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All the Arrow reviewers and recappers I checked out seemed to think Maseo's comment was just too obnoxious, but I laughed SO HARD. And yes -- the Thea-Oliver relationship is so great! This writing team is so good at all sorts of relationships except the romantic ones (sigh). And I am not an anti-romance person! I like romantic storylines! These are just ... not good romantic storylines.

The 100 - My grimdark complaints are really more about the Ark, I guess, and how we seemed to be meant to see Jaha and Kane's actions, or Abby turning in her husband, as horrible but justifiable. Seriously, every time Abby compares turning in her husband to something Clarke's done, my response is: Uh, no. No, it is not like killing Finn to prevent him from being tortured. No, it is like sacrificing people to maintain a long-term strategy (whether or not that sacrifice is necessary or justifiable). You turned someone in for wanting to tell people something they had a right to know! You killed someone for nothing! This is not comparable!

I was so glad to hear Kane acknowledged that Clarke's actions are driven by the Ark as much as (or more than) the Grounders. I feel like I've been waiting for someone to acknowledge how barbaric the Ark is since I started watching the show. You're right that there's been some implicit acknowledgement of the Mt. Weather people demonizing the Grounders, but it would be good to see more acknowledgement of the Ark people doing so.

I am really afraid the season will end with Clarke ordering a massacre of Mt. Weather. I am also afraid of Lexa dying and passing the leadership on to Clarke and/or Indra dying and passing the leadership on to Octavia, for different reasons.

Agent Carter - A few weeks ago, everyone seemed to be predicting cancellation. Now people are backing off a little, but it still doesn't look great: http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/tuesday-tv-ratings-repeat-after-me-marry-me-person-of-interest-masterchef-junior-supernatural-35650/

I hadn't thought I was that into the Peggy-Jarvis dynamic, but it was SO MUCH my favorite part of the last episode. (That and Peggy wanting a second chance to keep Steve safe. :((( She couldn't save her fridged boyfriend! OH, PEGGY.)

Jane - Why is this a week with no Jane? My life is dark and joyless.

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