Wednesday Will Happen on Thursday

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 11:51 am
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I will do Wednesday Reading on Thursday, because I have a sore throat and post-nasal drip and am at home today, which means no bench press tonight and my schedule thrown out of whack, which makes me mad.

"Somebody, after all, had to make a start"

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 05:00 pm
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They died today, here in Munich: Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, Christoph "Christl" Propst. Students who had grown up within a totalitarian system, who all, as children and early adolescents, had been true believers in the ideology they were were brainwashed with by almost everything around them. And yet they saw through it. And yet they came to reject it. And yet they gave their lives for saying "No. No. This is not right. Resist."

For this, they were arrested, put on trial as "enemies of the people", called every vile name in the repertoire by the authorities, and eventually beheaded. Today. All those years ago. I just was at the university where they were leaving their handtyped, hastily printed leaflets when they were captured. I know many of the words on those leaflets by heart. They still make me cry. Now more than ever.


sword and plague and evil

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 10:33 am
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Agent leaves the CIA because of Rump.


This is evil. ICE vans picking up parents as they come to get their kids at school, leaving children behind alone. Teachers are hiding the kids, sneaking them out, telling them not to come to school tomorrow.

Parents: Scarlet fever has returned.


Towers of secrecy; behind the shell companies.

The facts, not the alt-facts: Rump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russian mobsters. He owes the Russian mob.


This is also evil. First take away health care, then take away food. The House of People who Do Not Truly Represent The Best Interests of Their Constituents wants to cut back on free lunches for kids who don't get that much food anyway. Yell loudly at your Congressperson about this!

Intellectual integrity and the news. Rump objects to objectivity itself. Read this.

Is Rump's thin skin keeping the government understaffed? Rump is clueless about how government works -- such as actually needing people to assist other people to get stuff done.


Roller derby woman subdues intruder with sword.

Withering into the truth.

Wednesday as ever thought it had read more

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 01:50 pm
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What I read

I finished Truth is not sober, and while a lot of these stories were clearly responding to particular issues of the time, at which some worked better than others as actual stories for the ages, there was something very delightful indeed about coming across a trove of Holtby's fiction that I hadn't already read.

JA Jance, Judgement Call (2012) - clearly I've been falling behind on the Joanna Brady mysteries, because I discovered 2 I hadn't read available in ebook and one crossover with another of her series characters that I don't much care for. I'd forgotten how good they are, or maybe this was a particularly strong one.

Ellen Klages, Passing Strange (2017) - ok, it is a novella, but I thought this was a little on the slight side, might be just me.

On the go

Still trucking on with the massive Inchbald biography, which is perhaps a little close focus, but does do a good job of embedding her in her wider theatrical milieu.

In spite of Kobo's claim that I had cancelled my pre-order (on the very morning it was due to be available WOT) I have acquired KJ Charles, An Unseen Attraction and am about partway through. Just possibly the author is being a tad presentist in the characters' expressed distaste for the excesses of Victorian taxidermy - kittens stuffed and doing the sorts of things they do in Louis Wain paintings, etc?

I was also recommended (I think via [personal profile] coffeeandink, an ongoing WIP original fiction on AO3 'The Course of Honour' by Avoliot, which is charming.

Up next

Well, there's another JA Jance sitting on my ereader, plus the various Flashmans I inherited, and I'm tempted to see to what extent John Masters' Far, Far the Mountain Peak (1957), which was probably my personal favourite of his Savage family sequence, holds up.

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Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 09:13 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] laura_anne!

The Good Fight 1.01. and 1.02.

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 09:51 am
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I had stopped watching The Good Wife in early season 6, not because of the backstage drama, which I only heard about later, but because after the fabulous fifth season, the show seemed to me to lose nearly all the qualities that had made me love it, and when watching something provides you with more irritation than anything else week after week, it's time to get out. I never got the point of hate watching.

Otoh I do have fond memories of a lot of things about The Good Wife, and thus I tuned in for the new spin-off, The Good Fight, centred around Diane Lockhart, the first two episodes of which are now available for watching.

And the verdict is... )

Daily Happiness

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2017 12:31 am
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1. We got pizza for dinner.

2. We've been doing a Gravity Falls rewatch and just finished season one today. Man, that's such a great show! I really wish it had been more than two seasons.

3. Look at this fierce baby!

2016 books i didn't write up, 2 of 3

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017 07:40 pm
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Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, Head First Java: the whole time, I was thinking about internet harassment. HFJ is a reasonable starting point, even a decade later, if one doesn't mind reconciling former and current versions of Java code/practice. It uses more visual aids and character-driven storylets to illustrate examples than the average coding book does. It needs a deep-clean by a proofreader, especially regarding dialogue punctuation.

Joshua Bloch, Effective Java, 2d ed: I was supposed to finish this during 2016, too, and haven't quite. It's a pile of short essays full of cautions and targeted advice, and it's a bit abstract if one is not writing Java actively at the moment. (My summer internship and the job that has followed it are cousins, not quite in the same line.) Good reference, anyway, and I know I'll have cause to refer back.

Piper Huguley, The Lawyer's Luck: novella with nineteenth-century US setting, a black male lawyer only half aware of his relative privilege, and a black woman who escapes a difficult situation. The male lawyer ends with relatively unexamined gender-based privilege, but I think it's not for me to say whether the story feels satisfying; as fix-it "fic" of countless historical situations, it works.

Ovidia Yu, Aunty Lee's Delights: this is the first one. It's fine? I found the mystery unengaging (too simple), but it interested me as itself, a text written by someone with sociocultural and geographical contexts rather different from mine.

James A. Whittaker et al., How Google Tests Software: as it says, vintage 2012. Lately the industry has carried a mix of Google's and Microsoft's respective labelings/differentiations of quality assurance, software engineer in test, software engineer, software development engineer, etc., and this book wasn't a bad way to pick up some of that in a hurry. Because it's written by committee, it repeats itself in places.

The kindness of strangers

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017 02:29 pm
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#1 - My debit card slipped out of my pocket as I was riding my bicycle but someone turned it in to the bank.

#2 - A couple of bolts fell off my bike rack, making it too shaky to ride with. Took it into the bike shop and they fixed it FOR FREE.

#3 - I was so occupied with running around here and there and unlocking and locking my bike up that I somehow went into the food co-op without locking my bike up. When I came out it was still sitting there by the bike rack.

So, who counts as a [fill in the blank]?

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017 06:49 pm
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Intriguing article in Sunday's Observer which tries to get beyond the knee-jerk shock horror that there has been a demand at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) for the philosophy course to be a bit less dead and white - Are Soas students right to ‘decolonise’ their minds from western philosophers? - even if 'male' still seems to be the default, except for passing mentions of Hannah Arendt, one of which alludes to her as one of several influenced by Heidegger.

And I am all for being less Eurocentric, or at least considering the ways in which its being the occupation of dead white elite males affected the development of philosophy as it is taught in Institutionz of Highah Learninz, and what counts as 'philosophy' -

But I think there are questions there are who does it and what counts as part of the tradition and the canon -

- matters that I have given some thought to in other realms of endeavour, and, of course, bearing in mind the Russ cases as shown forth in How to Suppress Women's Writing of how, if a woman does achieve something, it Doesn't Really Count and it is off in its own separate (and inferior) category.

And thinking of the tendency to the construction of patriarchal genealogies of [intellectual/cultural fields] leaving out those women who were there when it was new and uninstitutionalised (Patricia Fara also pointed out the importance of non-elite male artisans and craftsmen to the Great Men of Science Making Big Important Discoveries: which is not even massively Back Then, see 'Norman Heatley was done out of the Nobel' because he was the lab assistant).

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If I read something several times, I have it. Maybe not memorized word for word, but close. It was useful when I was doing plays, learning lines. And when I am listening to "Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit" in the car, I say it along with the recording, and yell, "I was born on the goddamn shuttle!" at the appropriate place.

And then there's the time it totally freaked out a manipulative jerk who surely deserved it.

I've taken the standard Stanford-Binet IQ test a few times -- enough that I am really comfortable with it, which I am sure psychologists don't want. I consider the time when my uncle the psychologist gave it to me to be the definitive measurement -- I'd had it a couple of times before, but not enough to learn it. But by the last time, when I was in grad school, I had it down.

The guy who had asked me was a psych major who had to give X number of tests to Y number of people for practice. He was also somewhat manipulative and annoying, but I'd said I'd do it. Didn't mean I'd do it as he expected.

The test is timed - so many seconds or minutes for each part. I finished them early, all of them, and kept nagging him to hurry up, I was getting bored. He started out looking nervous and ended up looking close to terrified. Part of the agreement was that I wasn't supposed to get the results, because it was a practice session; however, I got a peek at a paper and he had marked it as well over 200. Apparently, only people who are scary smart will nag the administrator of the test to speed up.

I'm not *that* smart. I do remember things very well, after several times word for word. Funny how they never seem to ask if you've done it before, or control for the possibility of familiarity.

As it was, he steered clear of me the rest of the time I was there, and that was just fine with me.

Back to the Gym

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017 08:39 am
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After a week of choir, I went back to the gym last night. My knees felt creaky, and stiff afterwards, but I was able to do squats and deadlifts, and paired them with military press, followed by thirty minutes on the elliptical.

I'm still at 70 for military press; last week, on my one gym trip, I almost managed my 25 reps at 75, my goal, but failed at rep 23. So back down I go for a bit.

I am sticking at 155 for squats for a while, and lower for deadlifts because of hand strain. I decided to try the deadlifts without using my lifting hooks; 70 pounds was do-able, though my fingers were feeling it by the last reps. They seem okay today.

I've been skimping on the cardio lately, and mean to get back to it for my three days a week. I'd been so [mentally, emotionally] tired that after work I just wanted to go home and hide, so I'd lift at lunch, which meant no time for cardio. Not a good trend. So back to the elliptical it is.
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So. 45 is considering mobilizing 100,000 National Guard to go after undocumented immigrants. And more on this. Isn't at least some of the Guard still mobilized overseas? Republican governors are voicing serious concerns about using the Guard that way. You know when Sean Spicer says something is 100% false that it isn't. Nevada Gov. Sandoval rejected the idea completely.

The president of CNN says reporters are wearing 45's insults as a badge of honor because it means they're doing their jobs. And newsman Jake Tapper describes the difference between conspiracy theories and facts, in case 45 doesn't know.

The uninterested,unpaid, unengaged First Lady. ETA: I support giving the office of the First Lady its own budget. I do not support paying Melania, who with her daughter is using high public office to shill for their own products and personal benefit. Public service is public service, not an invitation to pad your wallet from the public.

Advice for conservative students: you're not victims.

The First Family's travels this month have cost you and me as much as the Obamas' travels cost in a year.

Why were members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus kept out of a meeting with ICE, the anti-immigration force? Quote:
Inside the meeting, Democrats complained about the closed-door policy.

“I've never been in a meeting where an agency can designate who can attend,” said Pelosi, according to an aide.

Bear in mind, a Texas woman seeking protection from domestic violence was detained by ICE instead.

In Florida, the state Supreme Court gets the state out of women's uteruses and decisions. Now if other states would pay attention...

In Russia domestic violence has been decriminalized -- with support from the Russian Orthodox Church, to its everlasting shame.

Mexico's economic minister attempts to educate 45 about the ill effects of a trade war.

If the point is religious freedom, why mention only one belief?


North of Kingman, Arizona, someone is destroying the ancient and protected Joshua Trees.

The future of zoos. I would like to see zoos that are not prisons for innocents.


Pope Francis is making headway with liberal reforms.

Bates Motel 5.01.

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017 10:27 am
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And the final season begins.

Read more... )

Daily Happiness

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2017 12:48 am
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1. Carla made chicken adobo for dinner tonight and it was so delicious.

2. We went to the store this afternoon and went over to See's Candy while we were there. I had a gift card left from Christmas but I had no idea how much money was left on it, so I just got what I wanted and it turned out to be almost exactly the right amount!

3. It was rainy today, but only sprinkling when we went out. It looks like we're supposed to have a few clear days before more rain this weekend, which is also nice (both the clear days and more rain).

4. Chloe and Jasper are just too cute when they sleep together. I really hope to eventually see him and Molly cuddled up like this, too.

trailer for the upcoming King Arthur movie

Mon, Feb. 20th, 2017 10:32 pm
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This...I mean...there are elements in it that could be good? And it looks like if they ditched the King Arthur aspect, this could be an entertaining if unoriginal (and way to dude-centric) fantasy movie. But this actual movie looks like a terrible mess. Also, needs more color. Of more than one variety.
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Sometime over the weekend I caught myself thinking, Weird--[ profile] scruloose and I were making such quick progress on The Good Place, and now it's been a week or more since we watched any.

Funny how that happened when I was unexpectedly at Casual Job for a week and then we had a much-anticipated house guest for the entire long weekend, which meant almost non-stop socializing for the duration.

Now Much-Anticipated House Guest is back in Toronto, and Ginny and I are back to work tomorrow morning. Until Friday afternoon we'd thought we'd be back to work tonight at midnight, so the fact that we're actually starting at 9 AM instead is almost relaxing. The thing that's completely up in the air is if we'll basically be working standard workdays all week until we catch up on the "emergency" work (at which point I'll be done again until the actual spring session begins, whenever that is) or if we'll be working long hours for some or all of the days.

All of which is to say that I'm behind on absolutely everything else, other than keeping up with reading DW. And what with non-stop work flowing straight into non-stop socialization, I'm bone-tired now, no matter how good the former is for my wallet and the latter is for my heart.

(Thanks to the Humble Bundle included in the linkspam I just posted, I've had the new Mira Grant novella in my possession for a few days and haven't even started reading it yet. Really, that probably tells you all you need to know about busyness levels. [And that the novella isn't Newsflesh related, because that would've been read immediately...although I have no clue how.])


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