Thu, Apr. 26th, 2012

Further rat tales

Thu, Apr. 26th, 2012 01:04 pm
oyceter: Two of my rats in a tissue box (rat)
I think the rats are now used to the new place and their new play area now. This is good, as it means they have now resumed their prior litter training. Actually, I am fairly certain they never forgot and Momo would just poop wherever because he was annoyed at the change of scenery.

Haru's exploratory adventures continue! I accidentally left the cage door open one night, which I discovered when I saw Haru running across the living room. Thankfully, they are big and fat enough now that they are fairly easy to chase down.

After I scooped up Haru, I noticed that contrary to my expectations, Momo was not lounging about in the cage and ignoring the opportunities of an opened cage door.

In fact, he was a few feet away from the cage, but when I tried to grab him, he completely freaked out. He tries to avoid me normally, but this time he was just running around in sheer panic. Sadly, he eventually dashed back to the cage, except I don't think he quite realized the door was closed. So he kept bouncing around the cage door in the hopes of making it back and leaving behind the terrifying, terrifying open space of the bedroom, and my getting closer to open the door just freaked him out more.

My current theory is that he took advantage of the open door but then was so frightened that he couldn't venture out in those few feet to make it back to safety. Poor the Momo.


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