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After a huge year of anime last year, I think my interest petered out again. I'm not sure why that is -- I'm just not that interested in a lot of series, and it doesn't help that anime companies in Japan tend to focus on shounen more than shoujo. I also tend to be uninterested in anime adaptations of manga I've read; more often than not, the pacing is worse and the art is less detailed.

No spoilers below for any of the series.

Series that I am not really fond of but don't actually dislike

Romeo x Juliet )

Series I am fond of

Gundam Wing )

Mushishi )

Nana )

Favorite series of the year

Haibane Renmei )

Honey and Clover )
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Spoilers )

I ended up getting much more attached to this series than I thought I would; it's small and quiet and sad and hopeful at the same time, and it makes me feel calm and happy, even through the sad bits.
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This is a dreamy and odd little series. The Haibane (literally "charcoal feathers") are a group of teenaged girls/young women and kids who have small haloes and grey wings. The young women are called the Older Feathers and the kids are the Young Feathers. We're introduced to them via a girl falling from the sky; later, we see her hatching out of a cocoon.

The premise sounds bizarre, but the series itself is actually not cracktastic at all so far. So far, it's about the newest member of the Haibane, Rakka, figuring out the strange rules of her existence. The town the Haibane live in is one of those vaguely 19th-century European places, a la Miyazaki. It's small and comfortable, and while the Haibane don't quite belong to the town, they are generally looked at kindly by the townspeople.

There's also a mysterious group called the Haibane Renmei, who somehow enable the Haibane to live in the town.

There are some hints at a greater mystery: where do the Haibane come from? Who were they before becoming Haibane? What exactly is the Haibane Renmei and what does it do? And what is up with the crow imagery?

But mostly, I am just relaxing and enjoying watching the Haibane interact and watching their quiet and small little world.


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