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Look, [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija, I am finally posting!

Last Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija and I visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

While we were walking there, Rachel asked me, "So... what do you think the museum will be? I say this just because the museum is best experienced completely unspoiled."

"Er," I said. "I don't know? I was thinking something like steampunk technology. Or maybe dinosaurs, since it's Jurassic!"

We then talked about how we had both loved dinosaurs as kids and pretended to be them. Rachel said that being the T-Rex was always best, and she demonstrated by growling, waving her arms like giant dinosaur jaws, and lumbering down the street.

Until she noticed that the car parked on the side was not, in fact, unoccupied like we had thought, and instead had two women sitting there, staring at her.

Rachel says to not click on the link if you think you will ever be able to visit the museum (*cough*Yoon*cough*).

Museum of Jurassic Technology )

Anyway! The museum is highly recommended and deeply strange, and I love it. In fact, I loved it so much that I bought a book on it called Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder, since the subtitle alone was worth the price.
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Well, my travel luck seems to hold, which means there was a delay, but not immense insanity along the lines of forgetting my passport.

I.e. my flight was delayed for about an hour, and they wouldn't tell us how long it was delayed for, probably because they didn't know. This was particularly annoying because it only takes an hour to get from LA to SF! After that, we sat in the plane for another half an hour, and once we had reached SF, we were forced to circle in the air for yet another half hour. I was extremely disgruntled by the time I got off.

I was also worried, as the BART stops at 1am, and my car was parked there. Thankfully, I got my luggage and managed to get on the shuttle to the airport BART station around 12ish.

However, despite the fact that the schedule says that trains run till 1 in the morning from that station, the airport BART station closes at midnight.

I am really not certain how that makes sense.

I ended up taking a taxi to the BART station where my car was at, which lead to the most surreal occurence of the day. After getting out, handing the driver $10 and asking for a dollar in change, the driver gave me a look and said, "Give me fifteen cents and I'll get you the dollar."

Um, ok... I thought and just agreed.

As I was digging around in my wallet for the change, the driver ran from his cab to me and flung a dollar bill at me. As the dollar bill slowly fluttered to the ground, he sprinted back to the cab as if giant robots were chasing him, then tore off, wheels squealing.

I am still not quite sure what happened there. Possibly he thought I was a raving psychotic lunatic?
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[livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija gave me a four-day crash course in ballads, traditional folk, alternative folk, and folk-influenced music, especially in murder ballads, while we were driving to and fro around LA. My education has largely consisted of Lyle Lovett, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave being demented, Andy Stewart, Nick Cave being murderous, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave being psychotic, Steeleye Span, Nick Cave being murderous and psychotic, Steve Earle, and finally, Nick Cave being demented, murderous, and psychotic. Then there was the bonus Johnny Cash covering Nick Cave being demented, murderous, and psychotic ("The Mercy Seat").

More murder! )

Sadly, this entry is getting huge, so I haven't even really covered alt country and Lyle Lovett (summed up by "I suck, no one loves me, and I'm in Mexico with no money"), Nick Cave's take on alt country (summed up by Nick Cave attempting to imitate a wolf howling), and how Nick Cave's songs frequently include credits for wailing and moaning. Oh! I also had the genius idea that Nick Cave should play Sweeney Todd some day. Because you just know that would be awesome.

This rounded out a weekend full of gothic horror in the flavors of American (Johnny Cash), Victorian (Sweeney Todd), Japanese (Onmyouji), and insane (Yuki Kaori, Nick Cave, and After School Nightmare).


Sat, Oct. 27th, 2007 10:46 am
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Actually, not that much DOOM. Um. Well, at least compared to all of [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija's previous DOOM.

So, the shower is still not draining, and there's a good few inches of water in there. Thankfully, though, I fixed the toilet! I rock! I feel having a working toilet is much, much, much more important than having a working shower.

I also managed to get Rachel back on Hotmail, albeit via a rather roundabout process (the redirect doesn't work for some reason, but if you go from the link on the MSN homepage, it will work).

In return for my virtuous deeds, I now have about six flea bites on me. Rachel's curse strikes back!

Rachel's got another report on what we did all day yesterday.

Cut for length and possible DOOM )

On the non-cracktastic side, we have been listening to a lot of good music. I burned her My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade (my favorite album of the year so far, though it's getting some strict competition now), and she played a lot of Leonard Cohen for me in the car. We both melted over his voice, which sounds like he has smoked innumerable cigarettes and downed who knows how many shots of whiskey. We also listened to Lyle Lovett (the opposite of Leonard Cohen, in that he keeps thinking he will get the girl and doesn't) and Nick Cave's Murder Ballads.

So far, my favorite Nick Cave line is in "The Curse of Millhaven": "Well, I'm a wicked young lady / But I've been trying hard lately / Oh, fuck it, I'm a monster, I admit it" which had the both of us howling. We didn't listen to Murder Ballads on the way back from Yoon's, as we had just seen Sweeney Todd and thought that was quite enough murder and cannibalism and insanity for the night, thankyouverymuch.

And today, the Museum of Jurassic Technology (steampunk! Whoo!), much lurking about cafes and reading cracktastic manga, the La Brea tar pits, and Amoeba Records, as I must acquire more Leonard Cohen now.

(Oh, Mely, we also listened to your twice-told tales mix from the airport and agreed that it is awesome and we love the cannibal song, "The Queen and the Soldier" of course, and the "she loves a stone" song, among many others.)

Oh! Last note, I swear. Nick Cave has a wonderfully deranged cover of Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man," which I introduced Rachel to last night. It is the melding of two geniuses!


Fri, Oct. 26th, 2007 02:37 am
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Have arrived safely at [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija's. Rachel braved the insane traffic around LAX to pick me up, and then we blitzkrieg ordered at Furaibo, as the kitchen was closing in ten minutes.

So far we have gone over mustaches in Indian comics, the tragedy of Karna/Radheya, the tragedy of seeing a tragic character like Karna portrayed with a 1950s female hairstyle and sparkly plastic blue earrings, lots of squeeing over figurines (Bleach and Naruto), and much insane cackling over Yuki Kaori and OMG SHE TOTALLY FORESHADOWS! There is major foreshadowing for Godchild 6 in Cain Saga 2!

Also, we made fun of a Boromir/Aragorn doujinshi which has Boromir sexily licking blood off Aragorn's neck.

"But... ew!" I said.

"Yeah. That's just not my kink," Rachel said. "Because every time I see it, I think..."

"HIV! Blood-borne pathogens!" we both chorused.

Later on, there was a panel of Boromir and Aragorn looking very disgusted.

"They're so totally thinking, 'Ew! Why did I do that? Blood-borne pathogens!" I said.

Also, Boromir feeds Aragorn a leaf. I think this is supposed to be romantic, although it is hard to tell.

Oh! Also, Rachel says I should mention the Mahabharata translation that translates "chariot" as "car," leading to great tragic scenes like Karna's chariot wheel getting embedded in the mud as the wheel of his car getting stuck in the mud.

"I always picture a Buick in the back roads with its tires spinning and mud flying," Rachel said.

Then came the great tragic scene of Karna Abhimanyu (I am getting this all from Rachel, as I a) cannot spell any of the names, b) haven't read it, and c) obviously get very confused about who is in whose chariot. That is exactly as dirty as it sounds), desperate for weapons, taking off the wheel of his chariot to defend himself.

Unfortunately, we both had the mental image of him taking a car tire and using it to whap people on the head.

"Redneck version of the Mahabharata!"

Oh! Also, there were chapter titles like "The Discomfiture of Shaistakhan (sp)" and "The Memorable Battle of Ghodkhind" in a kiddie history book she had. Note: "Ghodkhind" is a place, not "Godkind" spelled with extra h's. As you can tell, I am completely ignorant of Indian history, but I have a giant stack of Mahabharata comics to read now!

Tomorrow: waffles, Pinkberry, potential apocalyptic sky, and probably lots of cackling over the cracktasticness.

PS, [livejournal.com profile] yhlee, do you want to be kidnapped for dinner? I brought 17 vols. of Angel Sanctuary JUST FOR YOU! (ok and for rachel too. but still! 17 vols.!)


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