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Tue, Nov. 18th, 2003 08:30 pm
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Yay! The boy got TTT EE!

You know, one of the problems with LJ is now when I talk, I actually incoporate these little abbreviations. So LJ is "Elljay" and "Arrohteekay" and stuff like that. It's kind of interesting to see how internet affects my speech patterns.

I thought these were quite cool. Sadly, despite having heard the song a zillion times, I still don't know all the lyrics.

Have been madly watching Alias with the boy. We've gotten to the episode after Endgame. So much stuff going on! Especially about husbands and wives -- Irina has (finally) betrayed Jack and Sydney (again). I felt horrible for Sloane when Emily was shot. I felt even worse for Dixon, because I like him, and he's one of the few Good Guys that I really do like. And it's just such an awful thing to have happen, and I felt so bad for him when he said he didn't know how to do it without her. Plus, Dixon does angry very well and very scarily. I believed him. I usually don't believe Sydney or Vaughn or Will and etc. Then there was Russian wife/Tina from Angel.

Ummmm. My brain doesn't really analyze Alias. Mostly I sit and watch and snark at the stupid things -- the entire Vaughn subplot in which I could have told you the second he started that *gasp* he was investigating Sydney's mom all by himself! *rolls eyes* Unlike Buffy and Angel and X-Files, Alias is one of the shows in which I've managed to completely not identify with the main character. I kind of admire Sydney because she's so honest, but I don't usually sympathize with her because she keeps jeopardizing missions. Plus, the changing of minds thing that I talk about earlier. And I still don't like Vaughn. Am I the only person on this planet who doesn't like the Vaughn and Sydney relationship? Vaughn lost me when I found out he was still dating Alice. And having him say to Sydney that it was over a long time ago between them just pissed me off more because he should have just broken up with her instead of dragging it out! Clearly, many of my own personal issues play into this.

I loved loved loved the Irina escapes plot. And Jack planted another bug in her, hee! Marshall is actually growing on me. I love Sloane, and the thing with Emily totally got to me. I really like Dixon now. I wish I could strangle the psychologist person Barnett. I love Jack, but they're not doing much with him right now. Will has stopped annoying me. One of my favorite small scenes was the Will and Vaughn wake up in the same house, both their girlfriends are gone, and it's just deadly awkward. Hee.

Adore Sark. Want Sark to snark at Sydney. Or Sark/Sydney interaction, because I found that strange respect he had for her very interesting. Desperately want to see more of Irina, because I love her too.

Then in this episode where Sloane sneaks in a bank and Sydney and Vaughn try to stop him, Sloane threatens to detonate the entire building, so of course Sydney and Vaughn let him go. I yelled the entire time, "Wesley would have let the building blow up!" I don't think it's a good thing, but it makes him unpredictable. You know Sydney just doesn't do that. I don't experience much dramatic tension whenever Sydney has a crisis because one can depend on Sydney (or Vaughn for that matter) to pull through, but when Jack or Sloane or Irina have crises, all hell blows loose. Fun.

I found a six hundred dollar book at work yesterday. Then I found that the tipped-in plates that made it six hundred dollars had been ripped out. Boo.

Also came across a book of Jackie O. photos published by Gallela the paparazzi, talking about how much he loved her (with chapters titled "Smash His Camera!" and captions like "Jackie tells her Secret Service agents to get a restraining order for me. Wow she is beautiful" or something of the sort). I felt slimy just reading it.

How come my Starbucks doesn't have pumpkin spice or gingerbread lattes?

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Wed, Nov. 19th, 2003 06:29 pm (UTC)
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I found a six hundred dollar book at work yesterday. Then I found that the tipped-in plates that made it six hundred dollars had been ripped out. Boo.

I really do believe there's a special place in hell for people who mutilate books.


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