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Quick recs

First, I am sure everyone has heard about this by now, but just in case you haven't or have but didn't check it out yet: Hamilton Original Cast Recording Spotify playlist (or if Spotify doesn't work for you, YouTube). I've been dying to see or listen to this musical since I heard about it a few weeks ago, and now that the soundtrack is out, I can at least listen to it. Lin-Manuel Miranda's mix of hip hop and Broadway and other pastiches (the BritPop!) is amazing, and it reminded me of the excitement of listening to Rent for the first time in the 90s after only having heard Andrew Lloyd Webber and Les Mis. The recitative bits sounds a little like Rent to me, but other than that, Hamilton is entirely its own thing. Also, Thomas Jefferson sports natural hair and purple velvet.

I also saw East Side Sushi over the weekend, a cute indie film about a Latina woman who gets a job in a sushi restaurant and decides to become a sushi chef. The plot is pretty much what you would expect—opposition from her more traditional father, racism and sexism from the Japanese owner, a competition where she Proves Herself—and it sometimes felt a little clunky, but it's extremely charming and features Mexican-Japanese fusion food. It's also filmed in Oakland by a local director, so I got a ton of enjoyment out of seeing familiar places on screen as well.

And I (FINALLY) played through Hatoful Boyfriend, aka the pigeon dating sim, thanks to [personal profile] bluerabbit. Although to be accurate, it's more a piece of post-apocalyptic science fiction masquerading as a pigeon dating sim, which was not what I was expecting. Also, you date pigeons (and other birds). If this interests you and you're generally not into video games, I'd give this a try. It's a visual novel, so there's not that much game play involved aside from making some decisions about who to talk to and etc., and it's worth it to go through all the storylines.

I also mean to rec N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season and Zen Cho's Sorceror to the Crown, but I am still holding out hope that I will write actual entries on them.
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Did you ever see that sushi-chef one where the hero's father and grandfather got killed from being impaled by a swordfish?
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It was called "Sushi Prince," but I couldn't find any of it on YouTube. Friend reminded me the guy had a phobia of fish eyes, not sushi itself. He had the goal of becoming a champion sushi chef.

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Re Hatoful: Yuuya is best pigeon. ^_^
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Yeah, I'm a megane girl, whether it's the flirtatious oniichan type or the cold fish type (not so much with the shy type, though), so I had fun with him. Getting the espionage plot was just icing.

(That said, when I got to the end and he asked me to run off with him, my first reaction was '...darling pigeon boyfriend, I live in a CAVE. A life on the run as a secret agent is hardly a sacrifice here.')
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I keep trying to see East Side Sushi, and life keeps interfering! I am hoping I can catch it this weekend, if it's still at the Grand Lake.

Started listening to Sorcerer this week: must continue on!
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I went last night, actually! It was $5 night, and the director was there to do a Q&A afterwards. Nice little movie!

I'm enjoying the audiobook as well, but I'm only part of the way in so far...

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Oh, thank you for the Hamilton YouTube link!
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It's also filmed in Oakland by a local director
Oh, how cool, I will definitely have to put that on my to-watch list.