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For those of you not watching this series, it is a series on five art students and what they do in life, how they fall in and out of love, find jobs, try to figure out a purpose and all those other things you do when you're graduating from college. I love it so much; I fell in love with it around episode 4 or 5, and the more I watch, the more I love it.

It's a comfort watch for me; it's so quiet and still, despite its silly moments.

Oh. I almost wished I had blogged after I finished episode 13 (the one with the hanabi in my icon), because I loved that one so much. I saw some online reviews, and while most people didn't seem to impressed by it, there's just something about Yamada trying so hard to dress up, just to get a comment from Mayama, the fireworks, the yukata, the poor beefsteak plant weighed down by its own leaves. I didn't much like her crush on Mayama before, having gone through the same rather humiliating experience of crushing on someone who never noticed me for eight years (if nothing else, I was persistent). But something about her wistfulness, about her knowing that it won't work, but she can't stop anyway... it reminds me of myself in high school, finally understanding that there really was no chance, but still not being able to do anything about my emotions.

Anyhow, prior episodes! The twister episode had me howling.

I was completely surprised when Morita high-tailed it to America, and even more so when it seemed that Hagu returned his affections. And oh, my heart just broke for Takemoto realizing that Hagu's friendliness around him was an indication that she wasn't interested romantically instead of the opposite. I loved Hagu's answer to "Do you want Morita to come back?" as well, I loved her at her giant canvases, painting away. It felt a lot like the first 13 episodes focused a lot on Takemoto and Hagu and Morita, with a side note of Hanamoto-sensei going off to Mongolia (?!). I loved the conversation among Morita, Mayama and Takemoto when they realize that ten years down the line, they'll be as old as Hanamoto-sensei, that they'll have a career and a life beyond student-hood, that not so long ago, Hanamoto-sensei was just as lost as they were.

And now, I jabber more about the Mayama-Yamada-Rika-Nomiya (?) love rhombus thing! Because oh, I shouldn't be interested in this, I should be throwing sporks at the screen, but I can't help but want Mayama to do something. And for once, I'm not yelling at the guy to stop flip-flopping. Ok, I am a little in my head, especially when he drives Rika off to who knows where, but he seems so surprised by his sudden protectiveness toward Yamada that it's really cute.

I have no idea how they're going to resolve this without my having a fit, although I'm sure they will. I just love the moments, Yamada in Mayama's coat, feeling embarrassed, the guys all finally noticing how awesome she is, Mayama's co-workers freaking out about his thing for Rika.

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Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
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Aw, now I want to rewatch Hachikuro instead of doing my homework!

I also love Hagu's answer to Takemoto's question; that's why she's so cool, rather than just another adorable moppet.

And now, I jabber more about the Mayama-Yamada-Rika-Nomiya (?) love rhombus thing! Because oh, I shouldn't be interested in this, I should be throwing sporks at the screen

Oh, word. And I love the staff of Fujiwara Design so much--especially Leader. Hee!


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