Alias 2x04-2x05

Tue, Nov. 4th, 2003 08:27 pm
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Spoilers for Alias 2x04 and 2x05

Sark? Is awesome! Not that he wasn't awesome before, but he's even more fun now! My favorite part: Sydney says something about never trusting him no matter what, and he just goes, "Yes, that's an excellent attitude to have," in a completely non-snarky, matter of fact voice. Of course, the British accent never hurts.

I was very underwhelmed with Vaughn's bleeding under the fingernails, but then, in general I'm pretty underwhelmed with Vaughn. I don't really see all the sexual tension between him and Sydney =(. Plus, I was mad at him because he had a girlfriend the entire time and never said anything! And he probably wasn't going to! Grrrrr. He's too nice, so much so that it's like, oh he can't tell Sydney because it'll hurt her or break up with Alice because that'll hurt her and ends up just dangling both of them. I think that's almost worse than an intention to harm, because then you can at least bitch at the guy and burn effigies or whatnot. This is the bad, prolonged, unclean break. (3x01 spoiler whited out) I just know what's going to go on in S3 with Vaughn and the wife thing.... I'm spoiled for the S2 finale and the Superbowl episode, but that's it.

Kind of bored with Will again. In general, I'm not much interested in the Scoobies of Alias -- Sydney, Francie, Will and Vaughn. I quite rightly predicted that Sydney's "I will never forgive you because you took away my choices" when finding out her part in Project Christmas to last all of one episode. When Jack is unreasonably (maybe) suspicious of Irina, at least he keeps it up.

One of the things I really like about Alias is their attention to the tiniest bits of continuity -- not big plot things, like Dixon remembering Sydney using Freelancer as a callsign to rescue him, but things like when Sloane's finger was cut off and reattached, the bandage stayed on for lots of episodes and got smaller and smaller. And Jack is calling Irina "Derevko" now in his psych sessions because the psychologist asked him if he called her "Laura" previously because he still thought of her that way. It's small and subtle, but incredibly fun. I also liked having the cute girl hitting on Will being an SD-6 agent instead of being a "Will is stupid" plot point.

It's interesting watching SD-6 get more and more useless as more and more of Sydney's missions succeed. It's rare even seeing her there anymore. And I feel they had to have the Sloane and dead wife thing thrown in just to give Ron Rifkin something to do, but hey, Sloane is cool, even when he is in general going insane. Plus, the glass of wine was pretty creepy.

I am so excited Sark is now in SD-6 because we get to interact with him more! Plus, he's really funny around Sydney just because she's so offended by him and he's so pragmatic about it. And another double-crossing person whose intentions I can't figure out is excellent!

Oh and Sydney's kimono is the ugliest thing ever. Could they not find something that wasn't flourescent? Also, either they are dressing like geisha or Sloane or the Alliance are very high up to actually have geisha. And Sydney has a really bad American accent in Japanese. I always wonder when people are watching, because whenever Sydney speaks Russian or something, I think it sounds just fine, being completely ignorant, but I wonder if all the people who know Russian watch and are just, "Eek! She butchers our language!"

I never really analyze Alias.. I just snark about it a lot because it's so much fun. And I seem to be pretty good at predicting small things a minute or so before they happen... stupid things like, they're going to torture him with hot spicy stuff in the needles! Jack's going to have to cut off Sloane's finger!
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