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Does anyone have good recommendations for "one action a day/week to oppose Trump" sites/mailing lists/other? I saw several right after the election but didn't note them down. Bonus points for ones that have helpful actions for someone living in a very Democratic-leaning state with Democrat elected officials (San Francisco, CA).
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I haven't followed up with any specific ones (since I'm in Canada, I can't actually makes calls or anything), but I've linked a handful of things like that in posts under this tag over the last few weeks, under a "taking action" header.
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are you following [community profile] thisfinecrew? It's fairly active with good tags.
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I have had this link (links to a Google doc) open in a tab for weeks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/174f0WBSVNSdcQ5_S6rWPGB3pNCsruyyM_ZRQ6QUhGmo/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true#

It updates every week with new action items and seemed nifty when I first went through it though I haven't actually done any of the action items yet.
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I've come across wallofus.org, has weekly email with 4 different actions to do, provides whatever info needed to complete over the week.
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Seconding this one.
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thealliance.today has some good stuff.
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I am liking flippable.org, which focuses on getting Democrats in control again. The others recced here are also good.
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I've been using this weekly call to action: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/174f0WBSVNSdcQ5_S6rWPGB3pNCsruyyM_ZRQ6QUhGmo/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true

And Shaun King has a daily newsletter with daily actions. Sign up for it here: https://www.facebook.com/injusticeboycott/

And also following a bunch of local activist groups and posting weekly actions to my facebook for people in the boston area.

(If any MA voters are reading these comments: please call Governor Baker *cough* that toad *cough* and complain about slashing funding for the Cambridge backpack program, which sends food home with poor kids who otherwise wouldn't eat over the weekend.)
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A friend of mine is running https://call-your-representatives.tumblr.com/ -- she (and I) are running little weekly parties in our respective cities (Philly and NYC) to have a bunch of people get together and angrily call/write our representatives and various other persons, and her tumblr posts the concise research (phone numbers + issue) on each topic we put together for those parties.

I think right now it's focused on contacting the committees that will do first hearings for all the Trump Cabinet appointees.
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Totally forgot the most obvious one: http://whatdoidoabouttrump.com
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I've signed up for My Civic Workout--mycivicworkout.com. The language is based on a lot of exercise lingo so if that bothers you it's a no-go, but I like how they structure their mailings (A short, quick thing, a more in-depth thing, and a more in-depth thing after that, all building on each other.) Weekly emails, picking different themes/specific causes every week.