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Ahahaha, of course all this happens after I complain to several people that women's figure skating has not been that exciting for me for a while!

I was mildly spoiled for that by knowing a few people's reactions and correctly guessing Kim Yuna didn't get gold, sigh. I am happy for Adelina Sotnikova? Especially after Yulia Lipnitskaia got so much of the press of late, it was kind of awesome to see her teammate coming out from behind. Also, first Russian gold in women's, which I had not realized! OTOH, Kim Yuna =( =( =( =(.

TBH, the person I was happiest for was Mao Asada, who had the third highest free skate score, which must have been nice for her after her disastrous short. And pulling yourself from 16th to 6th is pretty damn good, as was landing a clean triple axel at the Olympics. (I feel like the two she did at Vancouver were a bit wobbly? But I may be misremembering.)

Also, I didn't personally like Carolina Kostner's long program as much as Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski did (my poor usual streaming video commentators got pulled for the free skate in favor of Weir and Lipinski), partly because I find Bolero kind of boring, but going out with a bronze at 27 after really bombing the last two Olympics must have been really nice. Also, I think that is the first time I have seen her skate three really clean programs back to back (the team, and then the individual skates).

And despite all the controversy about the new judging system, I would like to note that at least with the new system, people have been able to look at how Sotnikova and Kim scored for each element and how they compared. I do think Sotnikova's program component score was a bit higher, especially compared to Kim Yuna's (about .5 apart?), but her spins were kind of amazing (I can't believe some of her positions!) and she had more high-scoring jumps.

Also, Kim Yuna mentioned she felt less motivated for this Olympics, which I don't blame her for! I feel getting that second win is so much harder!

I will hold out hope for Kim Yuna to skate in 2018, even though she says she won't!

Yay Mae-Berenice Meite for making the top ten! I am excited to see what she does next. (And super happy someone wore pants!!! Though I feel they could have been sparklier hahaha.)

Awww, Akiko Suzuki. Probably not the clean skate she wanted, but she is just so happy-looking when she skates, and I am glad she made the top ten as well.

I got a bit annoyed at the commentators positing 2018 as the Russians vs. the Americans.

Bwahahaha, Brooklee Han skated to the soundtrack to Secret! Composed by Jay Chou! I'm pretty sure this is the first time music from Taiwan has been featured in Olympics figure skating!

And now I shall look forward to the exhibition programs.

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Sat, Feb. 22nd, 2014 07:57 pm (UTC)
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I should have put my reaction underneath a cut -- sorry about that. After a day and a half, I am still not sure what to think about it. On a rational level, I know Adelina Sotnikova probably deserved that Gold, but there is still a part of me that's going "... but, Yuna!" I went back and looked at their programs again, and Adelina definitely had more elaborate transitions and better spins in addition to that extra triple, but Yuna still had that amazing flowy lyrical quality that I appreciate more. Skating! So complicated.

And super happy someone wore pants!!! Though I feel they could have been sparklier hahaha.

Meite's top was AMAZEBALLS. So sparkly! I guess if she was sequin-ed from top to bottom, it might have been distracting. :) I loved her skate, how different it was than most of the other skates in terms of energy and power. More rock songs in Ladies program please!


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