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Oyceter ([personal profile] oyceter) wrote2014-10-06 10:11 pm

Sleepy Hollow 2x01-2x03

Hello, show! I missed you in all your cracktastic glory!

Franklinstein! The thirty coins of Judas! I am already anticipating more zombified members of the American Revolution.

Also, the Headless Horseman walking around topless, showing off his muscled torso (sans head), was weird.

I am always a little worried because the previews focus so heavily on Ichabod and Henry, so it was particularly nice to get this week's episode, with Abbie and Jenny relationship stuff in addition to more information about both Sheriff Reyes and their mother. I love that you can pass the women-of-color version of the Bechdel test multiple ways in this show! I like Reyes being a hardass, but I hope she's not evil.

Alas, Katrina's role is still pretty boring. At least she can do a bit more now? But it would be nice to see her not in captivity for once. And the show keeps defining her via her relationships with various men, from Henry to Ichabod to Abraham.

Mostly, I would like more episodes like today's, because I would like ALL MILLS SISTERS ALL THE TIME. I love the tiny bit of vulnerability Jenny gets around Abbie as well as how generally kickass Jenny is, and I adore Nicole Beharie's no-nonsense, "Fine, I'll talk about my emotions now but only because I have to now can we get back to the apocalypse," yet always warm Abbie. I've also really been enjoying her scenes with Reyes, which is also why I want Reyes to not be evil... she's much more interesting as an obstacle to our heroes while not being out and out demonic.

And Irving, oh dear. So far, he hasn't gotten too much to do, but I am hoping they bring Amandla Stenberg.
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[personal profile] meganbmoore 2014-10-07 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
We know the writers don't have problems writing female characters well, and the only explanation I can come up with for how Katrina is handled is that the writers just have no interest in the character. I feel I know Reyes and the Irving women much better than I do Katrina, and the three of them have had less combined screen time than Katrina has had, and one of them I'm not supposed to know what to make of yet.