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2012-05-02 12:47 pm

Games updates

I only have one residential floor left, and then I am finally done with Tiny Tower!

... now I have to figure out what to do during the commute.

I have also signed up for QZone (me!), one of the biggest social networking sites in China. I have done this despite being able to read much less simplified Chinese than I thought because Sims has launched on it and I am a sad, sad addict who wants to see if there are any different clothes/furniture/hair/missions/whatever.

Most of the game is the same, except you can't post to your feed to request things a la Facebook, so everything is based on in-game requests. Most of the assets are the same as well, except for maybe 5-10 new items in hair, clothes, furniture, respectively. On the other hand, the new hair and new clothes are SO MUCH CUTER. And Bella has been replaced by a much more anime-looking character called Rongrong.

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And OMG so many big things happening in Glitch! (Me!) Read more... )