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Ahaha, I am now starting to search for Elementary interviews and behind the scenes and etc. Hello, slowly growing fannishness! I had vaguely forgotten what it felt like.

(We are pretty sure the show is not in much danger of cancellation? ... this is an odd feeling to me! I rather like it.)

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Clearly I need an icon for this show now given my level of investment.

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Yay, CB and I are catching up again!

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Btw, who has been posting on Elementary episodes? I know I missed a ton over the past few weeks...

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Thu, Jan. 10th, 2013 03:27 pm
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  • [personal profile] staranise has a brief guide to telling doctors about psychological symptoms. I kind of knew how I talked about depression has changed after years of therapy and when I compare it to how CB talks about it, but this really crystallizes it.
  • I've been having a ton of fun reading [personal profile] 12_12_12's posts on Avatar and Korra.
  • [personal profile] skygiants has been bookblogging her read of Les Miserables, which is really fun to read, especially after seeing the movie.
  • Captain Awkward has a really good post on depression being contagious; i.e. what happens when you're in a long-term relationship with a depressed person. The relationships in the letters are romantic, but I feel it applies to any long-term relationship. (Probably there is even more for when you are a child dealing with a depressed parent.) The comments in particular are great.
  • [personal profile] laceblade is hosting a discussion on potential anime/manga panels for Wiscon. It'd be great to get input from tons of people, even if you aren't interested in Wiscon!
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Hey, I finally watched some TV! FWIW, the only Sherlock Holmes I have ever consumed is the first RDJ movie and The Great Mouse Detective. I.e. every thing I know about Sherlock Holmes I learned through fannish osmosis, and I'm not particularly invested in any reading or version of Holmes and Watson.

The show is a nice balance between the killer-of-the-week procedural mysteries and the ongoing mysteries of Holmes' and Watson's pasts. I am generally not one for mysteries, so the main draw of the show for me is the developing relationship between Holmes and Watson and how it is changing both of them. I rather like how much the show expects you to want to slap Holmes as much as admire him for his deductions, and I'm particularly fond of Lucy Liu's many facial expressions of "I am not impressed."

I'm not sure why Holmes and Watson works better for me than Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Probably something about Watson not being under Holmes' pay, and the fact that she is clearly the costar of the show, even if she is a bit sidelined a la Scully with Mulder. And hey, Scully primed me very early to like emotionally contained women who raise their eyebrows at their male partners who are frequently behaving in odd ways. As previously mentioned, I want to smack Holmes most of the time, particularly in the episode in which he goes on about how Watson should simply sit there, a receptacle to his insight and wisdom. But so far, most of the times Holmes is a jerk, he is obviously being a jerk and sometimes even gets taken down a peg or two.

The mysteries themselves are good enough on a case-by-case basis, though I can clearly tell when twists (and usually a general direction of the twist) in the case are going to pop up by timing and by how well things are going. There have thankfully been not too many scenes of women being killed and tortured, which is my very low standard for anything involving crime and TV.

The show has also managed to pass the Bechdel test several times, and even between two women of color (!!), but I do wish it were a far more regular thing. I am also wondering how Detective Bell is going to do over the course of the show.

And on a completely random note, I love the opening sequence. (Mouse! Hello! You are almost like a rat!)

In conclusion: I heart Watson.

Revenge 1x01-1x10

Tue, Oct. 9th, 2012 02:24 pm
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So instead of finishing off the multiple things I am in the middle of, I started a new series based on various things heard around my dwircle in the spring.

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ETA: Also, why is it that all fiances destined to DOOM due to their loved ones' secret other lives are named "Daniel"? Revenge included, I can think of four off the top of my head.
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In which I actually finish something I started watching.

Spoilers are as red as blood (okay not really) )

In conclusion: enjoyable light show with somewhat clunky writing that stands out for the number of important female characters, many of whom are very kickass, and how often said characters interact with each other in ways that are not two sides of a romantic triangle competing over a guy. It is kind of sad that this is remarkable, and yet, it is, and I also don't get too bad a feeling that the writers are going to elevate the male characters over the female ones (see also: Nikita, Vampire Diaries).

Fannish things

Wed, Sep. 26th, 2012 03:06 pm
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CB and I have been watching Buffy and Angel, with him watching for the first time and me being all, "I want to watch [episode title] with you!" I think he just started this year, and we're already in the beginning of Buffy S7 and just finished Angel S4 yesterday.

It's funny because the prior seasons of Buffy make me feel nostalgic for the characters, who aren't quite as broken as they get later, but the latter seasons make me feel nostalgic for me, since I started watching live and engaging with fandom around S6. It's funny just how many posts I remember from when I was lurking around AtPoBtVS, from the ones connecting everything to Restless to all the spoilery ones I devoured.

I remember various fannish wars and arguments too, but mostly I have a large fuzzy feeling toward fandom right now. It's especially interesting going through memories as someone who just delurked and started to tentatively send out feelers, versus now, when quite a few of my best friends are from the groups of people I met on DW/LJ and I talk about it regularly with CB and we have OTW and I go to cons and etc.

I don't remember very much from my senior year of college since it was mostly being depressed, fighting with people, and being even more depressed, but I remember Buffy and Angel posts and discussions and what vids came out when and I can still tell you how my ideas about antiheroes and angst and manpain has changed just from AtPo.

And it's odd watching and knowing about all the social justice fail in the shows. I think CB gets a bit defensive when I critique at times, but he is newly falling in love with them, whereas I am the Bitter Old Fan ranting about Firefly and Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse and yet still cheers on the idea of a Joss-run SHIELD show.

Random notes, spoilers for all of Buffy and Angel )

Mostly, though, it's hard to believe this was ten years ago.
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Yay! I am now almost caught up again!

Spoilers have fat squishy ferret bellies )

In conclusion: PABU IS BEEEEESSSSTTTT!!!! Best little squishy rodent sidekick EVAR! (Except for my own, of course.)

Avatar 3x16-3x21

Mon, May. 14th, 2012 11:29 am
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CB marathoned S3 of Avatar over the weekend, and I realized I had never written up the final bits!

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I can't tell if the animation quality is as good as the first two eps, since I watched this streaming, but the action scenes are definitely just as well animated. And I suspect I am going to be dling all the HD versions of the episodes to be able to pause and ogle at all the scenery and clothing and etc.

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I don't know how iTunes works internationally, but FYI, the first two episodes of Korra are available on HD for free there.

According to Wikipedia, The Legend of Korra is a two-season miniseries of about 20+ episodes that takes place roughly two generations after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Korra, the new Avatar, goes to Republic City to complete her bending training and plot happens that relates to the growing anti-bending movement in the world.

First, the production values are amazing. It looks like anime-movie-quality animation! The backgrounds are gorgeous, the music is fun and funky, and oh people, the art! I think I could just sit and watch the background scenes and take pleasure in the world-building details. I have been very fannishly out of it, so my Korra excitement was fairly low key, but now it has hit the "OMG WHY IS THERE NOT MORE STUFF LIKE THIS" button that JoSelle Vanderhooft's lesbian steampunk anthologies have. Entire worlds! Populated by POC! With non-Western backdrops! It feels like there is a hole in my heart that is slowly being patched up, when I hadn't even realized it was an empty space.

Second, I love that this is clearly aimed at an older demographic than AtLA. Korra is a teenager who has already been training for a while, and just in these first two episodes, the moral issues are more complicated and nuanced. And although the scope of the plot is smaller, since this so far is not a Heroic Quest narrative, the entire world feels so much larger because we're getting much more time to explore the setting. Korra feels like there is a lot going on off screen in a way that AtLA didn't always, and I love the sense of depth and immersion.

Third, I am SO EXCITED to have a heroine on screen who looks like Korra. She's a fighter, and she looks it. I love how the artists emphasize her arms and her shoulder blades, I love that they are not pandering to the male gaze at all, I love the focus on how her body works, not how it looks. This is particularly nice as a contrast to the Black Widow/Hawkeye Avengers poster I keep seeing on buses, in which Hawkeye is aiming at something off-screen and Black Widow is standing there, looking down demurely.

Spoilers are so excited! )

In conclusion: some minor quibbles and qualms, but overall, I am really excited about the potential this shows. The writing is excellent, the worldbuilding is so wonderfully expansive, and it looks like it is addressing so many things from AtLA that I wanted to see more of. I... do not think I have been this excited about a show from the start for a really long time (SCC took a few eps to warm up to).


(And since I am late watching this, any and all links to commentary and/or squee highly appreciated!)
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Hrm, did not realize so many episodes had passed since the last time I wrote things up. Overall, I continue to enjoy the show for the multitude of female characters as regulars, guests, and one-offs. On the minus side, the show continues to succumb to its Magical Negro thing.

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Yay, actually caught up with a TV show...

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In conclusion, I would probably be more coherent if I had more sleep...
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I wasn't quite sure if I was going to watch this. The production values and all the press ABC is putting behind it is great, but I've been watching much less TV lately. Plus, I've read a LOT of fairy-tale-inspired things, from straight retellings to mashups, so I have fairly high expectations in this area.

That said, so far I am very pleased that this is a show that easily passes the Bechdel Test, features a woman as the promised savior, and so far has been giving all the women more and more agency instead of less and less.

Spoilers are not honeycrisp apples )

All in all, the show has gotten much more interesting in only six episodes, so now it gets a Season Pass on Tivo instead of being relegated to "watch online when I remember."

Nikita 2x01-2x08

Mon, Nov. 28th, 2011 11:47 am
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I did a mass catch up on the show last week, and although I hadn't been interested enough to watch it when it aired, it slowly morphed from the "noise in the background I sometimes pay attention to" to "What is going on?! Rewind to catch the last bit again!"

Spoilers )

Possible spoilers for specific casting in comments.


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