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NOTE: My episode numbering may be entirely wonky, as it is based on the Taiwan DVDs.

Well, I'm glad this one didn't dive off a cliff like Why Why Love!

Overall, Sweet Relationship is a fairly cute drama about food and restauranting. The writing isn't particularly good, and all the characters are incredibly stupid about romance many times, complete with unintentionally hilarious angsty scenes, but I ended up watching it because I did genuinely care about the heroine and especially about the restaurant she starts working at. Also, every so often, one character or another will expound on food and cooking in great detail! I don't know how much of it is accurate, but who cares?

Clearly I will watch almost anything about food!

I am still annoyed at the writers for making Ke Xin so insane. I mean, telling someone you're pregnant when you clearly haven't slept with them (or not for a long time) and that it's their baby? I'm even more annoyed about her characterization because I really do sympathize with her situation, particularly when it comes to her mother and being under loads of pressure with no support system.

My current theory is that she's clinically depressed, which I feel explains a lot. I will also pretend that she gives her child up for adoption and doesn't marry Gu whatshisface, as I completely do not buy the cheerful her in the finale and think she would be a basket case of a mother. I say that with a great deal of empathy for her, as being depressed does not help with interpersonal relationships, particularly when people are depending on you! I'm even angrier that the drama basically leaves her taking care of not only her mentally unstable mother, who doesn't speak and doesn't acknowledge her most of the time, but also her long-gone father, who has reappeared with Alzheimer's.

I mean, I do not think her father should be abandoned in a hospice with no one visiting him because he ditched Ke Xin and her mother for another woman when she was very small, but my grandma had Alzheimer's, and it was incredibly difficult for my family, and that was with a) enough money, b) a LOT of help from my uncle, and c) a massive support system for both my mom and my dad in terms of friends, life outside of work, work, and etc. Ke Xin's already taking care of one completely dependent parent, she's pregnant, her restaurant is failing, her childhood friend/guy she loves dumped her, and she doesn't seem to have any friends outside of him. Even if my theory of her being clinically depressed is just a theory, all of that is enough to give anyone a mental breakdown.

Anyway. In my head she gets her own drama which will be all about the horrible pressures put on women and how difficult it is to be single in your thirties and have a sharp analysis of mental illness that doesn't blame the victim or wave a magic wand and cure anything.

On a lighter note, in my head, Gao Qiao's fiancee wakes from her coma in a scene that is played completely straight and is still somewhat hilarious: He cooks for her every day, and finally, she wakes up to the smell and taste of his food and tells him that it brought her back. I mean, really! It's a drama! You know this would totally happen, with dramatic music and sobbing and laughing and everything! Also, her dad would then realize she didn't need to marry some great businessman because she would be the perfect heir to his restaurant business, and she would end up owning and managing Amour.

Of course, the bit with the entrepreneurship would never happen in a drama...

In other miscellaneous notes, I was actually really sad when Little Bear ended up closing and even sadder when the building was torn down. The drama does a very good job of showing all the characters' connections to it, even after they've quit working there, and that part feels very real. Despite my being sad, Little Bear being torn down was entirely fitting, as the drama isn't actually a drama about Bai Hui and Zi Tian's relationship, but about the lives of the people who love Little Bear best. Some of them just happen to be in love with each other in addition to being in love with the restaurant.

I did end up believing in Bai Hui and Zi Tian's relationship, although wow did the drama take its sweet time getting there. I like the rapport the two have, and I believed that the two would stay together and make things work, which is key. Also, despite Patty Ho's not-so-great acting, I like Bai Hui a lot, because she has cute lines in her cheeks when she smiles and because she's dorky and optimistic and eats a lot.

In conclusion: entertaining, often very frustrating, relatively worth it in the end, though not spectacular or solid by any means.
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