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Here's is the movie the optimistic part of my brain thought Snow White and the Huntsman might be:

It starts with her birth, with her mother dying, and her father remarrying badly. When the queen takes over and starts killing people, a young Snow White barely manages to escape. As the years pass, the queen's rule destroys the land, hurts the people, etc. The queen's right hand man is the Huntsman.

All this time, Snow White has been living with a group of rebels (probably including the dwarves) way off in a forest somewhere, training and eventually building up an army. The Queen gives the Huntsman a standing order to find Snow White and either kill her or bring her back to the castle to be killed (I can't decide which would be better). Anyway, the Huntsman finds her, but instead of following the Queen's orders, he forms an alliance with Snow White, because he has not been happy with the queen's rule. The Huntsman acts as a spy within the castle and does his best to allow Snow White to continue to plan and train in peace. There are scenes that show the audience how the Huntsman and Snow White gradually come to respect and trust each other, but I have decided that there is no room for an actual romantic subplot.

So, near the end of the movie, Snow White and her army storm the castle. At first, it looks like the Queen has the upper hand, but the Huntsman betrays her, allowing Snow White to get close enough to defeat the Queen. The movie ends with Snow White as the new Queen, which is great, although it's clear she'll have her work cut out for her, cleaning up the mess the Queen left behind, even with the help of everyone she worked with during the rebellion.

Every once in a while, I think up scenes that might make parts of it more interesting. Parts of it probably wouldn't make much sense and would be a bit screwed up...and sadly I still think my idea would be better than the movie they filmed. I think I was a wee bit influenced by The Twelve Kingdoms, though.

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