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For [personal profile] jjhunter: repeated rituals (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, ?) you use to orient / root yourself

This entry should probably get much more consideration, but I am pretty tipsy right now and trying to knock these out on the assigned day! (That, and I am trying to beat a boss in HabitRPG and blogging is one of my dailies.)

I don't actually think I have that many rituals… I think I am not really organized enough. I do try to do the year's end meme that goes around every year because it is a nice reflection. And I used to try to do the year's best of media, but now that I am not blogging reviews that often or tracking reading, that is a bit difficult.

These days, I do try to take the day off on my birthday, since I spent a long time being annoyed all my friends were gone during my birthday (summer birthdays….). And when my sister is there, we do lots of cooking for various holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Chinese New Year.

Oh wait, the one ritual I do have is getting in at work, restarting my computer, and either getting coffee or breakfast or something so I don't just sit down and start work right away. I never quite thought of it as a ritual, but it definitely is something I have done at every workplace and helps me get started in the morning. Other than that I am not particularly good at traditions and the like, and I am not very organized, so sometimes feeling like I have to do something a certain way stresses me out more? I associate ritual and the like very much with family traditions and don't use them for myself, though that does sound like a thing that would be nice to start for myself.

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Wed, Jan. 1st, 2014 06:02 pm (UTC)
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Your work ritual makes me smile; I've been making an effort recently to be more deliberate about orienting myself during my work day, and that sounds like a lovely way to transition into starting it


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