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Er, if I haven't commented on people's comments or posts, it is because I haven't really been online for the past few months =(. I have, however, been watching a ton of TV! I feel like I have finally recovered from grad school brain and been able to focus on things requiring more effort and attention span, like books and TV. It only took five years, ha.

Arrow (spoilers through end of S3)

Oof, that was a rough season. I feel Oliver has had his epiphany about needing other people about five times now, and I wish the lesson would stick! I'm also curious where they're going to go, now that they've basically destroyed the Arrow identity. I was really happy about Roy getting written out and Thea FINALLY getting to play superhero, though I'm still waiting for some sort of bad effect from the Lazarus Pit. After all those dire warnings from Malcolm, a day or so of amnesia and a moment or two of violence doesn't really seem to be that terrifying. I also hope that Diggle stays angry at Oliver and they devote some time to that, as opposed to a quick, one-episode forgiveness scene, because Oliver keeps doing the same thing! Other things I liked: Nyssa and Laurel hanging out, Laurel impressing Cisco, Ray being gracious about Felicity breaking up with him. I feel like the show hasn't really recovered from killing off Moira last season, though--the balance is off, and I miss Queen family scenes. Things I didn't like: still not bought onto Oliver/Felicity, the entire season's flashback storyline, which felt so pointless. If they can't think of more stuff, I think they need to cut out the flashbacks altogether, because they felt completely out of place with what was going on in the present day, both thematically and just plotwise. Also, Tatsu's Katana outfit looks ridiculous.

The Flash (spoilers through end of S1)

Barry! I didn't love the finale, but this season was much better than Arrow. I have to admit, I wasn't totally into Cisco in the beginning because he was so obviously going to be the geek favorite, but ... Cisco! I loved that we got to see a little of his family, and I was happy they went a bit more into the Dr. Wells-Cisco relationship instead of just focusing on Barry and his many father figures. Also, thank goodness Iris FINALLY found out! I am glad they didn't drag it out longer, and now hopefully she can contribute more instead of constantly being on the outside. That said, I hated all the stuff about "Iris West-Allen" and everyone putting more weight on that than on actual Iris's choices... even Joe! What the heck Joe. I'm really interested to see what they're doing with Tom Cavanagh next season, since I hear he's still in the cast. Also, despite being annoyed at the lack of moms and Joe's attitude re: Iris and Eddie, Joe and Barry are the best. I am hoping Caitlin's eventual Killer Frost turn will be more a Dark Willow thing instead of a permanent turn to villain.

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I agree that Flash was so much better than Arrow this year, but I found myself getting more and more disenchanted with it after they undid the reveal to Iris. It was just too much paternalism and sexism. I hope it'll be better next year, but I feel really soured on the show right now.

I am also ridiculously disappointed we didn't end up in an alternate timeline where Nora survived and Henry died. Not enough middle-aged women on these shows!


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