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Oyceter ([personal profile] oyceter) wrote2012-03-26 02:51 pm

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Eeeeeeeee, cannot wait! Especially since I have been loving the sample furniture—I especially love that the Glitch yeti chair is actually based on a modern furniture classic!

I am glad Sims Social has added a Career option, though annoyed at the waiting times, but really, I am in it for the interior decoration. I chose the Celebrity Chef career just so I could get more virtual kitchen gadgets.

Also, I've been playing Echo Bazaar (now Fallen London?) for a while, but mostly as a "I am bored and must click compulsively on something" distraction. But now that my numbers are finally in the above-60s, the storylines have actually been getting more interesting! With some world-building revelations! (Sorrow spiders, EW!) My favorite so far has been the Cheesemonger arc.

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