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Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004 10:22 pm
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Read with caution (i.e. I have unpopular opinions re: a ton of stuff in Alias)

ETA: Spoilers for future episodes in the comments...

Wow. Barnett is very stupid. "I thought you had changed!" Dude. It's evil Uncle Arvin.

However, I am quite pleased that we seem to have returned to the Alias of old, in which they had spy missions and double-crossing and Rambaldi, as opposed to the Sydney and Vaughn furrowed brows and the Love of Doom! And smart Jack!

Although now I feel bad for Lauren and I'm scared they're going to kill her now. Sigh. I want my girl still there!

I was also pleased about the focus on Dixon, because I like him and I think he's interesting. But I do have a bit of a problem with Sydney's whole tactic of negotiate with the terrorists and how they sort of painted Senator Reed as being wrong about his thing. I don't know. I've never had a satisfactory answer to this, because whenever the heroes of shows do this (Buffy, etc), I want to argue about risking the greater good. But then, when they make decisions like Angel and Wes re: the individual, that is also problematic. I do, however, appreciate shows that wrestle with the issue instead of just outright going, Screw the greater good! Get the kids back!

On the promo: *gag* Stupid Vaughn. Sorry. I have gone all out with the bashing in my head, mostly about his wishy-washiness and his apparent inability to stay faithful to a single woman, be it Alice or Sydney or Lauren! Ugh. It's kind of like: Oh Alice, I love you! But I also lust after my coworker Sydney. Oh, but I cannot have Sydney, so I'll date you again, Alice! Oh wait, Sydney's available, I'm going to kiss her in the rubble and promptly dump you!

Then: "Oh Sydney, I love you! But you've been dead for six months. Oh Lauren, I love you and let's get married even though I'm still (probably) mourning my old girlfriend!"

Now: "Oh Lauren, I love you! But my old girlfriend is back from the dead, and I send her longing gazes. Oh, but we've already been married two whole years and I can't possibly commit for that long, so I'll just kiss Sydney. Now we aren't working out, sorry, too bad, let's break up."

My first reaction: "Kill Vaughn!"

You know, I feel kind of bad that I'm so negative, but it just annoys me so much!
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