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For [personal profile] ranalore, who asked for "Fannish soundtracks, any aspect."

This is one of those fannish practices I don't have much experience with! I enjoy them when I do download them, but for some reason, the thought of downloading music and doing playlists sometimes is too much, so I often end up bookmarking things and forgetting about them. I always tell people I have pretty indiscriminate musical taste; I like stuff that picks up my mood, and I'm not very good at hearing lyrics unless I actively look them up. Or unless it's something I am practicing for karaoke. As such, I'm very impressed by people who can come up with entire soundtracks for their fic or a certain show or something! But yeah, I think because I don't have music on that often (at least for the past few years), I have a very difficult time thinking of songs that remind me of X character or Y show, and then even when I do have music on, it's usually background ambiance for me and I don't really notice it unless I pause and concentrate.

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Tue, Jan. 7th, 2014 06:22 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] ranalore
Oh, cool. That is not at all what I expected! Which is a large part of why it's cool, because it means I really have learned something new about you. I didn't realize how you processed music, so I had you pegged as someone who probably created fannish playlists with ease, but this makes complete sense if you don't usually pick up on lyrics.


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