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I only saw about half of it because we were out eating dinner with my grandparents' friends. And I didn't hear a lot of the half I saw, because my aunt is very loud when she talks.

That said:

Lauren is hot. Really, really hot. Not that I didn't like Lauren or think Melissa George was hot to begin with, but the scene in the car? GUH.

I care less and less about Sydney and Vaughn every minute. I'm sorry. Vaughn pisses me off to no end, and it's rubbing off on Sydney because she still likes him! Also, I am still pissed off at JJ Abrams because he brings in another could be strong female character and what does he do? He makes her and Sydney fight over this stupid guy! *growls* And now there's that giant bitch fest of "Stay away from my man!" from them, and I know everyone probably hates Lauren for saying that, plus, she's evil to boot, but I still like her and always did, so there.

Besides, I feel there was absolutely no way she would have won. If she had been good and said that, people would have just been annoyed because of her possessiveness. Now that she is evil, she gets to say that not because she has moral authority, but because obviously she is playing a role (but people complain about the hypocrisy anyway). But I still think it's completely stupid of JJ Abrams to give Sydney and Vaughn a moral thumbs up, it's ok, she was evil anyway even though neither of you know it yet and are still cheating kind of! Stupid Vaughn. So what? The fact that I know Lauren's evil but Vaughn doesn't is supposed to make him kissing Sydney ok by me?

Sorry. And from what the boy tells me, the whole perspective switching thing was just stupid and had no point.

The problem is I have imprinted hard on Lauren because I do that when they bring in characters people are supposed to hate because I feel sorry for them (the character, not the writers). And she was a cool blonde, and I already didn't like Vaughn to begin with. So this entire she might love Vaughn underneath it all pisses me off too. Stick with Sark. That's also the problem with all the Lauren femslash. It's all Lauren lusting after Sydney, and frankly, I do not care at all about the Lauren/Sydney relationship because Sydney's the good girl, Lauren's the evil other woman, despite being the wife (although evil now). I think that's what disappoints me the most about this show. They skirted with grey morality in S2 with Irina and Jack, and now we're getting this black and white stuff, and it pisses me off. I am also disappointed because I don't think JJ Abrams will ever portray Vaughn as an emotional wimp or Sydney as having a legitimate dark side, or let any of their actions have consequences. It's like the Jossverse immunity of the Scoobies times three thousand.

The plot twists might still surprise, but there is no character growth that interests me right now because Jack is not doing anything, Irina is gone, and Sloane is talking to the psychologist who annoys the hell out of me. Right now, Lauren's the only wild factor really, and I'm pissed off because Abrams is making her less and less of a wild factor. She's not working for the good side with bad methods ala Wesley. She's not compromised evil. She's just the femme fatale who seduced Vaughn out of mourning for the ever-virtuous Sydney, who has villain sex (right out of a freaking romance novel! Next thing you know, she and Sark are going to do bondage, because that means they're evil *rolls eyes*). And I'm mad that they did this to my character (I know, I imprint so randomly).

It's just... entertaining if one doesn't think too hard about the cliches and the supposed feminism which is actually not, except I do think about that and get mad. And they cancelled Angel on top of it and this is the show getting all sorts of kudos!

Yet I watch because the boy likes it.
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