Sun, Jul. 12th, 2009

Weekend report

Sun, Jul. 12th, 2009 07:39 pm
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I had been planning on going to the Obon festival yesterday, but I've been not quite sick for the past few days and decided to sleep early instead. Alas, rather than doing so, I ended up reading L.J. Smith's The Secret Circle on both [personal profile] shewhohashope and [ profile] rachelmanija's promptings.

Today was the farmers' market, in which I got the salmon spread that Rachel missed out on last week, but without the green onion slab! Seriously, the guy right in front of me bought the last loaf. Grrrrr. But! There are still stone fruits galore, and while one blueberry vendor's season is over, another's has just begun, so I still get them. And my tomato guy showed up! Either it's the beginning of his season, or I arrived too late for great selection, or both, but I left with only a small black brandywine and a lot of small purple cherokees. Still. TOMATOES!!!!!!

Alas, it seems like the cherry season here is winding down, and though I saw raspberries a few weeks ago, no more right now. However, my strawberry guys have boysenberries, which I was tempted by but didn't get.

Later today, [ profile] rilina and [personal profile] thistleingrey came by, both with their own market goodies! Rilina brought tasty Afghani stuffed flatbread and sauces (my favorite was the yogurt), and [personal profile] thistleingrey brought over a multitude of more stone fruits. I stole a yellow cling peach for later and just devoured it—there was almost no blush to it, but it smelled and tasted amazing. Must find out what varietal it was!

Then we watched the first two episodes of Triple, which I have been anticipating since Rilina told me about it maybe half a year or so ago! So far, it is living up to expectations. It's not amazing, but most kdramas take a few episodes to get going, and I like the acting, the characters, and the overall tone of the show so far.

Also, I rediscovered that Kang Ji Hwan had been slated as the lead, a fact that had been completely irrelevant to me until I realized just today that Kang Ji Hwan is the lead in Capital Scandal. WOE! He is cute. Oh well! The guy currently playing in the lead seems very good as well.

In other news, my allergies still suck, as in, I start every morning at the office by sneezing 15 times or so (someone was counting). The sad thing is, this is me ON allergy meds. Also, as previously mentioned, I still feel like I'm coming down with something, and the finger Ren bit a while aback is starting to swell up for no reason I can tell. Maybe that means it will rain? In Bay Area? In summer? Who knows...
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Wow, the plot has really started to speed up! And Arakawa's beginning to draw back on previous one-off characters or happenings and tying everything together. I'm guessing the manga is definitely in the final stretch now. Again, her characters don't break my heart the same way they do in the anime, but I still love them, and wow, the plot is great.

Spoilers are ordered not to die )

In conclusion: plot!


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