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Oyceter ([personal profile] oyceter) wrote2012-03-21 11:51 am

AKICO, bike edition

So! I have a new (used) bike and would like to start biking for faster transportation and exercise.

Any recommendations? I haven't biked in the US ever except for maybe a few blocks on the sidewalk in the suburbs when I was 12.

No tips too obvious! Like, I know to get a helmet. And that sometimes your pants get stuck in the gears. That's about it. I will probably be biking in an urban-ish environment or in parks around there and almost certainly not mountain biking. Any recommended locks/helmets/other paraphernelia?

Also, I was thinking of getting a stationary trainer for the rainy months... any tips or thoughts? I will probably not be a super biker, so something fairly basic would be good.
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[personal profile] daedala 2012-03-22 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
My understanding is that chain guards are usually best to get with the bike. If you have a front derailleur, finding something that works is...not terribly likely. There are reports of aftermarket stuff working, but they often included "and then I tried the other size, and then I got out the dremel tool..." and maybe it can never be made to fit at all. I think the SKS chainboards" and the ogk chain guard are the only things that will work.

Internally geared hubs, or bikes that only have a single chainring in front, are much easier to fit an aftermarket chain guard for, so if that's what you have, you may be in luck.

I just have a couple of those little velcro straps that live in my panniers.
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You have a PhD in Bike and I am in elementary school. But yes, my bike chain, which... I did not know you could have more than one chain in front? Or more than one gear doohickey in front! My bike chain, which might have been swiped off a 1982 Huffy (I can even backpedal to brake!), came with its own little house already installed.

It was one of the things that sold me on it, truthfully.
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No, no, really, it's just I really wanted one for my bike! But it has a front derailleur! So the local bike shop told me I'd have to replace the front chain ring and it would be very expensive. (My bike has gears in both the front and the back, and the derailleur is the thingy that moves the chain from one chain ring to the other. That's about as technical as I get!)

If I ride my bikes enough this summer, I may go to the local bike shop and ask them to please do that, will one of these things I found work, and yes I will pay through the nose on labor for it, I really want a chain guard.