Mon, Sep. 10th, 2007

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I actually had a fairly good weekend, despite working through some of it and despite a Flaming Samosa of DOOM in my toaster oven. In fact, I even managed to eat some samosas that did not go up in flame!

My sister's friend B came over, and yesterday I dragged her to my farmers' market. I had the pleasure of taking her to my favorite berry stand and watching her eyes widen as she ate a sample strawberry.

"This is GOOD!" she said.

"Yeah. They even smell wonderful!" I said.

(The stand's strawberries are awesome and make me wonder why I ever ate sour, bland, not-really-ripe strawberies ever.)

After that, I made her buy heirlooms from my tomato guy. "You should try these too!"

"Wow. These are really good!" she said. "Oh, man, I shouldn't get any. I'm leaving in three days. But they're so good!"

I grinned, satisfied with the acknowledgement of my market.

We also watched Catch and Release, which was fun and cute and happy and has a wall scene (you know, where one person has their back to a wall and the other is leaning in and they're just an inch apart and there is UST and you just know they're going to kiss). I like wall scenes.

Then I decided to splurge, as I am being paid overtime! I managed to find a Divine Comedy CD, FMA DVD 1 and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon used ($4 for the latter!!). I'm not even sure if I like Divine Comedy, since I've only heard one of their songs, but that song is on one of my happy mixes ("Perfect Lovesong"). And! I also bought My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade and the Fratellis' Costello Music!



(this is all Vonnie's fault because I got "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "Teenagers" and "Chelsea Dagger" stuck in my head for all of this week and HAD to buy them)

And! I have been cruising through YouTube music vids! This, coupled with Mely's post from last week, has made me discover music vids! (I scorned MTV when I was a teenager.) And things like concept albums and rock operas and whatnot!

Er. I have previously mentioned before that I know zero about music? And that my music knowledge centers roughly around the 50s and the 60s, and then makes a straight jump to Things My Classmates Listened to But I Didn't in the 90s? So I basically managed to skip over the entire 70s rock thing, which I am now happily rediscovering via a whole bunch of incomprehensible articles talking about My Chemical Romance and musical influences and citing a ton of stuff I vaguely know of via fannish osmosis but have never heard.

I suddenly want to spend lots of money on lots of CDs and sit and listen and actually concentrate, as oppose to letting things play in the background like I usually do. This is so odd! I do not listen to music this way! But it's very exciting! Maybe eventually I will actually pay attention to lyrics and concepts and albums as opposed to being completely amused by how very cheerfully My Chemical Romance sings about death and cancer. As in, I would totally put their music on my happy mixes and sing at the top of my lungs "Haaaaave you heard the news that you're dead?" bouncing the entire way.

As you can all tell, my intentions of buying music by women of color has largely gone kaput. Apparently the music that draws me like a moth is insanely catchy white boy punk-flavored rock with loud guitars and drums and hooks galore. See also: my obsession with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and Flogging Molly. And now after playing with YouTube, I want to get Green Day's American Idiot and maybe Dookie even though it reminds me of middle school and maybe some Springsteen and Elvis Costello and Queen, though maybe not as albums because I am still dipping my toes in.

But! I still have my iTunes gift card, so I think I will buy a lot of singles by WOC and find catchy WOC punk-flavored rock with loud guitars and drums and hooks galore.

(omg people i am so embarrassingly in love with the black parade)


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