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Yup. So. Watch me scream at the tv again.

I would just like to say a few things that in general are my own, personal relationship rules (and which will probably show why I hate Vaughn with a seething passion):

1. You do not break up with someone and then get back together because you feel bad for them. If you don't love them, it's probably not going to work out, and not making a clean break may be the cruelest possible thing to do.

2. If you have just separated from your wife (not even divorced, just separated), I feel it is not quite appropriate to call your ex-girlfriend for coffee the very same night.

3. If you're going to break up, make damn sure you've made up your mind and stop dangling people around. Unless all three people agree to it, you really cannot date two people at the same time.

That will be all about that, because I spent all my anger yelling at the TV. The boy is lucky I did not throw something at it and break it in sheer disgust. I'm sorry. But I personally think guys like that are even worse than one night stand guys, because at least then it's over and done with.

On other notes: SpyMoms abound! What is with this show and evil SpyMoms? Lauren really is a Syd double, sigh. That said, I'm glad she didn't shoot her dad, and I loved watching her fall apart. Of course, it would be nice if the wardrobe department or someone had a little more subtlety and didn't do the whole Black Leather of Evil thing.

Sydney's bangs are kind of ugly.

Sydney should get over Vaughn and date Weiss, who seems to have oodles more common sense.

I liked Senator Reed.

I did not care a jot about the Rambaldi artifact.

And: Sark asked Lauren to kill his dad?! Did we know this before and am I just slow?
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