Wed, Apr. 7th, 2010 05:15 pm
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I am bored, ergo I meme.

Some song lyrics I particularly like:

1. "Like a self-help manual that's been written in Braille, it seems the more that we touch, the more we learn about our failures"
2. "Another cog in the murder machine"
3. "And she closed herself off like a fan"
4. "I know you want to make the news, but lately all you do is memorize headlines"
5. "'It's crypto-fascist mania, it's silicon deliria.' 'Yeah,' she said, 'you're right, but I like the cafeteria.'"
6. "The truth is I bleed you when these frequencies cut me"
7. "Plastic sweat, metal skin, metallic tears, mannequin"
8. "Touch me with your naked hand, touch me with your glove"
9. "You love white veins, you love hard gray, the heaviest weight, the clumsiest shape"
10. "The answers are out there in the drowning deep"

Also, I always get annoyed when the song lyrics meme passes around, because half the music I listen to isn't in English. So here's stuff probably no one will guess, but what the heck:

11. "我醉過 真夏冰釀的梅酒"
12. "寂寞很吵 我很安靜 情緒很多 我很鎮定"
13. "始まりの朝の 静かな窓 ゼロになるからだ 充たされてゆけ"
14. "此時此刻有你陪 所有的痛痛飛"
15. "天青色等煙雨 而我在等妳 炊煙裊裊昇起 隔江千萬里"

ETA: Answers

2. My Chemical Romance, Teenagers. I kind of love this music video. Cheerleaders dancing in gas masks!
3. Suzanne Vega, The Queen and the Soldier
4. Thea Gilmore, Juliet (Keep That in Mind)
5. Dar Williams, Alleluia
7. Janelle Monae, Many Moons
8. Leonard Cohen, Dance Me to the End of Love. I think this line is so sexy.
9. Okkervil River, A Stone. I also love the line about the princess who's "lovely and stubborn and brave" because of the rhythm.
10. Vienna Teng, Harbor.

Too lazy to translate for these, but rough approximations:
11. 梁靜茹, 不想睡, something about getting drunk on icy cold plum wine in the summer (though I swear, I've seen it as "good wine" too while karaokeing...)
12. 孫燕姿, 風箏, something like loneliness is loud, I am quiet, lots of emotion, I am composed. I swear, it sounds better in Chinese.
13. 木村弓, いつも何度でも, something about first morning, quiet window, body turning into nothing slowly disappearing.
14. 呂莘, 痛痛飛. This is totally just here for the pun! The title means "hurts fly away" but it also sounds like "completely fly away."
15. 周杰倫, 青花瓷. Er. Too hard to translate! I actually love the lyrics of this whole song because the Chinese is so pretty (but hard! I barely understand it). I, uh, also totally want to request this video for Yuletide this year. Reincarnation! Girls with swords! Wind machines dramatically blowing back hair and clothes!
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