Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2004

X, ep. 09

Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2004 12:06 am
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Gyaaah! I totally get the Subaru thing now! He wasn't all the interesting in the manga, but that was probably because they didn't have a super nifty episode that was all atmospheric and moody and beautiful focused on him and his pain!

Has anyone vidded this?? With the cherry blossom petals and the puddles of rain and the rain pouring?

Um. That was really all I had to say about that.

But, eeep, so cool!

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Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2004 10:42 pm
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Today was very strange. My sister left yesterday, and as per usual, I am now incredibly homesick. Sigh.

It was also cloudy today, and I looked, and realized, my god, summer is almost over. This made my mood that much sadder, because I really love summer and sunshine, and I'm already sad that the day is ending earlier and it's staying dark for longer. Ah yes, seasonal affective disorder, my old friend. All I have to say is thank goodness I live in California instead of NJ now, or I would probably be even more miserable anticipating snow and ice. At least during winters here, there is still sun and the weather is relatively balmy. Of course, the ideal situation would be moving to Australia for half the year ;).

But, where did the summer go? I remember it just being vacation for the boy, and planning to go biking before it got cold and doing things like going to Santa Cruz, all of which was not done. And so I'm just feeling sort of sad and melancholy and regretting lost time. This has also been the first summer in which I haven't gone back home, and this has been the longest ever I've been away from home. Sigh. Well, at least I will see my parents in Italy. Italy is not home, but it is nifty and new. Although now I'm sort of scared I'll ruin it by being homesick and feeling strange and disassociated from everything. This is why I like vacations with large groups of people that I know (as opposed to group tours, which are unfun) -- then there's enough people around that you know that it feels less culture-shocky.

(and I just saw on TV: Iraq makes the soccer semifinals! Go them!)

Also, I was disappointed because I wandered around in Borders looking for The Grand Tour today... I have pretty much succumbed and started buying hardcovers, which is really just the death knell for my wallet, alas. Plus, I am all sad and unhappy, which was not helped by constantly watching [ profile] gwyn_r's "Valentine Heart" and [ profile] sisabet's "Paradise," so I started rereading Sorcery and Cecelia, which instantly puts me in a better mood. Unfortunately, Borders did not have it =(. But I did manage to find a used New Pornographers CD! Then I found Tanita Tikaram's CD is incredibly expensive, but I really really want it because I loved the song "Valentine Heart." Argh. And then I saw Juliet Marillier's new book is out and argh, I want to read that too but must resist the urge to buy everything in hardcover! Maybe the library will have it.


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