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Oyceter ([personal profile] oyceter) wrote2015-04-07 09:18 am

Madison Concourse room

I've got a reservation for a room at the Madison Concourse for Wiscon that I won't be using, anyone interested in taking? It's from 5/22-5/25, $127/night, should be two queen beds.
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[personal profile] meganbmoore 2015-04-07 06:23 pm (UTC)(link)
I already have a room and roommates, but does this mean you won't be able to come?
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[personal profile] inkstone 2015-04-07 09:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Tragedy! ;_;
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[personal profile] meganbmoore 2015-04-08 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Woes! There is even the potential of a panel full of nothing but your friends exclaiming over Clamp for an hour!