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Spoilers for the series AND all the books )

Please feel free to liberally discuss spoilers in the comments! As you have all probably noticed, I am not particularly attached to this series and am enjoying learning about stuff via fannish osmosis.
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I really didn't want to go back to my apartment and have to deal with the now-empty rat cage and assorted paraphernalia, so to put it off, CB and I crashed his friend's place and did a 7-episode Game of Thrones marathon.

Spoilers for both the show AND all books )

I'm good with any and all spoilers, so 'ware spoilers in the comments as well!
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I've read the books through A Feast for Crows, which is when I gave up on the series. I have some issues with the books, though the main thing that gets me ranting is the general fannish perception of the books and the series (namely: Most! Brilliant! Thing! Ever!).

I took up the TV series largely because I heard about Lena Headey's casting (insert woeful look re: TSCC here), and I was curious about how the series would treat Cersei. Also, it's one of CB's friend's favorite series.

CW for non-graphic discussion of sexual violence and general violence in the show.

Spoilers for entire show + books 1-4 )

So despite my ranting, will probably keep watching just because of the pretty sets and outfits and the incessant narrative drive.

Assume spoilers for the entire show and all the published books in the comments, along with future spoilers and speculation! I haven't read A Dance with Dragons, but please feel free to spoil away, as I doubt I ever will. In fact, spoiling me for it is a plus, since I'm still a little confused as to what happens from what I read in wiki summaries. Future speculation and/or spoilers also welcome!

Also, I am really not interested in the argument on whether Game of Thrones is feminist or not. FWIW, my take is that it very much is not, even though it has some interesting female characters. I've also read a fair amount of posts on why people think it is, so no need to rehash.
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Spoilers ahead for Robin Hobb and George R. R. Martin books...

Was surfing around looking for Robin Hobb sites, when I found a review of Ship of Magic and Mad Ship by Orson Scott Card here. And in it is this quote:

"So many fantasy series by women tend to be about costume changes and romance"

I love the man's books, but, ugh. What crack is he on? "So many fantasy series by men tend to be about magic swords and violence." But then there's Gaiman and Pratchett and George R. R. Martin and Guy Gavriel Kay and... sigh. I also just realized most of the fantasy I still read consists of female authors. But of course this is because I'm a romatnic sap who likes fashion. Yup.

Spoilers for Golden Fool )

I keep trying to get Sarah to read them, but she's scared because she says the Assassins trilogy was too dark and depressing. I still don't think so, even though they are kind of dark and depressing. But compared to Martin's Song of Ice and Fire they're nothing. I think his series is very, very good, but there's something slightly off-putting about them (IMHO) that reminds me a little of Alan Moore.

Spoilers for Storm of Swords and Hobb books )

Ok, going to stop squealing about Robin Hobb soon. Really.


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