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I am kind of amazed at the relative lack of genderfail in this series so far (relative as compared to some of Yuki Kaori's other series), though given Yuki Kaori's track record, I expect this to change at any second.

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At least this year I'm getting it out before Chinese New Year! Though that's mostly because it's super late this year...

As usual, these are my favorites out of the sequential art I've read this year, as opposed to what came out this year. The "new-to-me" series aren't actually always new to me; some series in particular are on the list because though I started the series earlier, what I read this year was enough to put them on my favorites list.

I was pretty terrible about writing things up this year, thanks to grad school getting increasingly busy every semester. If it's linked, I wrote it up, but feel free to ask in comments about anything!

Overall, I largely paused in my attempt to read more manhua, as there's still not very much being published in Taiwan right now, and the quality isn't so great. I am so sad there has been nothing new by Nan Gong Yu! At least I saw her series running in a magazine, so I'm fairly sure she's still writing. Just... very slowly?

I also read much less new stuff, at least, that's how I feel. I started two massive rereads during the summer (FMA and Fruits Basket), and mostly I was looking for rereading or at least a continuation of a series I knew thanks to my brain being extremely worn out by school. I also went on a brief superhero comics run to find out what happens to Catwoman; unfortunately, aside from Selina's Big Score, which I loved (and which started me on said spree), the rest largely reconfirmed that I'm not much of a superhero comics fan.

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Total: 236 (74 rereads)

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(note: all names taken from the Wiki article because figuring out the Chinese transliteration of the Japanese transliteration of names is beyond me)

I am so happy there is a new Yuki Kaori series! Also, much like Cain Saga, this seems to start with individual mysteries of the week (only involving nuns and deadly zombie dolls and court intrigue!) but will probably end with a ton of angst, backstory, and more zombies. I love it already!

Also, it helps that it is already 100 times more comprehensible than Fairy Cube.

Here, we get more of Lucille's backstory, in which we discover he is the most beautiful, talented person EVAR. It also involves a Trio of DOOM, a cold-hearted queen (I love her already), a deadly cousin, and a lot of love and hate for your sibling. It's not quite incest, but pretty close.

And did I mention that the queen is dressed in loligoth Victorian kimono?

Then, there is an individual mystery which involves a villain in a cat mask wielding a giant tuning fork (!), a nun who dies via crucifix impaling (!!), swords hidden in a giant organ (the keyboard-and-pipes kind, not the kind Jezebel Disraeli keeps in jars) (!!!), secret staircases (!!!!), revived zombie nuns (!!!!!), and a flower called something like "the Madonna's tears" which is also deadly poison (♥♥♥). It is awesomesauce!

Also, Lucille crossdresses as a nun. Of course.

Also also, there's some nice development of the Lucille-Eles relationship.

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In conclusion: ILU YUKI KAORI, ILU!

Also also also, in a moment of strange real life coincidence, after I read this and shoved awesome Yuki Kaori art featuring a girl stepping on an angel in Rachel's face and cackled loudly about the entire nun story, we ate lunch with a giant group of people... in which Rachel was seated next to what we thought were two nuns! (They were Mormon missionaries.) It was particularly awkward, as they asked Rachel where she grew up, and she desperately tried to avoid any discussion of religion while I giggled helplessly in my soup. Rachel elbowed me under the table to try and get me to stop, unsuccessfully.
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(eta: changed series title to match licensed one)

It is a new Yuki Kaori series! With gender bending!! And killer dolls!!! Called Guignols!!!!


The Galatea virus somehow turns people into flesh-eating dolls who roam around trying to catch prey; people mostly live in walled cities to avoid them. A mysterious court rules the land. It's not quite sure what they do yet, but given that it is an authoritative figure in a Yuki Kaori series, i am certain they are corrupt and morally bankrupt.

Lucille, Kohaku, and Gwindel compose a (very tiny) orchestra whose music somehow destroys the Guignol dolls.

Right now, it looks like the series is fairly episodic, a la early Cain Saga/Godchild, but we're already getting very brief glimpses into Lucille's Sekrit Angsty Backstory.

Spoilers as only Yuki Kaori can do )

Also, there is a pet hedgehog that lives in a hat. And offering your flesh to be eaten as an expression of true love.


So far, no zombie doll fetus armadas, but I am confident they (or something of that ilk) will be in future volumes! I'm also hoping that this is a nice long series with room for many, many cracktastic plot twists, because while Fairy Cube was fun, it was too short for me to get very attached to the characters. Also, the ending was largely incomprehensible, but that seems par for the course. I feel the solution to that is to just have more awesome middle so no one cares if they can't figure out the ending.


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