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Wed, Jul. 28th, 2004 07:23 pm
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Yay!! Read or Die has arrived!!

I also got Avenue Q yesterday, and I listened to it three times at work. My new favorite song is "If You Were Gay."

Every time I listen to "Everybody's a Little Bit Racist," I keep wondering what the song's trying to say. So... everyone's a little bit racist, yeah, I get that. But is it sort of arguing that because everyone's that way, it's ok and we should just let it slide and tell ethnic jokes all the time? Does it mean that all the supposedly overly PC people are just stupid for trying to get rid of racism? Is it about everyone being a little bit racist, and sort of accepting that and trying to deal with it on an individual basis?

I find it weird and sort of disturbing that I snicker at the song, yet am still a little bothered by the portrayal of Christmas Eve (the Japanese character). Of course, this is all having only listened to the soundtrack and not having seen the show, which makes a big difference. But, yeah, I feel bad when in the song they laugh at her mixing up her r's and l's. It's a sort of strange feeling, because I definitely get annoyed when I can't understand various accents around here. But I am also extremely sensitive about being laughed at because of my bad Chinese.

I also like Christmas Eve because she kind of reminds me of Anya, and her little rant in "Everybody's a Little Bit Racist" sounds a lot like many Chinese ahyis I know. And I like the fact that she doesn't seem to be one of those typical fantasy Asians who are all polite and nice and unassuming.

I wish "The Internet Is for Porn" weren't so clearly divided along gender lines, mostly because when I hear that song, I think about fandom. Hee hee.

Also, I want to know how the staging is done when Lucy the Slut and Kate Monster or Princeton and Rod are on stage together, because the credits have them sharing voices.

It's really interesting looking at Avenue Q and Rent side by side -- to me, at least, they both feel like musicals aimed at the same age demographic. Both are kind of young, hip, very concerned with today's political and social climate, about young adults who are not sure what to do with themselves and don't have enough money and are living in NY. But Avenue Q is more satirical in tone, although it seems to have its sweet moments, while Rent wears its heart on its sleeve. This is why I like Rent, despite the very obvious message ;). I like Rent because it has a multiracial cast of characters of various sexual orientations, and it doesn't try to emphasize this. Avenue Q, on the other hand, is absolutely hilarious ^_^.

Also, Avenue Q seems to treat its token conservative character much more kindly than Rent treats its... heh, is this going to be the new token character? Instead of having the token gay guy or the token black character, it's the token conservative? Anyhow, the boy said when he watched Rent, he just felt sorry for Benny. I didn't really, despite the fact that I usually feel sorry for characters who are obviously evil thanks to the script. But just from listening, I like Rod a lot... I think mostly it's because of the "Fantasies Come True" number, and I just feel bad for him repressing and having an unrequited crush. Plus, Avenue Q seems to play up Rod's insecurities more while Rent emphasizes Benny's arrogance.

Both Avenue Q and Rent also seem to have the same underlying philosophy, albeit with a different bent. Rent's big theme song ("No Day But Today"? I forgot the name) is the bit that's all about "forget regret, or life is yours to miss." Avenue Q also has the "For Now" thing going, except I was listening to the lyrics for the who knows what time in a row and thinking, this is either very uplifting or very depressing. In a way, it's a little along the lines of Angel's epiphany on "if nothing matters, than all that matters is what we do." But other parts are on "everything's for now, except death and taxes" and that includes good things like laughter and friendship and good times along with unemployment and being aimless.

This is what happens when I listen to the same CD over and over at work...
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