small, it makes my butt look big, it makes my thighs look big, they assume my waist is somewhere where it is not naturally located, they assume my legs are a lot longer than they actually are, etc. Impossible. At least with skirts, if the hips and waist fit, you're about ready to go.

ETA: also insanely jealous of everyone going to WisCon. Argh! It looks so interesting!

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Tue, Mar. 16th, 2004 09:28 pm
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When I sit down to eat lunch and you ask me if you can sit at the same table, it does not mean I instantly want to engage in conversation. This is taken to the nth degree when the first thing I do is not look at you or say hi, but instead pick up a book and read it.

Furthermore, when I am answering in single syllables to avoid talking to you, it means I do not want to talk to you! Go away! Smoke your cigar elsewhere!

I hate people who do that, as this person did today at lunch. I ate my sandwich as fast as humanely possible to get out of the situation. Didn't know this guy at all, and I freak out very easily when people who look twice my age attempt to sit down when I am by myself and make conversation.

And I particularly hate people who say stupid things (while I read). Look, I don't want to tell you why I like this book. I do not want to discuss my reading habits. I do not want to tell you my name or anything.

I hate people who do this on the airplane too. You would think that me having my nose deep in a book would signal that I am quite occupied and DO NOT WANT TO TALK. But nooooo.

Plus, it really creeps me out.

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Thu, Jan. 8th, 2004 11:23 pm
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Sometimes I hate my job. I got very very irked today because of customers who can't seem to figure out that one can put books back right where one finds them!! I was all excited because there was a big gap in my shelf and I thought people had actually bought stuff, but noooo... turns out that person had just pulled off a fourth of the shelf and stacked it on the floor, mixed with all these other books. WTF?!

Not today, but a while ago, I find an empty software box in my section, which means some rat bastard has shoplifted another game. I hate these people too. They are refusing to pay the 12 or 15 dollars for a game that is usually 40-50 dollars! And if they're stealing video games, I'm thinking they're not poor little kids just trying to get food, because they have computers and everything! Dude. Robbing used bookstores that really do need that 15 dollars is not cool.

Times like this I want to line up the nasty customers so I can kick them all in the shins while I make them pick up their own messes. Grrrrr.

I think I am not really suited to customer service. There must be people out there who are good at this, right?

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Sat, Oct. 18th, 2003 11:18 pm
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And am now going to scream in absolute frustration because apparently Neil Gaiman is in San Jose right now and did a reading yesterday, and I knew nothing about it and it's only twenty minutes away from here. ARGH! I missed a chance to see NEIL GAIMAN! (pardon the gratuitous caps)

Grrr. Argh.

Bad, worse....

Mon, Oct. 13th, 2003 11:41 pm
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And a bad day gets even worse, as my laptop goes from making vaguely wrong hard drive noises to the blue screen of doom, sounds that are perfectly reminiscent of the FIRST time my hard drive crashed, to refusing to reboot. Luckily I managed to back up some of my personal files before the entire thing went kaput. Unluckily, I didn't get all of them. Even worse, my warranty ran out, probably sometime last month, just to piss me off even more.

Need I repeat that this is a new hard drive, installed in my laptop after the first new hard drive did the exact same thing five months after I got this brand new laptop? The only reason I am not typing in all caps to indicate total and complete hair-rending frustration and impotent anger at Toshiba is because I'd be capitalizing absolutely everything. I think they should forget about repairing it, try to recover all my data for free, and then give me my money back so I can go buy a Dell. My first Toshiba lasted three years and probably could have kept on going. This one has hit a year and a month after one equivalent to a near-fatal heart attack.

I am so pissed off.

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Sun, Jun. 8th, 2003 04:27 pm
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Am extremely wound up and stressed. I went out looking for an apartment around Bay Area today with my mom, and good god! I'm looking for a nice, cheap place that is affordable, whereas she keeps complaining about how dirty it might be, bad area, etc. So she keeps looking at apartments that are clearly out of my price range, especially since I don't have a job yet! She keeps telling me that she will pay for part of the rent just to get me into a nicer apartment (my mother is very paranoid), but she doesn't quite understand why I don't want that. I don't want to be financially obligated to my parents. I loved having my own job in college and being able to pay for small things for myself. And I guess I am also extremely paranoid about my parents' opinions. This way, if I'm paying for myself, they can't really pressure me into going into some higher paying but extremely corporate job that I might detest because I will be paying my own bills!

Then there was the dinner yesterday. My dad for some reason asked someone from the American branch of his company to take us to dinner and talk to me about job options. It was very strange. First, she didn't know anything about me, obviously, or about what I want to do. After ibanking and after even looking around Cool Company, I don't think I'm all for a corporate job. I really have no marketable skills whatsoever, I have a great aversion to finance, and I don't particularly want to do anything like PR or marketing because I can't even sell myself, much less some random product I'll probably think is crap anyway. Honestly, I've about given up on finding a "respectable" job in my mom's eyes and am just figuring I'll find a job in a bookstore. Hey, at least that way I'll get an employee discount, right? But no, the mother and the father are going on about careers and whatnot. And right now, I can't even think of a career that sounds appealing, much less embark on the path to that career. I don't really want a respectable job. I don't want to be a part of some giant company that talks about its products and its corporate culture because it just feels like they're trying to brainwash me into being some little worker drone person. Ugh.

And I always feel like this, like they're trying to hammer me into some respectable, money-making and non-weird person. Except I am a weird person and they can just screw themselves when they keep saying things aren't so bad! Evil Ibanking Firm just gave me a bad impression! Well, they were the ones who first told me, oh, don't just say you'll dislike the financial sector! Try ibanking! Maybe you'll like it! Just goes to show I should listen to my own instincts about these things.

So pissed off.

Mon, May. 12th, 2003 05:10 pm
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I'm so mad right now. First of all, I'm stupid. I just remembered today, before Dean's date, when everything is due, that I have not one paper due tomorrow, which I thought, but TWO. And the second one is seven pages long. It shouldn't seem long compared to the stupid thesis, but after the thesis, I just feel so burned out. I do not want to write anymore. Ever. Why does my university not understand this?

Secondly, I finally went in and talked the prof. who's giving me comps for Chinese lit. And I swear, none of my professors have any idea what's going on. This is the first year my department has decided to do real comps, as opposed to slipping a few questions in thesis defense, and no one seems to have any idea of how it's going to go. And this professor just kept getting everything wrong! I think he started assuming I didn't know anything about Chinese literature because I've only taken one course in it, as opposed to the *gasp* two I've taken in Chinese history, and started suggesting that we could concentrate on Japanese lit. Well, I don't know anything about modern Japanese literature, so I told him I'd very much prefer us sticking to the topic I picked in the first place. Then he asked me what Chinese history classes I've taken, and I told him I took one on the Qing dynasty and HIS 207 (East Asia up to the 1800s). And he said some random stuff about looking at Chinese history AFTER the Qing dynasty and comparing it to modern developments in Japanese history, completely ignoring or not knowing that HIS 207 is UP TO the 1800s, not after. I know nothing about modern Chinese history! Argh! And it just kept going like that... I'd say something and he'd completely misinterpret it. Finally, I think I got the point across that I can do lyric stuff in Chinese literature from the earliest forms up to the Song Dynasty. Which is a lot of stuff! It goes from 1000 BC to 1100 AD for heaven's sake!

So now, instead of feeling better about comps, I feel worse. I feel so screwed over by the department. All the professors I've taken classes from are not here right now -- they are on sabbatical or they have moved to another university entirely. So none of the professors giving me comps are ones I've taken classes under -- I don't know them, they don't know me, and I kind of think from the questions I've asked them, they think I'm totally stupid or something. I'd feel so much better if I were taking these with Profs. Howell and Kern, because I know them, they know me, I'd have a much better idea of what to expect, etc.

I must remember what S. said -- all that really matters right now is getting a grade high enough to graduate. This I can do. So: two crappy papers to write tonight, along with studying for pre-modern Japanese history (luckily, my strongest subject). Then tomorrow I'll check out the Chinese lit. anthology and reread poems from last year's Chinese lit. class. And watch Buffy of course. ARGH. I feel so stressed out. I hate this. I can't believe I was so stupid to actually completely forget about an entire paper!!

In other news, watched the Buffy wildfeed. Am completely confused and must watch again before even remotely beginning to clarify my thoughts. Will continue to use the fact about Angel's renewal to calm myself down and ignore the Spike-bashage making the rounds. Having faith in ME. Yes. Good job, me.


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